1. always loved the way a diana looks! xo
    p.s. wish i was at the beach right now!

  2. Gorgeous Photos!! Definitely brightened my friday! Happy Weekend!! :)

  3. Maddy

    I am in awe that you're pregnant and can wear heels- you're an inspiration! the first photo is my favorite!

  4. Oh i just love the one of Josh and Kingsley on the beach… the fact that nothing/nobody else is in the shot except them.

  5. e.day

    oh my gosh! what pretty pictures! that pup is so adorable. very photogenic :)

  6. love black + white!

  7. Breezy

    So pretty! and props to you for doing cartwheels while being pregnant!

  8. Breezy

    Haha I mean can wear heels! No idea where that came from! =)

  9. Great photos! I love black a white ones! :)

    p.s. Just wondering if you received my email I sent a couple weeks back? My bf and I need some advice on our trip to NY. Please get back to me if you have the chance. Thanks!

    (Moon Face)

  10. Jr. Mint

    Your Diana pictures always make me want to go out and snag my own Diana. The one of you and your girlfriends is great!

  11. How pretty. I want a camera like this!

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  13. i <3 the little "imperfections"…gives those lovely photos character :) Some day I'll have neat cameras like you :) for now, the hipstamatic app will have to hold me over

  14. Alex

    I'm asking for a diana camera for christmas, I found out about them since the first time I read your blog so I know you know a lot about them. are they worth it? they seem like it to me!

  15. film always wins.

    hooray for imperfections of the lomo cameras!

  16. Kristin

    wow…those came out so beautiful!!!

  17. Sarah

    Your photos are lovely! The beach looks inviting; I live in Florida, but not currently near a beach :(

  18. black and white 120 film has become my favorite. im still in love with my black and whites from paris last christmas and i can't wait to take more this christmas!

  19. vanessa

    i really REALLY like the short dress and tights you have going on there in one of these :]

  20. maybe not so perfect, but still oh so lovely. i just returned from DC and fell head over heels in l-o-v-e. these photos make me miss it very much!

  21. Kelsey

    these turned out very well!

  22. Michelle

    I absolutely love how old-timey these feel! I would say they *are* perfect!!

    In loooove.

  23. Emily

    girl! i really like the one of josh and kingsley far away. and the one of kingsley. so cute.

  24. hey, i recognize that second photo down! sorry i didn't get everyone in the shot – those dianas are tricky!

  25. I always have the hardest time with my diana! ugh. But your continuous diana support helps, and the fact that it's always completely unpredictable!
    You're wonderful Naomi!

  26. Kelly

    I just discovered your blog via tulipsandflightsuits, and I am excited to follow you! I love your posts!

  27. Love your Diana photos :)

  28. Emma

    aww you guys! so cute! I'm so jealous!

  29. Juliet

    Blogs with lots of photos are the most enjoyable. :)

    Hi, I am Juliet. Stop by and pay me a visit sometime if you have a few free moments!

  30. Kate

    Neat Diana shots. I'm eagerly awaiting a new cord for my scanner so I can scan my latest Diana negs!

  31. Sum

    haha I love how every time you blog your Dianas, you always comment along the lines of imperfection of these photos. That's what I love about lomo. And these pictures and all your pictures are always lovely. :)

  32. @becky, thanks for sharing! that is so funny!

  33. mle jean

    oh these 'not so perfect' photos are very lovely!

  34. Rhianne

    lovely, as ever :)

  35. it's so hard to get those black and white's perfect. you can't see the roll in the diane dreamer. :(