kingsley’s 1st birthday.

we shamelessly celebrated kingsley’s 1st birthday last night.
he stole our hearts last december
when we really needed something to distract us
and while he is trouble most of the time,
he has made our life beyond entertaining and wonderful.
happy birthday mister king!
  1. Laura xo

    Haha super cute! Happy birthday Kingsley :) x

  2. Jessica

    Oh my goodness, he looks like he is just eating up all of the attention! I love it! Happy Birthday, Kingsley!

  3. Haha! Don't tell me that you let him eat all the cake?! =O It looked so yummy!

  4. CoCoon

    Happy Birthday Kingsely!
    Animals are amazing. Make our lives so much better.
    Totally worth celebrating!

  5. Michaela

    Happy Birthday Kingsley :)

  6. too cute! happy first birthday kingsley!!
    also, love that you guys got him a little doggie cake :)

  7. Chaucee

    Aw how adorable : ) In one year you'll be celebrating your baby's birthday! SO exciting!

  8. Rhianne

    so fun! Happy birthday Kingsley :)

  9. These are so cute! I love celebrating doggy birthdays

  10. Alleen

    Too cute!!! Love the pics…


  11. Erica

    OMG! So cute, I can't even handle!!!

  12. Too cute, Happy Birthday to Kingsley!

    I have to ask, was that a cake made for dogs, or just a regular cake? Just make sure not to give him actual chocolate, because it's poison for dogs!

  13. Kait

    Oh my goodness gracious. Those are the most precious pictures. I love the one of you smiling at him and his little mouth is open into a little "O" – so, so precious!

  14. erin m.

    Haha, I love this. My best friend's family celebrate their 3 dog's birthdays every year, where they get mexican food for the "people" (and invite all the kid's friends) and buy doggie ice cream for the dogs. So much fun. I also love the first picture.. bulldogs and their classic angry face! Looks especially charming with a birthday hat and cake in front of him.

  15. Shorty

    Happy Birthday, Kingsley! He's so cute!

  16. He looks very pleased with his celebration. Don't feel shame we celebrate doggie birthday's every year….even when we had to go to the vet Every single day one week for porcupine quills.

  17. I think I'm going to bookmark this page for when I need cheering up. These pictures are freaking adorable and I can't wait until we get our bully. Happy birthday, Kingsley!

  18. Meg

    he looks so cute & proud in his birthday hat! and what a cake… lucky guy! happy birthday kingsley!

  19. janis

    that first picture is just hilarious….

  20. awww happy birthday kingsley :)

  21. these pictures are amazing! kingsley is so grown up now! happy birthday! i love distractions.

  22. Jr. Mint

    Love this! Furbabies truly bring unspeakable happiness so why shouldn't we celebrate them!

  23. the first picture cracked me up . he doesn't look so happy about turning one. but i know, that's just his all-the-time expression… ! xx

  24. Kelsi

    all of your sweet posts make me cry! i'm not pregnant… no excuse for this. was kingsley's cake one of those fancy dog cakes?you should've got pupcakes! ;) i have always wondered about those. happy birthday Kingsley!

  25. MJ

    So cute :)
    Looks like he enjoyed the cake!

  26. Ciara

    It was my puppy's 1st birthday last week! What a coincidence! We had a lil party and she loved it!

  27. amber

    this is absolutely precious! happy bday kingsley!! it will be our boy jack's 1st bday nov. 25 and we plan to celebrate. yay! what kind of cake is that you got for him?

  28. Whitney

    Awww! Happy Birthday Kingsley!
    (Baby Davis Bday next!)

  29. amylou


  30. I love that you are totally *those* people. lol Kingsley looks pissed in the first pic. But then he realized he got his own cake, and he was totally into it. lol

  31. Carly

    so cute! love the first picture of you two where it looks like Kingsley is grinning :)

  32. nicole

    bahahah did he dress up for halloween?

