rockstar giveaway!

today we have a giveaway for you by sponsor, vivi dot!
vivi dot is offering one lucky reader any statement necklace of their choice! click here to see all the beautiful options!
vivi dot is a collection of handmade accessories; their newest addition to the line being these pretty statement necklaces. all are made with sustainable laser cut bamboo, fabric covered buttons and antiqued brass chains.

in order to enter, please visit vivi dot and leave a comment below before friday, december 3rd! good luck! xo

  1. Lindsey

    adorable. really must have.

  2. Ilmarie

    Wonderful stuff and just your type of style!

  3. those necklaces are adorbs!

  4. {jaclyn}

    love the green lace-covered buttons. pick me!
    p.s. can't wait for baby davis to arrive!

  5. Gillian

    Absolutely love the Conservatory of Flowers. Amazingly gorgeous!

  6. Lola

    I love the bright colors and cool patterns! Would really add a lot to an outfit!

  7. Pakou

    The lace necklaces & paisely lexington necklace are wonderful. Its so difficult to decide on just one!

  8. I can barely decide between the cheeseburgers or the squirrels. ADORABLE!

  9. i love these!

  10. OOH! Everything is soooooo cute in their shop! I'm crossing my fingers!… and toes!

  11. Beatrice

    I adore the Black and White Stained Glass Flower Necklace and the fun retro Mod Flower Duboce Triangle Necklace!. super chic :)

  12. Kaila

    Love these!

  13. Lis

    Oh gosh I love the popping colors and beautiful fabrics/designs! I would love to win one for my older sister for Christmas, she would love it!

  14. Kaila

    love them all!!

  15. 1694

    The stained glass statement necklace would brighten up many of my work winter work outfits quite nicely!

    love your blog
    xoxo rachel

  16. Sara

    Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace = cute as a button!



  17. Lori

    I'm a new follower! Love the blog! And love the giveaway!

  18. I love that green necklace! These are all great. Hope I win!

  19. jordan

    So cute! I was just searching for this style of necklace on Etsy.

  20. it's al amazing, but i think the peppermint candy earrings are me favorite!

  21. super cute!!! would love one of these beauties!


  22. Kinsey

    Oh, those lace necklace are wonderful!

  23. Noell

    The Sutro Park is beautiful and so unique – christmas wishing official here :)

  24. how creative, i love it! pick me! pick me!

  25. Natalie

    these are so adorable! I love all of them!

  26. Brie

    So cute! love it.

  27. these are absolutely adorable! :)

  28. Karen

    I am SO in love with buttons!

    Been collecting some to make felt flowers for my wedding, and I just keep hoarding them…the idea of a wedding registry of buttons HAS entered my mind…not sure how hubs would like it :)

    Loving the modern garden sutro park necklace…it's gorgeous!

  29. i love the lace lexington necklaces! i can't decide between the green, brown and black ones – all so lovely!

  30. Carrie

    I love all the colorful ones of the Statement Necklaces! The watch necklaces are great too!

  31. this jewelery is the cutes! i have fallen for the downtown anaheim poloroid necklace. i would die for it!

  32. Wendi

    love the modern garden hair clip! and ALL of the necklaces :):)

    what a great giveaway!

  33. Michele

    I like the Black and White Stained Glass Flower Necklace.

  34. So stinkin cute! I hope I win!

  35. ooh ooh me mee!

  36. jamieliz

    I love the squirrel necklace! So fun!

  37. Oooh. I love the watch necklace!

  38. EShanley

    such cute stuff!!! I would like so many of them :)

  39. Ooh I love them all! I can't imagine having to decide but would love to have that dilema :)

  40. Lynn

    oh yes, i'm in on this wonderful give-away! i've loved their wares for sometime, especially the little woodland creature buttons. just darling. thanks for the chance Naomi! ♥

  41. Laura

    I love these!

  42. love love fabric buttons earrings! the auburn fern pair are my style.

  43. What a fun giveaway!
    I'd love to win one of these lovelies!

  44. Dolce

    Cuteness! Love the lexington necklaces and all the earrings!

  45. Katz NYC

    Very nice and def different. Love them. Sign me up!

  46. Ah, this is the exact style of jewelry I LOVE! You never cease to make me smile with your giveaway choices.

  47. Suzanne

    So cute! I love the chocolate brown and lace Lexington necklace.

  48. Natalie

    I LOVE necklaces! These are beautiful!

  49. Love them all! They are adorable!

  50. The squirrel necklace immediately caught my eye, but there are so many things that I love!

  51. Sarah

    i am loving the checkerboard duboce triangle statement necklace… great stuff!!!

    [email protected]

  52. Jessica

    So unique and gorgeous! People are so creative, I love it!
    Thanks for the entry!

  53. christy

    SO cute…love these!!

  54. Caroline

    These are awesome! I love it.

  55. danieliz

    Those lace pieces are brilliant! You always have the cutest giveaways. :)

  56. LOVE these!

  57. Anny

    I love finding unique things and vivi dot is simply amazing!

  58. kristin

    Oh, please pick me! How lovely! :)

  59. So cute! So chic! Perfect the holidays. Love them all!

  60. Janssen

    These are beautiful! I'll cross my fingers!

  61. EE

    Pretty Things!! Love it all!

  62. EE

    Pretty Things!! Love it all!

    – Ashlee

  63. Very creative and cute. I love the hair clip!

  64. *Blair*

    Oh wow how beautiful! Love these necklaces!

  65. STUFF

    Wow. I love these, the geometric patterns are awesome!

  66. Laura

    those watch necklaces stole my heart! unique & adorable!

  67. Emily

    These are SO fun! Please pick me! :)

  68. brandi

    Oooh these would go well with the new vintage ebay looks I've been buying!

  69. S and R

    love the polaroid necklaces!!! what a great little shop.

  70. Rachel

    They are so lovely! And you look adorable in your pictures in the post before it.

  71. niki

    what a darling and unique shop.

    i would love to win a statement necklace.

  72. Alex A-G

    love love love the Modern Garden Sutro Park Necklace!

  73. I would LOVE one of these! They are so beautiful and unique…

  74. Carly

    how cute are those peppermint earrings?! love this little shop!

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  76. Ooh. I love the Paisley Foliage Lexington necklace and the Ink Blotter Alamo Square necklace. These are so fun!

  77. AmeeLove

    I Absolutely Love it All!!!!

  78. LindaSue

    I love the Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace! So retro and beautiful!

  79. C.M.

    Oooh!!! So colourful!! I would love to brighten my COLD Canadian winter days with any of these!

  80. Mara

    these are so cute! They would totally add something special to basic tee or dress!

  81. I love the maroon feather watch necklace! These are all so beautiful; love it!

  82. Tessa

    I love love love the "dotted oak tree watch necklace!"

  83. Linka

    How lovely! Pick me please!

  84. Cailey

    Everything is SO darling! I can't even pick my favorite:)

  85. Oh, I love the conservatory of flowers black and cream lace necklace! So pretty!

  86. Aimee

    Love it! Pick me!

  87. Jessica

    I haven't bought anything new in a year….and my heart is longing for something new and pretty. Please oh please let it be me!

  88. Original and cute necklaces. Yay! I think I like the Conservatory of Flowers Amber Lace Necklace the best. Very pretty.

  89. liz city


  90. DaNeil

    I adore the necklaces. so many greats to choose from.