my boys…

…running around on the grass outside the shakespeare library
to get all their (kingsley’s) energy out before bedtime.
i love it.
  1. Brooke

    hahah I love it too!! so cute!

  2. That is adorable. I love how chubby Kingsley is, but how he still has such fantastic running form!

  3. Jessica

    Kingsley reminds me of our boston Lelu, She has so much energy and needs to run it out! Super cute!

  4. i love this photo and i love kingley. he is the best. ^


  5. savy


  6. Sasha

    Aww thats so cute! :)

  7. Jennifer

    awwww look at little kingsley's legs gooo. :D

  8. Kieren

    I'm actually surprised that Kingsley looks so fast!

    Very cute picture.

  9. AmyLee

    haha, that's hilarious. love it :)

  10. Being a dog owner myself, I know how essential this task can be! Silly but necessary.

  11. ha! so cute. i totally have to do this with my dogs, too. ;)

  12. lar

    I love how Josh is wearing a tie and a jacket even when taking the dog for a run. Does the man own a pair of sweats? ;)

  13. Jay

    you're just the sweetest family! your baby is gonna be one lucky cupcake ;)

  14. wonderful photo. adorable boys.

  15. L

    haha that's great

  16. Kristina

    Ha – we also use this as our own personal dog run! Isn't it the best?!

  17. my dad used to come home from work and do sprints with (toddler) me around our library to tire me out before bed :D
    sadly, i am a human (obviously), not a dog. my poor mother did not get a lot of rest back then!

  18. Riley

    This is adorable! We have to do the same with my dog too.

  19. Karen

    I love Kinglsey's position- great pic!

  20. Chelsea

    completely adorable!

  21. Natalie

    i love libraries :) i don't, however, love shakespeare. weird? probably.

  22. Kaydee

    This is so precious :)

  23. i love how your husband always wears his signature green shoes!

  24. Sera Pie

    So Cute!

  25. haha i love this picture. look at kingley's little legs:)
    naomi is there any way to add previous posts to your blog> a way to get to the beginning of your blog without hitting previous entries. i passed along your blog to somoene and they are trying to start at the beginning:) xo!

  26. this is the most adorable thing i've seen all day

  27. This is adorable :) So cute of you to share !

  28. that's awesome. mid-stride.

  29. So cute! This is a fantastic photo.

  30. Aww Josh is such a good daddy!

  31. Whitney

    Hahaha, awesome.
    Running in the tie!
    (cute little [big] kingsley!)

  32. Wahy

    ahaha, that's really cute pic.

  33. mle jean

    that is a beautiful photo!

  34. Sarah

    This just made my Monday!

  35. Mireille

    Nice pic…
    I bat you had id you a quiet evening afterwards!

  36. Dorien

    i've just went to your blog and i must say ; IT'S AMAZING ! you're pictures are beautiful :) ! can i ask you wich camera you use ?


  37. Linka

    sweet photo! Kingsley is especially bookin it!

  38. So necessary! Doggies are a little crazy! :)

  39. ok…kingsley, mid-run, is one of the funniest/cutest things i've ever seen.

  40. Chelsea

    this is hilarious.

  41. Nikki

    So cute

  42. Nikki

    So cute

  43. dogs are like children. they need soooo much exercise!!!

  44. Cheray

    awww so cute!

  45. Kelly

    Awesome picture!

  46. this is wonderful! i really think you should consider framing this!

  47. caroline

    I think it's impressive that your husband is still wearing a tie right before bedtime.

  48. d'aaawwwww! This made me SWOON! SWOON! can't wait for the day where I can have a boy and a dog to frolic in front of libraries with :)

  49. I love my husband and dog. They are my family and watching them run in the backyard outside the house is one of my favorite memories ever.