1. Lacey

    You and your sisters are absolutely adorable! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  2. Claire

    i love that your twin sisters are matching :) way to hold on to that tradition!

  3. holtkamp

    sounds amazing! you three are adorable!

  4. You look adorable!

  5. Aura

    Beautiful sisters. And I love your dress! You look great.
    Are you craving sweets? I never liked them before I was pregnant, and now I can not get enough.

  6. looks like you had such a wonderful weekend! :) and those marshmallows…yum..!


  7. Eeny

    Looks like you had a fun time with your sisters. I love spending time with my sister too. It is always fun. A sister (or two) is the best thing that can happen to anyone. =)

  8. Carly

    I can't wait until it's cold enough in Austin to make s'mores on a regular basis! Until then, I dream of them!

  9. ACH

    I love sister time. Looks like a great weekend!

  10. oh I wish I had sisters.. also such a beautiful coordinated trio you are! looks like a lovely weekend..

  11. @aura, yes, but then again, i have always had the biggest sweet tooth! haha!

  12. lynette

    You should have a guess-the-baby's-sex contest!
    I guess a boy :)

  13. Three adorable sisters!!!

  14. amber

    aww looks like you guys had a fabulous time. you three are beautiful!!

  15. Looks like a great weekend! p.s. Did your sisters plan on almost wearing the same thing, or did that happen by accident? :)

    (Moon Face)

  16. Mmmmm s'mores. =) I wish I had adorable twinsie sisters. But alas, I have no sisters at all.

  17. So much fun! I love how they match in the first couple of pictures, such a pretty color.

  18. Amy

    You're all adorable, and milkshakes and s'mores make any weekend that much better! :)

  19. Celeste

    Naomi, you are one of the prettiest pregnant women ever.

  20. Nicole*

    those chocolate milkshakes look divine!
    you have such a pretty family :)

  21. @cassandra, i know they don't like dressing the same these days so it must have been coincidence!


  22. You really are a beautiful family!!

  23. Ashley

    What a fun weekend! You all look beautiful! I'm glad to see you rocking the red boots again as well! =)

  24. koko

    yum.yum.yum = )

  25. brandi

    Man, that milkshake in front of Josh looks delicious…if I were to venture over to Ted's, what kind is that so that I could be sure to replicate the yumminess?? :-D

  26. @brandi, it wasn't on the menu but he asked for a peppermint/ oreo milkshake. i thought it was amazing but josh thought it tasted too much like just chocolate.


  27. Oooh! I love sister time. You've given me so many good ideas! P.S. You and your sisters look like triplets! Super gorgeous triplets having a blast! :) Yay for family!

  28. Michelle

    Ah, they wore the same color! As an identical twin myself, I know that is strictly off-limits. The amount of "Are you two twins?!" must have been endless! PS love your blog! :)

  29. Sasha

    This is adorable! My sister is my best friend so I love seeing when other sisters are close :)

  30. vanessa

    what! you guys still have lovely fall colors on your trees! ours are gone already. and my goodness, your sister's short hair has really grown back! she should give us some tips on growing out a super short 'do. ;]


  31. Ah! You're pregnant? Ok, clearly I need to come by more often. Kingsley is big now and you're going to be a mom! Ah! Congrats!!!

  32. Ra

    you guys have the best smiles! i bet y'all have a blast during the holidays.

  33. LOVE the smores… makes me want to go camping or something. Maybe not camping, but just the smores part of camping. :)

  34. Brooke

    s'mores are my favorite!!! These pictures are making me drool!

  35. Your pictures are always so wonderful and how fun to get to spend some quality time with your sisters…you are all beautiful! Love the s'mores by the fire!

    Liesl :)

  36. only YOU could pull off that gorgeous spandex looking tight dress while being pregnant! Your body has stayed so beautiful and healthy! You look great and your sisters must be so excited to have a niece or nephew on the way!!

  37. I adore the s'mores pictures! And now I have a huge craving for the gooey treat. Your weekend with your sisters makes me miss my sister even more — I haven't seen her since August, when she jetted off to college a million miles away. Love your blog :)

  38. janis

    i LOVE what you're wearing in those first two photos – you are so dang stylish!!

  39. Brissa

    Look at your baby belly!!! So adorable!! I can't wait to see your little rockstar! :)

  40. Whitney

    The s'mores and milkshakes look deeeelicous!
    Yay baby bump!

