diary of kingsley: my fireplace.

“hello friends!

you might recall how much i loved sitting inside the protective screen of the fireplace last winter to keep warm and watch the fire burn as a 7 lb. puppy. if you don’t remember, it was documented here (thanks, mom!) well since then, i’ve gained 44 lbs, traveled extensively, learned a few tricks and chewed a few things. i’ve been so busy, i almost forgot what fireplaces were for!
but since it’s gotten colder outside, mom and dad have been making a lot of cozy fires at our place. and i just want you to know, i am in dog heaven. i even dragged my doggy bed out of the kitchen and placed it right in front of the fireplace all by myself so i can maximize my comfort while staying warm and cozy.
ah, the little things… life is good, friends! life is good!
love, kingsley.”
  1. Brooke

    AW these are such cute pictures. I love the last one the most!

  2. This is the cutest thing ever!

  3. Hahah I love this. When he's around, you must just laugh all day!

    Love those little fangs sticking out of his mouth.

  4. Melina

    I don't even understand how a dog can be so cute!! =]

  5. katieae

    He is HUGE! but so cute

  6. His teeth are incredible! What a cute little guy. I love that he moved his bed all by himself. You've really got a good buddy, even if he likes to eat your couches…

  7. Ash Att

    he is such a cute dog!
    ash att

  8. Kristina

    I love it – this is too adorable! I love that he dragged his bed all the way from the kitchen!

  9. Meaghan

    Haha, Cute.

  10. Linka

    This is so cute! Kingsley is so adorable! Love it!

  11. i love the kingsley diaries. did he really drag the bed out there himself??

  12. @jenni, yes yes. true story! i was laughing so hard. he really knows how to get comfy.


  13. He is legitimately the cutest dog I have ever seen. Ever! Kingsley always brightens my day:)

  14. i've never seen those 7pd kingsley pics before… he's jsut so so adorable!

  15. Oh my. I haven't stopped by in months and he is SO big now!!! What a cutie!

  16. Autumn

    Hilarious, Kingsley. Hilarious.

  17. Carly

    hahahaha, oh my goodness, too cute. :)

  18. MJ

    Kingsley's Diary Entries are the best. 44 lbs???? WOW! He has grown so much, his face in the last picture is priceless!

  19. Samantha

    are you SERRRRRIOUS?! Kingsley dragging his bed in front of the fireplace is hysterical! Love his little diaries :)

  20. His face in that last picture with the bone kills me. Well done, Kingsley, well done!

  21. What a little smarty pants!

  22. that is too cute. i love your kingsley!!! :D

  23. Jennifer

    Kingsley is the most adorable thing in the world! From puppy to big boy! :D :D :D :D

  24. Sarah

    This is absolutely adorable! When I say Kingsley is the man, it still doesn't quite justify his awesomeness! I can't wait until I get a pup as cute as him :)

  25. Liz

    oh my goodness!!! this is the sweetest thing! what a character! totally made me smile and giggle. Kingsley is the CUTEST!

  26. Kaydee

    Your dog is so cute I can't hardly stand it :)

  27. i love that he dragged his doggie bed in front of the fireplace…adorable!!

  28. Emily

    hahaha! he is so cute!

  29. AWWW!!! adorable…I had an English bull for many years named Engly…Kingsley reminds me of him sooo much! Thanks for the cute pics and the subtle, yet sweet reminders! I love reading them every time!

  30. koko


  31. Kingsley is such a cutie! I love that he pulls his bed up to the fireplace. My miniature schnauzer loves to nap in front of the heaters in my home. She always seems to be cold. I've tried to put a sweater on her, but she rubs under the coffee table trying to get out of it. This always makes me laugh. Enjoy your nice cozy fires. Hopefully it won't be long before it's cold enough to have a fire here in Mississippi.

  32. Nikki

    OMG This is the cutest ever! I could read Kingsley posts all day long. He is too much!


  33. This just made my night. Too cute!

  34. Comfort and warmth is serious business. What a goofy little guy!

  35. CAPow!

    oh my gosh, Kingsley! Too adorable!!

  36. He's SO big now! Wow!

  37. Bre

    Aww! Kingsley and his fireplace! Love these photos and the trip down memory {puppy} lane.

  38. ~k

    What an adorable face! I love his little teeth in the last picture!

  39. Posted on you today and the postcards from italy video! love your blog

  40. unbelievable! did he really drag his bed to the fire?! i love it.

