rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a sponsored giveaway for you by vintage-select!
they are offering one lucky reader a $100 credit
towards their beautiful vintage shop!
vintage-select offers “carefully curated, hand picked with love,
totally unique one of a kind vintage dresses
from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s!”
click here to see all the options!

to enter, please visit vintage-select
and leave a comment below before friday, november 19th!
good luck!
  1. allie

    man any one of these dresses would be such a happy thanksgiving treat.

  2. ttsc

    wow, so many great dresses. i think I like one from each decade. Hard to pick!

  3. ashlee

    <3 everything. all of it. for serious.

    woof to Kingsley!

    – ashlee

    [email protected]

  4. jo

    maybe it's my lucky day this time?!

  5. oh please let it be me!

  6. Layla

    Their dresses are so beautiful! I am in love with several different dresses from their 50's collection.

  7. Colleen

    I would love this – such a great collection!

  8. Very adorable dresses!

  9. what a splendid giveaway. i will take one win please. =)

  10. I love their vintage clothes! Fingers crossed!

  11. Cheray

    their dresses are stunning!!
    This would definitely help me with my current vintage dress obsession (actually – it would probably make me even more obsessed, but i'm not complaining! hehe)
    Thanks x

  12. Swwooon…. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  13. malee

    i love love the black ensemble in the first row. the site is so charming–must contain self!

  14. Heather

    Weee! Pick me! Vintage clothes make me happy! Love your blog!

  15. Hannah

    oh goodness!
    that red one has my name all over it

  16. Michelle

    Beautiful! I could use something snazzy to wear on my upcoming 25th birthday!

  17. Great Giveaway!! I'm in love with the opera coat.

  18. sophie

    love this! awesome giveaway! i LOVE that black one!

  19. How charming! Fun giveaway!

  20. Emily

    cool! that red one is beautiful!

  21. Vintage me pretty please!

  22. one of your best giveaways!!

  23. Adore, adore! I've been wanting a vintage dress!

  24. A


  25. courtney

    this i my favorite giveaway yet!

  26. Would love to win a new dress!

  27. beautiful&timeless.; i'd love to find a piece from this collection for my christmas party! <3

  28. Sherrie

    Oh pick me!!! I need a dress!

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  30. I love, love, love it! Please say I win!

  31. It would be so s'wonderful to wear one of those dresses to a nice candle-lit dinner with my boyfriend. I can see it now (since I will be dubbed the winner).

  32. Ashley

    crossing fingers :)

  33. lisey

    What a fun store and what a fun contest. I was shocked to find that I liked the 50s style the best!

  34. Maggie

    oooo vintage is calling my name!!

  35. Danya A.

    Black dress is stunning!

  36. Lizi

    Rosette from the fifties is my newest love. Not only would it make my day to have that dress, it would make my life more complete!

  37. Jacqi

    I'm loving the accessories!

  38. Lindsey

    What a genius thing to do! I love that you can rent the dresses! I recently skipped an invite to a Marine Corps Ball because I didn't have a dress. This would have been perfect!

  39. If only such beautiful dresses could be found more often. But then, they wouldn't be as fun and unique, yeah?

  40. Brooke

    love the dresses from the 1950s!

  41. sarah

    hello. amazing giveaway. love. :)

  42. what an awesome giveaway! i'd love to win!

  43. I love the Blue Chiffon dress! Classy

  44. I LOVE these dresses! I'd buy the Joan dress–perfect. :)

  45. Mara

    oh wow I love that striped dress! So beautiful!

  46. i want one so bad! i need modest dresses! thanks so opportunity!

  47. Casey

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  48. Casey

    Oh my gosh! I am in LOVE with this site! Everything about it is perfect, from the great layout to the actual merchandise! Oh please, pick me, pick me!!!!! :)

  49. Casey

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. carol c

    oh drool!

  51. Jackie

    I love these dresses and would love to win the credit. Pleeeeeease pick me! I need a good holiday dress.

  52. Katie

    I adore the golden starburst dress from the 50's! There are so many lovely finds on that site…love them so much!!!!

  53. Love these dresses!!

  54. hey hey! love vintage…here's to the unlikely chance i'll win!

  55. CUTE times a million! love the colors, the simple styles, and the fact that they are decade-oriented.

  56. HECK YEAH!

  57. Becca

    I'm really lovin the enamel belt! Everything is so amazing!!
    [email protected]

  58. niki

    i need that first little black number from the photos you posted.

    to die!

  59. Emily

    I'm now about 1 year postpartum and I think it's time to just admit I'm not going to fit into my old clothes. I would like something classy so this would be PERFECT!!!

    I hope I'm picked!

  60. I LOOOVVVEEEE this! These are absolutely adorable. I want to win. And buy every single one of these dresses. Good plan? Good plan.

  61. I live in dresses all year round – it would be great to add to the rotation.

  62. Love Love Love! Hopefully I win.

  63. allison

    so pretty – perfect for the holidays!!

    thanks for such a great giveaway. :)

  64. Aoife

    Ooh pretty pretty! The perfect vintage frock more than makes my heart smile! <3 Aoife

  65. cindy

    I love the rooster bag, simly gorgeous!

  66. I adore Vintage Select! Perhaps its because I'm a bit vintage…hehe

  67. Lauren

    They're all so amazing. I don't know how I'll pick just one!

  68. Jen

    I was starting to lose myself in current trends and high-fashion designers when I started writing and reading blogs, then I found myself again. So happy to learn about this vintage site. I wore my mom's early '60s tolo dress to my tolo in '88 when velvet dresses with big satin bows were in style. Little did I know that our lack of money actually introduced me to my first slice of vintage. Now 80s is vintage.

    Sorry for the essay. Ah to reminisce . . .

  69. Jenna

    What a great little shop! I would love to win!

  70. My daughter loves to play dress up,and I so do I! I would love to play vintage dress up with this! Oh, the things I would buy!
    [email protected]