casey o’connell is a gifted individual who i was fortunate enough to meet through this little blog a few years ago and who is now someone i consider to be a very close and dear friend.
she has her very own solo exhibit opening tonight in new york city! and while i’m so sad i can’t be there, i wanted to share the details with any of you who are lucky enough to be in new york city right now…
opening reception: tonight! thursday, november 18th 6-9pm
reaves gallery, 526 w. 26th st. suite 706, nyc 10001
more info here.
exhibition dates: november 18th- december 11th
gallery hours wednesday- saturday 1-6pm or by appointment.


  1. kELLO!

    wow. that is amazing.

  2. kELLO!

    wow. that is amazing.

  3. Amy

    stunning! I wish I live in NYC

  4. Bridget

    i remember her stuff – don't you have a big print in your home somewhere??

    amazing. wish i were in nyc for this and so many other reasons!

  5. I love her and I have to thank you as I got to know her thanks to you and your amazing blog!

  6. kwistin

    oh, that makes me wish i was still in new york! she should exhibit in utah…

    by the way, thanks for
    introducing us all to casey as well. since then, she's been an influence in my own art. what goes around…. :)

  7. allie

    These are beautiful! Very inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing. ♥

  8. Nikki

    Gorgeous print! i love it!


  9. wow, what amazing work. i love how blog friends can become real friends. have a lovely day, xx.

  10. Brit

    Oh I love casey. I got one of her pieces after I saw yours and I adore it. She's so talented.

  11. Mallory

    I love her paintings. To own one would be amazing.

  12. Mallory

    I forgot to say the Until Now piece is by far my favorite.

  13. Carlita

    i picked up the ltl prints a while ago when you posted about it b/c i loved it so much. i made a special canvas for it and now it's on my mantle. thanks for sharing, she's amazing.

  14. Ashley

    I love Caseys work. I wish I were in NYC tonight. I would love to attend.

  15. Whitney

    Love that one!
    All the detail is stunning.
    Especially the black feet and the inch worm :) (or caterpillar)

  16. She is my favorite artist and has been for a few years! She is so inspiring and real! I love her work and her talent! She is such a lovely woman too! I'm crossing my fingers that she'll one day to an exhibit on Oahu. . . oh to dream.

  17. Love her illustrations! "the Things we carry" is probably my favorite painting of her's. I would love to own a piece of her artwork!

  18. Alex

    Ever since discovering her on your blog, I have fallen in love with her work. One (okay, 5) of her paintings is on my Christmas list/list of things I must have at some point in my life. What I woudln't do to see her exhibit in NYC!

  19. Breezy

    What a beautiful piece!

  20. Linka

    I learned about her from your site too. She's great thanks for sharing

  21. her work is incredible.

  22. Brittany

    mmm…that one is so pretty. she has remarkable talent. wish i was in nyc.

  23. Lizeylou

    What a very talented friend you have … so beautiful!! If only I was in NYC

  24. such beautiful work! i wish i had been in NY as well. shoot.