  41. Amelia

    His fangs are just too cute for words. I was wondering if Kingsley has ever chewed or destroyed his dog beds? My dog doesn't normally destroy things but she has a bad habit of eating her dog bed the way she would a stuffed animal- I know Kingsley has had some history with your furniture so just curious if you have any advice!

  42. i LOVE this!
    i'm so glad i'm not the only one in the world that loves their animal like their first born.
    he's super cute.

  43. oooh kingsley is so precious!! love those little baby pics by the fire place <3

  44. I'm obsessed with his back rolls. He's so cute.

  45. Lindsay

    So cute!

  46. I remember when he was just a puppy…although I am sure you do more- because you were the one scrubbing the carpets and picking up couch parts.

  47. Oh goodness. I can't believe he did that himself. That makes me laugh out loud! I also can't believe he weighs so much….PS – the puppy pics from last year are priceless!

  48. Kristyn

    That seriously just made my morning. I absolutely love watching dogs 'make' their beds and arrange their blankets…and moving it in front of the fire?! Adorable!

  49. Louise

    Good job Kingsley!

  50. carissa

    i have been missing kingsley- and this made it just too much! someone mistook a pug for a bulldog, and i found myself feeling very defensive for kingsleys sake. he's such a cutie.

  51. Kelsey

    you make me want to get a bulldog. he is just so dern cute!

  52. @kacie, he didn't grow in february and march. he stayed around 20-ish pounds forever. and then again in may and june. the vet thinks he still has about 10 more pounds to go… we'll see.

    @amelia, i'm sorry your dog eats his beds. to be honest, i'd rather kingsley would eat his bed than our sofa which is what he likes to chew on out of all the things in the house. but he's getting better with staying away from the sofa. hopefully your dog will grow out of eating his bed too?! hope so!

  53. Bah! He is so freaking cute! and smart…that little man knows what's up!

  54. He is the dang cutest thing I have ever seen! His underbite kills meeeeee haha!

  55. Emily

    I love it when dogs blog!

  56. Did he really drag his pillow himself? That is waaaay toooo cute!

  57. STOP IT!!! no he did not drag his bed in front of the fire!!! he just cracks me up!! my boyfriend's brother has an english bulldog named chief – –
    he likes to watch animal planet or discovery channel and make funny noises that sound like a tape recorder fast forwarding – –

    your house looks precious :)

  58. Nicole*

    dear kingsley, you are precious!

  59. I love that Kingsley writes little narratives about his life by the fireplace! So adorable.

  60. Leslie

    I love that Kingsley dragged his bed in front of the fireplace. I miss seeing his cute little face! Knightley still hasn't really figured out our fireplace, now that we have one. Maybe he will when it gets colder in NC.

    Miss you guys!

  61. bethani

    love that last picture of Kingsley with that one tooth and bone positioned so nicely. <3

    sadly cats don't pose as nicely as dogs do..

  62. Miyan

    I love reading Kingsley's Diary posts. It doesn't get much cuter than the last photo. And to picture him moving his bed to be placed in front of the fire is so sweet….



  63. Chelsea

    he is so cute!

  64. Megan

    Most adorable Kingsley ever!
    I have yet to build a fire this year, but my little dog has been sleeping over the heater vent in the floor… dogs are so smart!

  65. adorable!!!

  66. Ohhh! This reminded me that our little puppy dude, Cupcake, used to have his own chair, and on more than one occasion we found that he'd pulled his soft blanket out of his bed and dragged it up onto his chair with him! It made us laugh so much! What would we be without our dogs???

  67. Kelsey

    He is SOO big now!

  68. t.

    what a smart guy to move his bed like that!

  69. amanda

    hiiii, kingsley!

    i couldn't agree more! fireplaces are a genius idea. warm, cozy and perfect.

    you're one smart cookie for setting up shop right in front of the flames.


  70. what a cutie pie! roxy sits in front of our little gas heaters at home…she would just die of happiness if we had a rad fireplace like yours!

  71. Luna

    so cute.

  72. Kate

    He's such a little man…I've never wanted a bullie until I saw photos of Mr. Kingsley.

  73. Cheray

    Kingsley is adorable!!
    My pups does that with the heater – she worships it in winter!

  74. i need to turn on the fireplace and see what my dog does. i bet he'll love it too.

  75. Lindsay

    love the last picture of kingsley !

  76. Missy D.

    You are the cutest pup!!! I love how much your parents love and adore you.. you deserve it you little cutie pie!

  77. Sher

    i am obsessed with your blog and especially the diary of kingsley! I have a chiahuahua pug mix and this has inspired me to start a diary of my own with him!