date night with friends.

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we had a little double date last week with our friends julie and eli. first, we made a stop by krispy kreme because, well, when you see the “hot donuts now” light flashing in the window, you cannot just drive on by. at least we can’t… then, after our donut fix, we went bowling.

we teamed up boys against girls and yes, the ladies totally won!
(thanks to julie. i have to be the worst bowler ever.)

the boys were sad because this means they now have to cook us dinner…
japanese curry, to be exact.

ah, can’t wait for curry night!
  1. Haley K

    a big YES for bowling & donuts :) sounds like a great date night! And Japanese curry is my favorite…along with thai & vietnamese ;) But my hubby makes a mean japanese curry. Could you post the recipe they use? I'd love another good curry recipe :)

    PS – glad you had a good thanksgiving weekend! And yay for baby showers <3

  2. Brooke

    what a fun date night! I love that you went to krisy kreme! Usually it's the dinner thing but this was a much better idea!

  3. amanda

    what a fun date night! especially when you break into boys vs. girls and girls kick butt and boys have to cook dinner!

  4. Kelsi

    yep, and now i'm gonna have to run down the street to krispy kreme and have myself a donut. have you tried the new york cheesecake one? holy cow, so delish.

  5. Gussy

    curry — yum!


  6. lindsay

    y'all look so cute….and her scarf is to die for!

  7. Kay*

    i just came across a book called 'i love curry' that looks pretty awesome – maybe the boys would find it handy!

  8. I wish we had a Krispy Kreme around here!

    PS You don't have to wear fugly bowling shoes at your bowling alley?

  9. savy

    Yeah. You just don't pass up the flashing "Hot Now" sign. Ya just don't do it.

  10. Riley

    Great combination! :D
    Love the hats. haha

  11. Jennifer

    so cute! i want to hang out with you guys! y'all are amazing! :P :D

  12. oooo yummy! i love japanese curry!

    this post makes me want a donut real bad haha :)

  13. i'm impressed everything went so well bowling…usually my hubby and i have to be on the same team because the smack-talk gets a little intense :)

  14. Emily

    Where did you get your top?!? I love it!!

  15. Ah man! I miss date nights with friends. It's hard to move to a new city. :(

    Looks like a lovely time!

  16. you all are so precious! and i love you and your man's style. you guys go together quite nicely! and um, KRISPY KREMES AND CURRY?! sigh, i'd be in heaven!!!

    xox mackenzie

  17. kim

    so fun!

  18. Your belly is totally hidden by the bowling ball – you don't even look pregnant in that picture!

  19. Katie

    Donuts and bowling? Could it get any better? :)

  20. Katz NYC

    Gosh you guys are always eating donuts! AND manage to look good still. Unbelievable. Looks like great times once again. Happy week!

  21. Erin

    It's like you aren't even pregnant in these recent photos!

  22. Sasha

    This is such a cute date night idea :) I wish we still had Krispy Kreme in California… I miss those amazing donuts :(

  23. adorable! i love it! :)

  24. Blicious

    so fun!!! congrats to you girlies!!


  25. Danielle

    Looks so fun. Makes me realize it has been MONTHS since I went bowling. Why are you so pretty?!

  26. niki

    you are just adorable.

    you can't even tell you're pregnant behind that bowling ball. i'm pretty sure that's every girl's dream.

    best of luck with this last little bit.

  27. i love curry! and from these photos, if i didn't know you were pregnant…i wouldn't know you were pregnant! :)

  28. Anca

    you have to be the prettiest pregnant lady ever.
    we want to see more of your belly and what a lovely date!

    check out my blog at

  29. Victoria

    Yum – those doughnuts look delish! x

  30. Casey

    Sounds like the PERFECT date night! :) We love bowling- you should try doing a league during the summer, they are usually pretty cheap, and offer oodles of entertainment!



  31. oh kate

    I love japanese curry! with pork, carrots, potatoes, and onions (blech!)!

  32. Kim

    i've never liked bowling very much — actually, no, i do not like bowling at all! — but you definitely make things look like a LOT of fun!

  33. Miyan

    it's so fun that you guys bet the bowling on who would make dinner, and what. love that! and love krispie kreams, however the donuts in israel are just not the same……

  34. A.Co

    SO FUN!

    Krispy Kreme – ughhhh why can't we have them in Canada?!!?! … actually, that might not be the best idea..

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  35. Alivia

    I bet that baby belly doesn't help your bowling balance! (How's that for alliteration?) This weekend I tried Krispy Kremes for the first time.
    Why did I wait so long?!
    It looks like you had a blast :)

  36. I have never had a warm fresh Krispy Kreme donut… lame! I need to get on that!

  37. Fun date! costco had some krispy kremes for sale the other day. it was the first time i'd had one of their donuts in about four years!!! i was in heaven.

  38. holtkamp

    krispy kreme sounds so good right now! :)

  39. your baby bump is invisible in that picture! lol.

    what a fun outing… i LOVE to go bowling :]


  40. Worlds collide! I know Eli in real life- how fun that you are friends with him and his wife!

  41. Katie

    LOVE your buddy's scarf!

  42. this look fun fun! and stoked the girls took the crown. way to represent! xo.

  43. this look fun fun! and stoked the girls took the crown. way to represent! xo.

  44. i love bowling. except i'm terrible at it. although i dominate at wii bowling!! does that count?!

  45. looks like fun!!! can't wait to pics of the boys cooking…way to go girls!!!


  46. charity

    i love it when my brother shows up on your blog. he makes a MEAN japanese curry. believe me.

  47. KT

    Where did you get that white shirt? I love the bow.

  48. Carolyn

    absolutely adorable! what a fun night :)

  49. @KT, it is from a thrift store in brooklyn.