rockstar giveaway!

today we have a sponsored giveaway for you by lisa leonard designs!
2 lucky readers will receive a $50 gift certificate for her online shop!
“lisa’s handcrafted jewelry is unique and tugs at heartstrings.
each piece is made with care and meant to be a treasure!”

to enter, please visit lisa leanard designs
and leave a comment below before monday, november 29th!
good luck!
  1. so many beautiful things to choose from!
    here's to hopin' i'm chosen :)

    Write down, to remind yourself
    on how it can be, how it can be
    Heartstrings, you're tugging at
    my heartstrings, my heartstrings

  2. Jenn

    Oh my gosh, I'd love to get my Mom a piece for Christmas. She's my best friend and these are beautiful, it's only a perfect fit. ;)

  3. Michelle

    Wow! fabulous jewelry! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Cambria

    Wow these are so fantastic, I love the ring!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.


  5. rebecca

    fingers crossed!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  6. kendall

    I love her jewelry! I would love to get a necklace for my sister who just had a baby.

  7. alison

    this personalized jewelry is so beautiful, I hope I win!

  8. Sasha

    How I do love pretty things :)

  9. M & A

    Just MY style! Love jewelry with words!

  10. Julie

    soo cute!!

  11. Kat

    Pretty pretty! I like the elegant rustic quality of the way the jewelry is made.

  12. I love the itty bitty heart necklace. It's darling!

  13. Katy

    Oh, I love this.
    I love it a lot.

  14. Absolutely lovely, all of it! I would really love to wear the Basic ID Tag Bracelet and the Banner Bracelet!

  15. these would make great holiday presents… i if i can convince myself to give them away!

  16. Caroline

    Love it!

  17. Hil

    I love love love love her jewelry!!! She is so creative! I love the bird one.

  18. choose me me me!

  19. Jayni

    Love those rings!

  20. amy

    these are so so cute!!

  21. Linka

    I would love the chance to wear a piece of this beautiful jewelery!

  22. what fabulous pieces! i am in LOVE! i adore the "from up here" or "mama" necklaces! can't imagine a more perfect Christmas gift! ps. you are the cutest little pregnant momma ever!

  23. so lovely i want every thing!

  24. Yes, please!!! Pretty please?? Gorgeous stuff! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Those are beautiful! I'd love to have a necklace or keychain. How pretty!
    xo Megan

  26. Marné

    So beautiful!! I always wished I could make wonderful jewelry like that, I'm grateful there are people who can.

  27. i have been looking for a bracelet to give my mother in law for christmas, they are beautiful!

  28. wow, these are so beautiful.
    i remember seeing them on a giveaway before and falling in love. i hope i win so i can get something for my friend (:

  29. Never realized how much I would love having personalized jewelry until I had my daughter.

  30. beautiful and not cliched. ((: love it!

  31. Liz J

    I LOVE Lisa's "loved" necklace, it's beautiful :) I am going to give it to my mom.

  32. I would love a ring with my son's name on it… seeing it throughout the day would center me to what is important.

  33. jules

    I just love Lisa Leonard's designs!! Perfect Christmas gifts too!

  34. Rudi

    Oh la la! These are way rad!

    love, rudi

  35. tori b.

    so simple, so beautiful. love them.

  36. KO

    She is very talented… would love a necklace!

  37. Hunter

    Me :)

  38. Bon

    i would love one of these!

  39. jen

    love her designs, beautiful and personal

  40. april

    how great is this stuff?! I've been searching for a present for my cousin who is expecting – perfection!

  41. I absolutely love her initial pendants and engraved rings…love it!

  42. cindy

    I love Lisa Leanard's creations, such beautiful pieces.

  43. Vernice

    Ooooh I hope I win!

  44. hannah


  45. b.marie

    Oooh! I've been lusting after her necklaces for so long!

  46. Emely

    beautiful! i'd love that ring!!

  47. kristin

    I think this would make the perfect Christmas gift for my mother!

  48. Would love to win this! She has some really cute designs.

  49. brittney

    such a lovely giveaway!

  50. would really love the molly ring… since it is my name :)

  51. would love the molly ring… since it is my name :)

  52. Lily

    these are gorgeous!

  53. shopgirl

    Lisa Leonard designs are very inspiring. I featured her on one of my posts a while back. I love her inspirational pieces, especially her necklaces.

    Rambles with Reese

  54. ah! something from this shop could make such a beautiful holiday gift!

  55. TayLayne

    Her beautiful jewelry design warms my heart! I love the meaning behind it all and would absolutely love to recieve a giftcard for her designs

  56. Kbreckon

    I love Lisa's beautiful pieces. They would make a gorgeous friendship bracelet as a Christmas present for my best friend.

  57. georgous! i hope i win!

  58. carolyn

    looove, love, love these! I was planning on getting some for when my twin girls are born!

  59. Sierra

    I lovelovelove the itty bitty hearts necklace! I hope I win!

  60. Oh my goodness I love everything in the shop! <3 She is amazingly creative & I love the whimsical designs! Crossing fingers!

  61. Sharon

    So many great pieces – the custom work would be perfect for my galpals!

    yepfinleywedding at gmail dot com

  62. Jen

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  63. Carrie

    Love Lisa Leonard. Her "heartstings" necklace is my fav! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  64. Hey there~ Beautiful and inspiring women making and sharing beautiful and inspiring art(to WEAR no less!) I cannot think of a better way to Spread the love…. sprinkling you both with gratitude and abundance in every avenue of your life this holiday season!

  65. Thanks for the giveaway! I checked out her site and I love the little tree stump necklace with the carved heart and initials on it!

    Best wishes,

  66. Maggie

    i absolutely adore these!

  67. Annalise

    I love the ring!!!

  68. would love to wear one of these

  69. JuneyB

    BAM! Love it! :)

  70. Aia

    Great Giveaway and super-cute jewelry! :)

  71. Serena

    Gotta love jewelry.

  72. this is BEAUTIFUL! I hope I get picked!! :)

  73. Laynee

    I love these! They are so cute!

  74. Sarah

    love them, and I've sent the link to my sister too who is my favorite person besides my darling hubby.

  75. Kimi

    I would love to win!

  76. Pauline

    This giveaway is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
    i would be the happiest, to call one of these beautys "mine" <3

  77. Amy

    so so pretty in every way. totally in lurve.

    amy m.
    [email protected]

  78. This would make a lovely 30th birthday present for my sister! *crosses fingers*

  79. These would make the perfect Christmas present for my sisters!

  80. Lanara

    What a perfect gift this holiday season especially since this will be my first Christmas just married! Love it!

  81. Kelsey

    I love charm necklaces!

  82. the most perfect Christmas gift ever! I love it!

  83. Jo

    I love gifts with a personal touch. These are gorgeous!!

  84. ladybug

    in love!!! especially with the neclaces!

  85. JessLa

    big fan of the ball chain necklaces. happy belated thanksgiving!

  86. I've always wanted those cute jewelry!! love it! I hope I win!

  87. Natalie

    gosh, i always see those beautiful pearl initial necklaces and think to myself "one day". i don't have any initials to throw on that yet hehe.

  88. It's all beautiful!

    I'm just finishing up my study abroad and a little ring with the theme of my trip "Take Courage" would be just what I need to remember all the good things I've learned here!

    Pick me please!!

  89. Casey

    Oh my goodness these are so wonderful

  90. So beautiful would love to win!

  91. becky

    gorgeous! love the tree stump!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  92. in LOVE with the "together" necklace. she has absolutely beautiful designs!

  93. I love her stuff! Yes, please!

  94. fingers. toes. eyes. crossed. :)