  41. this must be the silliest question ever. are those pregnancy tights? do they make special tights to accommodate the baby bump? because yours are so cute! (i have so much to learn.)

  42. Briel79

    OMG those milkshakes look SO good! Mmmmm.

    I love it when family visits. Some of mine is coming next week for Thanksgiving!

  43. Lynn

    awe, i adore this post Naomi and the "boo's" look so lovely, their hair has grown a lot – looks great!

    ummm, are those your awesome RED COWBOY BOOTS OF JOY?! i remember long ago they almost came up for retirement, so happy to see them again!

    Josh is such a handsome one, and that look with the milkshake…like the cat that ate the canary, so cute!

    xo ♥

  44. Sarah

    The smores and milkshakes look delish! You always have the best treats, I'm jealous!

  45. @marissa, i think they do make pregnancy tights and leggings and stuff. i've just been wearing my regular ones (the ones in the pic are from UO) because they are super stretchy. and if they don't stretch over the bump, i just wear them below it. i'm determined to make my regular wardrobe work for as long as possible!


  46. olive

    My fellow blogger and fabulous friend and I love your words pictures and lifestyle.

    Have a look, we may have given you a shout-out!


    xoxo J

  47. Karen

    Handsome man you got there!–looks like a great wknd :)

  48. your sisters are SO adorable! and this post made my sweet tooth go crazy! ;)

  49. All of this food is making me so hungry…sounds like such a happy weekend! Are your sisters so excited to be aunts?!

  50. I spy red boots!

  51. Amanda*

    You look so cute pregnant!

  52. kokoro

    just wanted to say you guys are great! thats all. thank you and good night.

  53. Linka

    your bump is so sweet! I'm so jealous.

  54. Bre

    Such lovely pictures, you and your sisters are so pretty! P.S. I want Josh's milkshake, I need to explore these shops and restaurants you recommend.

  55. Tanwon

    What a great outfit! I might have to stop by UO to see if they have any and steal my Mom's red cowboy boots when I fly back home for Christmas. Hope you don't mind – "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"!

  56. Kelly

    awww, what a wonderful looking weekend!

    and 30 Rock is just awesome : )

  57. Melina

    Cute pictures! What a lovely weekend!

  58. ok for the billionth time i'm sure…you are the cutest pregnant lady EVER!!!

  59. boatx2

    All three of you favor one another terribly! Same cute face, three little bodies. Okay, well, one slightly bellier than the others. ^_^ *laughs

    Glad you had a wonderful time!

  60. Jennifer

    Your sisters look like twin bookends to you and your baby belly–the cutest family–they are going to be the best aunts!

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  63. sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time!

  64. You have such a cute little belly! Mine was in the small side as well and I really didn't show until I was 6 months. I was convinced my baby would be tiny, but he was actually a bit above average.
    Looking at your photos makes me remember what it was like being pregnant. I LOVED it (despite the fact that I complained about it at times). It was one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life and I miss it a lot. Enjoy the last few months of your pregnancy, it goes by way too fast.
    You have a lovely family <3

  65. Molly

    I think you should start taking daily pics of your outfits :) You're the cutest and I love seeing the outfits you put together.


  66. LOVE your dress! Where did you get it?? My girlfriend and I have been following you for almost 2 years and just think that you are amazing. Rachel is a twin so we love to see you with your sisters whenever you post photo's! Good luck w/the pregnancy, you look fabulous!
    Stacie and Rachel

  67. yaprak

    Naomi ı love u and your blog ! You are so cute :)

  68. @rachel and stacie, thank you so much! it's actually not a dress it's just a black turtle neck paired with a black jersey skirt. nothing fancy!


  69. Moriah

    i need to start dressing my husband like yours.

  70. Moriah

    i need to start dressing my husband like yours.

  71. Moriah

    i need to start dressing my husband like yours.

  72. Lizeylou

    I have only just found your blog and as soon as I saw these photos I knew I had to follow you – You all look so lovely … and I am very envious of the last pic – YUMMO!!

  73. Sera Pie

    You are the best when it comes to appreciating the little things. :)

  74. you and your sisters look lovely. just love that baby bump.

    does anyone ever say that josh looks like Sujfan Stevens? In my opinion, he really does.

  75. Awww you look so beautiful with your baby bump. :)