happy happy happy weekend!

our little family of 3 1/2 took a walk over to eastern market this morning
and found our perfect little christmas tree!
i have waited for this day for months.
and it’s turning out to be a very wonderful day, indeed!
hope yours is a happy one as well….
p.s. don’t forget, 20% off everything in my love,taza shop this weekend when you use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!
  1. yay! it's christmas season! can't wait to put our tree up next week!!

  2. amanda

    ahhh, christmas season is just the best!

    what a lovely little tree you 3 1/2 snagged up! perfection, indeed!

  3. Chaucee

    I hope we get around to putting up a tree soon. Last year we did it Christmas Eve because all the kids were away at college! Hopefully we do it soon : )

  4. e.day

    that is a perfect tree! i love. i hope to find one just like that and not like the sad charlie brown tree we had last year :)

    love your coat!

  5. What a perfect little tree! p.s. I love your coat!

  6. YAY for Christmas trees! That is the perfect size!

  7. Chiara

    you look great!!!!
    So happy Christmas time is finally here!!

  8. Kaydee

    What a cute little tree :) And I love your coat!

  9. I totally want your blue gloves. Such a great color! Cute tree, it looks perfect for a little family :). And I love everything in your Taza Shop, I wish I could purchase a few right now but someday I definitely will!

  10. can't wait to see how the 3 and 1/2 of you will decorate!

  11. Jennifer

    Such a pretty picture. :) I love this time of year. My stepmom and I plan on putting up our Christmas tree today.

  12. we've been wanting a little christmas tree! i haven't been able to find one though! our little apartment isn't big enough for a biiiig christmas tree!

  13. Your street looks idyllic :) Love your cute tree!

  14. what a good looking tree

  15. Jessica

    I'm excited to get my tree! Where did you get your boots? I've been on the hunt for a black pair and yours are quite lovely!

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  17. kwistin

    thanks for sharing your excitement and fantastic little find with us. with that adorable tree, what a cozy Christmas this will be for all 3 1/2 of you! :)

  18. Alanah

    I love how excited you get about a Christmas tree.

    You should make another movie about decorating it!

  19. kirby

    They're selling Christmas trees at Eastern Market?? So exciting : I need to get one!!

  20. Riley

    Such a cute tree and jacket! I'm so happy you found a great one like that. :)

  21. Anki

    What a lovely little christmas tree! Love your blog!

  22. Carly

    What a pretty tree! We'll be moving just a few days before Christmas, so no tree for us this year :( but next year we will have a HUGE one! :)

  23. ACH

    What a great little tree! Love it!

  24. Yay for Christmas and trees!!!

    where did you get your wonderful coat?!?!?

  25. Sera Pie

    Love this season!

    Gorgeous tree!

  26. @jessica, my boots are FRYE.

    @kelly, the coat is from urban outfitters a few years back.

    @kirby, YES! trees at eastern market!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! eeee!

  27. i wish we still had leaves on the ground in ut!
    this is a super cute picture :)

  28. carina

    I have also been waiting for December to start for months – it somehow makes it easier for everyone else to cope with my Christmas joy. I also want a tree! But how do you keep it alive for so long? Is it for outdoors? I can't wait to get a tree, but I always buy it too soon and come Christmas – I have a dead tree.

    Enjoy December!

  29. ack! perfect tree indeed!
    now we can start saying…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  30. Totally loving your sweet little tree! Taza, I have to ask: wherever do you get all your adorable clothes? You never fail to look utterly darling.

  31. that tree is so cute and perfect! have a lovely weekend. :)

  32. EEEE! It's so precious!!!

    And oh my, I am SWOONING over your jacket! Where did you acquire such a lovely thing?!

    xo mackenzie

  33. I'm so excited to get a tree!! :)

  34. Mez

    Oh What a perfect christmas tree!! Its lovely!!!

  35. heather

    such a perfect little tree! yay for christmas season!

  36. Victoria

    You are so so pretty, and what a perfect little tree! x

  37. what a special Christmas for you and your family, very happy for you!

  38. Kelly

    Adorable tree!!

    Love your hair and coat!

  39. Miyan

    too cute of a tree- hope kingsley doesnt do too much damage to it :) !!! i might just have to find a little hannukah bush to put up in my home because it really doesn't feel like christmas here in israel and i miss it!!! such a beautiful, charismatic holiday!!!



  40. Bri

    you're way too adorable : )

    Yesterday my husband and I visited DC (were from CA so we were super excited) and thought of you! Capitol hill is so pretty! Such a nice place to bring a baby into the world. Hope you're doing well and your thanksgiving was relaxing! : )

    <3 bri

  41. Michelle

    i absolutely adore your blog. i've been following for for almost 6 months now. (i'm not so sure why it has taken me this long to subscribe!)
    anyway, doing so now!


  42. lisey

    yay! we just got our christmas tree this weekend too! We actually decorated my brothers wedding open house with christmas pine trees. It was lovely! ps you are such cute pregnant lady!love your blog.

  43. Sum

    I love how you said your family of 3 1/2! Why do you always have to have the perfect outfits and always look so gorgeous? Jealous!

  44. bethani

    christmas trees are the best – mine has been up for a week now. Real trees are even better, with that amazing pine smell! But for now we have a faux pas tree so our carpets and cats don't become a huge sappy mess.


  45. Suzanne

    Would you ever consider giving a tutorial of how you do your hair like that? No need to do it anytime soon, but just might be a fun thing to share with us!

  46. amber

    such a cute tree! i can't wait to put ours up, we usually do it the day after thanksgiving, but we were out of town this year.

    p.s. i just love your jacket!

  47. Colleen

    Your family of 3 1/2 – too cute! Just got my tree for my little NYC apt – kind of forgot how little the apt is when picking out haha. Oh well! Hope you have a merry christmas!

  48. Colleen

    Your family of 3 1/2 – too cute! Just got my tree for my little NYC apt – kind of forgot how little the apt is when picking out haha. Oh well! Hope you have a merry christmas!

  49. whimsy

    so wonderful! love the christmas spirit! and you are dashing as always my dear.

  50. @cas, i'm sorry but i don't know which pair they are. bought them a few years ago at Macy's. they have a buckle in the back near the knee if that helps! :)

  51. M.

    I've been searching for month for a coat just like yours! It's beeeeautiful!
    Where did you get it? :-)


  52. @M, thank you! I got it a few years ago at urban outfitters.


  53. M.

    Thank you Naomi! I really love your blog.
    Your family is so beautiful!