  33. bethani

    pet birthdays are the best! They are always excited no matter what you get them and Kingsley is beyond cute with all those wrinkles!

  34. this pictures made my heart melt, how sweet. Dogs should be spoiled!

  35. What kind of cake is that? Did you make it yourself? It's adorable!!

  36. Maddy

    aw i'm glad you guys enjoy him so much! dogs are wonderful. the most amazing. he will have so much fun with your little one, too :)

  37. Happy Birthday Mister Kingsley!

  38. absolutely adorable…he is the cutest thing ever. :)

  39. Liz V.

    happy birthday kingsley!! :)

  40. WOW so adorable!

  41. morgan.

    oh, happy birthday kingsley.

  42. Aw! So cute. Happy birthday to Kingsley

  43. caroline

    What's the cake made out of?

  44. So cute! And I love that you are unashamedly posting photos of your dog in a birthday hat! Hilarious.

  45. This is so adorable. You guys make me wanna have my own little guy. :) Happy Birthday Kingsley!

  46. C and N

    :) cute.

  47. thanks everyone! the cake is from a pet shop and he is loving it (he hasn't finished it yet. it's back in the freezer. haha. i think he'd be sick if he had that whole thing in one sitting.)

  48. Amanda

    love your party dress, lady!…and the birthday boy's not bad either. Love him! Many many more!

  49. just think of how much fun your baby's 1st birthday will be :) oh and i am in italy right now and i actually thought of kingsley last night when i walked past a street cafe and saw a man sitting at a table with a bulldog puppy in a baby bjorn carrier….facing outward…like a real baby…too cute!

  50. @theolivetree, oh man. that video is unreal!!! considering that kingsley can only "sit" "stay" and "kiss",i'd say we have work to do! but at least he's potty trained and isn't a barker?! that's all i really ask for. or at least i'm telling myself….

    thanks for sharing!

  51. Oh my gosh these pics are PRICELESS! Happy birthday Kingsley!

  52. liz city

    so cute.

  53. Emily

    yall are cuties!
    happy bday to kingsley!

  54. Katz NYC

    Awww, happy birthday Kingsley! Looks like he had a blast. And you too.

  55. baahh, he is so awesome. happy birthday, kingsley!

  56. Lindsey

    Ha! What a cute little bully. I love that you got him a party hat and cake. My sis in law used to get her dog a happy meal on his birthday…probably not the best for your dog! Yay for being out of puppyhood Kingsley!

  57. Mandy

    how cute!!!
    i love how he looks totally unimpressed in that first shot.
    happy birthday kingsley.

  58. Oh my gosh..that photo of you and him where he's closing his eyes…is too cute! Happy belated Kingsley

  59. Luna

    happy birthday kingsley. i love the pics, so cute.

  60. oh my! he is just the cutest with his little hat and birthday cake!!

    happy birthday kingsley!

  61. love-v

    I love the picture of Kingsley and Josh blowing out the candle. That is fantastic. What a fun doggy birthday.

  62. Awesome!
    I love that he had his own cake!
    Obvious WIN!

  63. koko

    Happy Birthday Kingsley!!! Yummy cake boy?

  64. Aww thats so sweet :)
    Wow, u maneged to get a cake for him :)
    Did you sing the birthday song?)

  65. I adore the photo where his eyes are closed and you're smiling at him. What a happy guy!

  66. heather

    miiight be one of the cutest things i've ever seen. i love how much you love mr. kingsley ;)

  67. Happy Kingsley Birthday – looks like it was a good first year

  68. Happy Kingsley Birthday – looks like it was a good first year

  69. Awwww! That first photo.. priceless!

  70. that is so incredibly sweet <3

  71. Happy Birthday Kingsley!! Cute cake!

  72. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! I love little kingsley :) happy belated birthday to him!

  73. Sarah

    What sweet, sweet pictures! Happy Birthday Mr. Kingsley!