rockstar giveaway!

today we have a giveaway for you by sponsor, vivi dot!
vivi dot is offering one lucky reader any statement necklace of their choice! click here to see all the beautiful options!
vivi dot is a collection of handmade accessories; their newest addition to the line being these pretty statement necklaces. all are made with sustainable laser cut bamboo, fabric covered buttons and antiqued brass chains.

in order to enter, please visit vivi dot and leave a comment below before friday, december 3rd! good luck! xo

  1. Melina

    Oh these would make the perfect Christmas presents! I'm totally in love with the lace flowers!


  2. Paula

    Wow! These are so cute! Even if I don't win, I'll be getting a hold of one for myself!

  3. Meryn

    LOVE statement pieces like this!

  4. n.davis

    love! these are so unique!

  5. J+K

    Ooh! I love the dotted oak tree watch necklace and the book lovers Polaroid necklace! How different! Its nice to see the creativity behind this line of accessories it's fantastic!

  6. Downtown Anaeheim! :D here's to winning!

  7. lisa

    i love these!
    the striped one has my name on it.

  8. Tiff

    So cool, I love the Checkerboard Lexington Necklace!!!

  9. Caitlin

    I have absolutely fallen in love with the watch necklaces! Love!

  10. I love these pieces! They're so unique. I'm such a huge fan of antique brass and color! love this :)

  11. Katie

    these are so cute i would love love love one!

  12. Jen

    Such a colorful shop, makes me smile. I like the two squirrels kissing because my son has cheeks like a squirrel or chipmunk. But, those aren't under the 'statement necklace' section. I like the clusters in the statement necklaces, especially the lace covered ones. I wouldn't know what to choose, but don't let that stop me from winning :oD

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. It would be an early Christmas present to win this giveaway!!

  14. amanda

    oh my goodness. these are amazing. i want them all!

  15. love love love love!!
    i LOVE when accessories are made from buttons. i think they are just so cute.

  16. love love love love!!
    i LOVE when accessories are made from buttons. i think they are just so cute.

  17. Laraine

    Wow, these are beautiful! The lace ones are so classy. LOVE!

  18. It was my birthday on the 29th. I would love to have one of these cute necklaces! How pretty and unique are these? So lovely. =]

  19. AmyLee

    oh wow, these are super cute & so different than anything i have already! crossing fingers for a win! :)

  20. Brooke:)

    would love to rock one of them necklaces on this neck!

  21. Neri

    oooh each one is gorgeous and so cheerful. i'd be happy just wearing one.

  22. Courtney

    I'd absolutely love to pair either of the checkerboard statement necklaces with a black tee or sweater! (:

  23. Super cute! I love bright bold colors and patterns, even (maybe even especially?) during the winter.

  24. selin

    stunning necklaces!!
    I'm dreaming of Modern Garden Sutro Park necklace at this very moment..

  25. love! the fabric choices are beautiful. any one of these necklaces would be a treasure! ~Elizabeth

  26. i love everything pink

  27. Meghan

    OMG those are SOO cute!! I love the green lace one!

  28. Carrie

    I heart these necklaces!

  29. hilly

    So creative!

  30. hilly

    So creative!

  31. Great giveaway! Would love to win this!!

  32. Great giveaway! Would love to win this!!

  33. love these!!!! and the site has lots of fun stuff! you are adorable in your photos :) and so is kingsley and your tree!

  34. Anna

    I love those bold rings too! and that squirrel necklace is coconuts.

  35. I love love love the watch necklaces. All her stuff are beautiful and different.

  36. Irlanda

    Vivi Dot rocks! m/ (^_^) m/

    These are all stunning!

    Thanks for a chance to win!

    -Irlanda A.

  37. Cat

    Nothing is better than antique jewelry. These are a true American staple…along with a cute apron and apple pie!

  38. rebecca

    very cool! love the Checkerboard Duboce Triangle Statement Necklace.
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  39. These are so cute! How nice to give a piece of themselves away! At least that's how I feel when I make something….

  40. those necklaces are so adorable!

  41. Lindsay

    Im loving the "Pink & Army Green Lace Sutro Park Necklace" and the watch necklaces are great as well! (And all affordable!)Crossing my fingers! P.S. Your baby bump is the cutest..congrats to you both!!

  42. mandy

    I love them all! Very fun!

  43. lovely giveaway!!!

  44. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love them all!

  45. Angie

    hello and thank you for the chance to win… how cute are these necklaces…. love & merry xmas

  46. KMB

    Those are really cool necklaces! Really unique! It would be a fun gift to give or receive, I think.

  47. ding ding to sustainable productivity and creativity in these adorable stylish pieces! what would a book lover and bicycle enthusiast choose! options options…

  48. JaymiPop

    I love her necklaces. Soooo cute!

  49. Raquel

    awesome! my sister loves big statement jewelry and would totally adore one of the necklaces for christmas!

  50. So many fabulous options! Loving them all, have to say, my fav is for sure the oak tree watch necklace! To die for!!!

  51. cindy

    black and cream lexington necklace is my favorite.

  52. lar

    Pick me! Pick me!

  53. Megan

    so cute! LOVE these

  54. Samantha

    I am in love with these necklaces. They are perfection!

  55. Kate

    I love everything, especially the statement necklaces! so much fun!!!!

  56. Ah! How cute are all of their goods! I ventured a little – love love their earrings (the peppermint candy ones are especially fitting for the times).

  57. katieae

    these are so fun! I love the purple/red/blue stripe necklace.

  58. Brissa

    Aahhh!!! So cute!! I didn't know it until I saw it, but THIS is the type of necklace I'm looking for!

  59. Ally

    I absolutely love these!

  60. these are all so original!

  61. these are so cute! and i love that they're eco-friendly :)

  62. Zoe

    super cute! super fresh!! love it

  63. jaclyn

    super cute …i'm totally deserving!

  64. E

    Stunning! I'd really love one of these.

  65. Kelsi

    i need one of these. or perhaps all of them!

  66. how cute!! I have a hair clip to match perfectly!!!

  67. Button necklaces!! What a great idea!

  68. Faiza

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Courtney

    I love the black and white stained glass flower necklace!

  70. oooh, too cute. so many pretty ones to choose from!

  71. awww. please let me win. my christmas wish : )

  72. Eco-friendly and beautiful? LOVE!

  73. Dawnica

    these are so unique! LOVE the green covered in lace

  74. lina

    so creative! i love the hair pins for sure!

  75. alison

    i LOVE these necklaces! Really original!

  76. kokoro

    oh wow, these are lovely! aztec flower brooch is fab!

  77. Rach

    so cute!

  78. love the lace necklaces…classic

  79. awesome!

  80. Caiti


    Buttons+Lace=Pure happiness.

    Love it!

  81. Sarah

    How fun!

  82. 2busy

    Cute, cute!

  83. these are sensational!!
    i'll keep my fingers crossed!

  84. katie

    i love the look of these necklaces, aw <3

  85. Monika

    I love your giveaways….and your dog. When I officially move out of my parents house, I shall buy myself a Kingsley.

  86. Lauren

    eek! i want them ALL. consider the polaroid necklaces on my Christmas list!!

  87. powell

    they are all gorgeous! I think my favorite is the Modern Garden Lexington necklace though. So simple & pretty.

  88. I adore the Book Lover Polaroid necklace!

  89. Erika

    oh my gooooosh those necklaces!