speaking of dogs…

josh sent me this forwarded email today with the subject reading “why dogs bite people.” here are a few of my favorite photos from that forward. perhaps you’ve already seen it? hysterical.

  1. hahah WONDERFUL! Tell your hubby thanks for the laugh!

  2. oh no! poor poor dogs!

    i could never do such a thing. my dog only gets a little bow in her hair after her hair cut and a bandanna for fourth of july. and halloween she has a snow white outfit we put on ever other year or so. thats it though!

  3. Kat

    oh no those poor puppies! That one with the kid drawing on the dog reminds me of when I was a kid. I thought our staffy needed a haircut so I chopped a chunk of hair out of her back. It never really grew back! Poor tilly!

  4. baaaaaahahahaha!!! hilarious!

    I want that little frenchie at the top. So cute!

    By the way, sorry about Kingley's naughty chewing. :(

  5. Those are pretty funny, I can totally picture one of my nephews coloring on their dog! Haha

  6. erin m.

    bahaha! oh my gosh, the one with the kid drawing on it is half sad half hilarious!

  7. hysterical! this is what happens to our dog when we leave him alone for too long with my 15 yr old sister.

    love this!

  8. Hahaha, the first one is so cute.

  9. Autumn

    absolutely hilarious!

  10. Kelsey

    the first one is my favorite!

  11. Those pictures are too funny!

    p.s. I was thinking that since I'm pregnant… and you're pregnant too… you should do a fashion post for all us fellow preggo's out there! I would love to hear how your style of dress has transitioned with your growing baby bump. You always look perfect!

  12. LAURA!!!

    I just heart your blog so much. It just makes me happy.

  13. Aww poor puppies! But I'm not gonna lie, that first pic is beyond adorable.

  14. Naomi for the win. I want a poodle in a wig. Immediately.

  15. :DDD
    the last 2 ones are so funny!
    Poor dogs!

  16. Mars

    oh my gosh! Too funny!

  17. Sini

    Oh no, poor ones. I don't understand why people wants to dress up animals.. I only understand jackets or socks IF it's really really cold and snowy.

    Anyway, your blog is amazing :)

  18. jlc

    omg the Bikini post just MADE my morning!!

    Can I have a teeny tiny request?? I love your blog so much and I know you have so many followers… would you be able to mention veterans day today?? I feel like so many people are forgetting about our soldiers these days and someone like you could truly make a difference. <3

  19. Danielle

    Bahaha! I cannot stop laughing!

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  21. Bahahaha! That last one looks like Carrie from Sex in the City…poor little thing!

    (Moon Face)

  22. bbbbbahahahahahahahah

  23. oh my goodness that first picture with the little shoes is so stinkin cute! i know my pug would never in a million years let me put those on hit paws haha.

  24. Flora

    My neighbors totally make their dog wear sneakers like in the first photo. The dog looks miserable when they take it out on walks.


  25. I LOVE the glasses that the little boy drew on that poor dog… so funny! :) Xo

  26. Hi Naomi!

    So we met at the dog park today (remember me? my husband awkwardly outed me as one of your blog followers…) :) It was really great meeting you and josh and kingsley! Note the post I decided to comment on is the one with the weimaraner in the swim suit as we are the crazy weim lovers. My blogspot is for photography but here is the link to my personal blog:
    Hope to see you at the park again soon!

  27. Courtney

    Best way to start the week :)

  28. Luna

    lol, poor doggies.