rockstar giveaway!

today we have a giveaway for you by sponsor, vivi dot!
vivi dot is offering one lucky reader any statement necklace of their choice! click here to see all the beautiful options!
vivi dot is a collection of handmade accessories; their newest addition to the line being these pretty statement necklaces. all are made with sustainable laser cut bamboo, fabric covered buttons and antiqued brass chains.

in order to enter, please visit vivi dot and leave a comment below before friday, december 3rd! good luck! xo

  1. Hillary

    So many pretty things, especially the oak tree watch necklace! Since I broke my left wrist, I've been missing my watch, so this would be a great solution :)

  2. Kari

    I'd love to WiN! {Pretty} PLEASE pick me!

  3. Lyndee

    the paisley lexington is cute!

  4. absolute adoration! these are simply delicious! love, love, love. these truly rock my world.
    taylor rose

  5. Victoria

    beautiful pieces! They'd be perfect for holiday parties.

  6. whimsy

    i would be such a rockstar with one of those!

  7. heather

    cuuuute! so unique & so bold! love them. :)

  8. PICK ME!!!

  9. V

    one of these necklaces would be the perfect gift for someone i love… I hope I win …

  10. Lauren

    I just bought earrings similar to this style from a different shop on Etsy. People comment on them every time i wear them. How cool would it be to win a necklace.

  11. Alex

    LOVE the green & lace one. would love to win this!!! i adore your blog.
    Love, Alex

  12. jenbern

    these are so lovely!!

  13. i love love them! I've been craving an eclectic bib necklace to sparkle my wardrobe!

  14. Megan

    I love your blog. Maybe I'll win…?

  15. Hannah

    oh my goodness those are gorgeous! love!

  16. Tamara

    I'd love one of these

  17. allie

    How creative! & I love the little squirrels. So sweet.♥

  18. Sara

    Oh….my neck is dying to adorn one of these beauties :)

  19. Sidney

    love this idea! so glam and funky! i definitely want ONE!

  20. These are super cute! Any one of them would be perfect to completely brighten up the plain black t-shirts & turtlenecks that seem to have taken over my maternity wardrobe! LOL


  21. DaniMac

    I love that they are stylish and eco friendly!

  22. MSimone

    Cute jewelery. I really like the necklaces espeically the Modern Garden print.

  23. These are magnificent! I'd love to wear one! *wink wink*

  24. Nancy

    I love the necklaces – everything is so cute on the site!

  25. Jules

    This are so fun!

  26. Tiffany

    so adorable! I would love one of these necklaces.

  27. Sarah

    So cute! I love the necklaces.

  28. Oh my goodness, the chocolate brown & lace necklace is darling! They're all wonderful. I'd love to bring one home :)

  29. JAH

    These are truly beautiful pieces. Please enter me. I'm simply in love with the 'Stained Glass Sutro Park Necklace'.

    Happy Holidays!

  30. Layla

    Tons of cute items, can't decide which one I like the best!

  31. TomAce

    I am currently putting together a list of my top 10 Christmas challenges. Most of them have to do with non overeating and/or not spending too much. However, one that stands out is to spend more time with my kids. They love Minute To Win It and its a great Family show. So, on December 7th we will be snuggling up in front of the TV to watch Minute TO Win It at 8/7c on NBC. Two Mormon sweethearts are going to be competing. Can't wait

  32. Amy

    I'm usually not a fan of button jewelry, but these are surprisngly GORGEOUS. I want it all.

  33. There are at least 4 of them on the site that I absolutely LOVE! Thanks for the introduction to the shop! I definitely want to be counted in on this giveaway :).

  34. Samantha


  35. Alexa

    Their stuff is adorable! I love their collection and I'm so tempted to get some stuff. But if I win, I'll probably be giving it as a present to my sister!

  36. missbee

    so so so cute!

  37. danica

    These necklaces are adorable. Lucky, whoever gets picked!

  38. Hunter

    What cute necklaces!!

  39. Caiti


    Buttons+Lace(on a necklace!)=Pure, unadulterated happiness.


  40. Ku'ulei

    i'd wear one every day.

  41. Asty

    I love love love statement necklaces!

  42. I'd like one!

  43. Shifra

    These are so cute, I want to win!

  44. Kate

    these necklaces are so unique! i hope i'm not to late to enter.

  45. Jennifer

    oooh these are so beautiful! i hope i get picked!!!

  46. Brittany

    I love that bright green one! so unique!