sisters in town.

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my little twin sisters visited over the weekend and we had so much fun.
we aren’t the best hosts when people come to town these days (i needed a lot of naps and breaks and places to sit down. also, we’ve turned into such homebodies.) but the sisters didn’t seem to mind. which is why they are so great. i’ll post more photos from our weekend together later.
happy monday!
  1. Suzanne

    yayyy for the Boo Boos being in town! Hope they are excited to be Aunts!

  2. aww how sweet that they came to visit!! That's so cool that your a twin! You can tell the difference but you guys look so much alike!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  3. Roxy Te

    beautiful sisters!!

  4. @melanie, i'm not a twin actually, but they are twins! sorry for the confusion!


  5. You guys win the award for prettiest sisters ever! Glad you had fun…can't wait to see more pics!!

  6. Flora

    Great photo!

    This post totally makes me miss my sister, who I won't see until February.


  7. Taylor

    what a darling picture! love that blazer.

  8. 2busy

    Can certainly tell you are sisters…

  9. how fun!!! love sisters!!! they always make everything better. :)

  10. I'm delurking to ask where the sister on the left got her adorable 3/4 sleeve blazer!

    Also, congratulations on the baby. So exciting!! :)

  11. You girls are all so beautiful! You could totally get by with calling yourselves triplets! ;o) I'm so envious of close sisters!!

  12. Cubby

    You are beautiful for one thing, but I have to ask, what type of camera you use to take your pictures? They are stunning!

  13. You three are so adorable! Seriously, so cute. Gah.

  14. amber

    what a great picture of you three!! you look so much alike. so glad you got to visit with them, makes me miss my sister!

  15. Beautiful! I love getting together with sisters, they are the best.

  16. Nikki

    happy Monday! you all look adorable!


  17. Families rock and sisters especially!

  18. Tiffany

    beautiful! yay for great weekends and naps! :)

  19. ahlin

    you are all so gorgeous! my sister goes to school with your sisters and says they are so cute and fun. but she refuses to tell them she reads your blog :) ha!

  20. Jeska

    So pretty :) All of you look so much alike!

  21. Lynn

    you are all so lovely and could totally pass for triplets! can't believe all the family resemblances, even your little bro too, it's so cool.

    how is it looking like spring in DC when us west-coasters are bundling up like Michelin men???


  22. millionth time you've probably heard this but wow! what family resemblance there- strong genes!
    love your yellow jacket :)

  23. Breezy

    Aw twins are so fun! My moms a twin so I'm hoping I get to have some myself! =)

  24. Erin

    I am sure people have asked you a thousand times "are you triplets?". I think it's cute to have 2 baby twin sisters. I bet it was fun growing up.

  25. Ashley

    awww cute! :) beautiful sisters! you all look a like. what fun to have your sisters visit.

    <3 ash

  26. LOVE the comfy jackets and prints! and you guys look so lovely.
    nothing replaces having sisters around.
    happy monday!

  27. Ali

    At least you girls don't all look exactly alike. Haha!

  28. What a darling picture! So fun to have sisters!

  29. geri e.

    I love sissie on the left's hair! and all of your great blazers and sweaters. very darling.

  30. Celia

    aww yay! it's been a while since i've visited your blog!! you and your sisters are so adorable!!

  31. you guys are so cute…sisters are the best! I have the same problem when people come to visit these days…I use to have so much energy and loved playing tour guide and now it's all about frequent breaks and lots of naps. I really feel bad for our guests at times but baby comes first.

  32. Zsara

    aww that's so sweet! Loving the baby bump – I love your blazer it's such a gorgeous colour.

    love zsara

  33. kylee

    i can't get over how pretty you three all are. seriousssslly.

  34. Maryn

    I'm growing my hair out from a boy-cut like your sister, and now we have identical haircuts! Pretty awesome.

  35. I adore your blog – full of love and joy. Love this photo of three stunning ladies. My are you glowing! Pregnancy suits you, beautiful lady! xx

  36. Kelsi

    honey, where is your belly?! i was hoping to see a huge bump on there, but you look tiny from this angle!

    you definitely have that gorgeous pregnancy glow, though. good looks run in your family!

  37. janis

    you girls are gorg.

  38. @kelsi, trust me when i say it is there! i think the black shirt is hiding it a little here.


  39. beauties!!! that blazer is so yum! You guys are quite the trio! i love sisters, especially mine.

  40. for now

    officially my favorite jacket on my favorite blogger, great picture :)

  41. I have two younger twin sisters too, and I always need naps when they come to visit! They were just here last month and I'm still recovering :)

  42. You guys have great hair!
    Love your sisters on the lefts cut! Too cute!

  43. olga.g

    You guys are too adorable! Your blazer is too darn cute where oh where can I find one?!

  44. @olga.g, thank you! it's from jcrew.

  45. You and your sisters are all SO gorgeous, if I saw you all in the street together I'd just be blown away!

    Thanks for the Ted's Bulletin to my attention, my husband and I went there on our recent US road trip and LOVED it.

  46. Annie

    What a great pic of you 3!

  47. Oh my gosh you guys are cute!

  48. what a gorgeous family! i'm sure you guys have loads of fun whenever you get together!