diary of kingsley. halloween edition.

“hi everyone!
so halloween happened over the weekend and mom kept trying to put me into costume! ridiculous. brought back memories of that time she tried to put me in a rain coat and that other time she tried the sweater. i am a dog, people! but since i’m getting older, i’m getting better at defending myself against such silly things. although this made mom sad. so we settled on devil horns and a red bandana together. and we also agreed i could eat (or at least chew) my costume afterwards, so i was content in the end.
also, after seeing a male bulldog dressed up in full out bumble bee attire later on in the day, i have to say, i didn’t have it so bad.
love, kingsley.”
  1. this could probably be the diary of my husband: halloween edition!! i put his costume make-up on him while he tried to watch football. he hasn't learned to defend himself from me yet!! :)

  2. Lauren

    I saw a bunny dressed up like a bumble bee!! I'm sorry, all animals should wear costumes on Halloween. Sorry Kingsley.

  3. Kingsley is really awesome! I want a Kingsley dog SOOOO bad. They're very precious creatures of God. Thanks for making my day with his wonderful photos.

  4. Katz NYC

    He is the cutest little devil. I wish my cats agreeded on wearing costumes but no.

  5. Jessica

    Kingsley is precious! You always have the cutest pictures of him. And really just cute pictures in general :)

  6. Mars

    Your dog is so cute!

  7. love the photos. love the diary "entry."

  8. Danielle

    I don't think you could ever post too much Kingsley! I was tempted to by an Elvis outfit for my friend's dog, but doubt she would have worn it very long.

  9. Ashley

    haha!! awww! cute :) My puppy didn't want to dress up either and he was miserable being a pumpkin all night. LOL. But everyone else loved it. Haha.

    <3 ash

  10. Alicia

    awww, he's just makes the cutest little devil ever!

  11. i can't believe how big he is. seriously, it seems like just yesterday he was teeny.

  12. Annah

    The last picture is the best ! EVER :) So cute. Brought a smile to my face.

  13. LOVE IT!! This totally put a HUGE smile on my face! He is simply precious!

  14. I love you Kingsley! I hate costumes too but my mom put me in this ridiculous prison uniform (see mom's profile picture). I was able to grab the silly hat and chew on it for a little while.
    Lola, the chihuahua (and my mom is RosaLovesDC)

  15. carina

    Whether you liked it or not – you looked amazing Kingsley!
    Just you wait untill your mum and dad's baby arrives – then, you will have to dress up a lot. I have an entire album of pictures of my childhood dog in various costumes, hats and glasses!:-D

  16. Hahah amazing! That last picture made me laugh out loud.

  17. Nikki

    As much as I adore ALL of your lovely posts, I think Kingsley's diary entries are my favorite. He is a gem!!


  18. Ha, I love the pictures! Especially the first one. What a cutie. :D

  19. You guys are nuts x

  20. Michelle

    Aww, he didn't have it so bad! One of my friends dressed her lab in a full-on squirrel costume!

  21. Kristin

    Adorable pics of Kingsley!

  22. kingsley looks absolutely adorable in his costume!!!

  23. These posts always make me want a dog even more haha :)

  24. Jay

    You are an awful, awful person.

  25. oh kinglsey, you are too cute. and really you didn't have it bad at all. my little dog was dressed up as a bright blue alien with 6 eyes. crazy, right?!

  26. Mayde

    Love this post! I treat my dogs the same way, and they probably think much the same thing. Looks like he had fun, though!

  27. Jennifer

    From Kingsley's shenaningans, this seem like a very appropriate costume! And he looks so adorable chewing on his trident ;)

  28. hhahaha that was so cute :)

  29. so dang cute!

  30. Luna

    oh kingsley you looked adorable as always.

  31. Tango lasted about 14 seconds in his Pirate Hat… it's all I could do. Couldn't bring myself to put an entire costume on him!

  32. jill

    Dogs in clothes are so rediculous but I can't help but do the same to my dogs too! We had a witch, an Ewok, and a Pirate this year.

  33. what a little devil!

  34. Carly

    kingsley makes an adorable devil :)

  35. emwhyte

    Kingsley you rock that costume ;) x

  36. Rachel

    it was so nice to meet you last weekend at eastern market!

  37. Ashley

    I love Kingsley, he's so handsome! I plan on rescuing a pair of my own English bullies in a few years. Please keep posting diary entries Kingsley!