1. Whitney

    baby bump! yellow dress! adorable necklace! pretty hair!
    and the yellow flowers are killing me.
    so cute!

  2. i love all the yellow on this gloomy day. beautiful!

  3. Steph

    Don't you just love the arboretum? It is one of my favorite places in DC.

  4. Sonja

    I love it all! :o)

  5. ciupa

    such a sweet photo. have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

  6. Ella

    Love the look.
    Baby bump is adorable.

    Have a fantastic Friday!

  7. just beautiful!!

  8. aw this is beautiful! my dad has a similar picture when he was younger sitting in front of a field of yellow flowers. its my favorite picture of him!

  9. Legs

    This picture is absolutely beautiful. :D

  10. The contrast of the dark and the pop of yellow is so pretty.


  11. Nikki

    Beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  12. beautiful – your baby is going to love someday getting to look back on all the cool places he/she visited before even being born!

  13. hannah

    i hear you on the diana…i always get lots of blurry or double-exposed (but not in a "cool" way) shots… i still love the thing though!

  14. Jessica

    I'm a recent follower, but I just wanted to say, that is a beautiful picture! You look every bit as thrilled for this baby as you seem to be in your writing. Congratulations!

  15. so lovely! perfect punch of color within all the haze. xx

  16. Ceridwen

    Where, oh where did you get that dress?

  17. this picture is well, perfect.

  18. Stop the cuteness! It's out of control!

  19. Candice

    Love the yellows!

    Ironically, I just got back a roll of Diana film yesterday, and very few of mine turned out too! So sad when that happens:( But when you get that one awesome shot, it makes all the bad ones worth it!

  20. i just dropped a whole roll off 2 days ago from my trip to new york and i'm so hoping it turns out.

    but if it doesn't i'll have to go back immediately for more levain cookies. i am craving them.

    also, you were right, meg is spectacular. i adore her.

  21. MellyB

    Love the yellow, love the flowers. Even though I am soooo excited for the holidays this year, pictures like these make me miss warm summer weather.

    I just need some pumpkin cheesecake and I'll be back in the holiday mood!

  22. baby bump!
    i love using film, sometimes even though they're fuzzing they are so neat :)

  23. Yep, same thing happened to me about 2 days ago. Film cameras can be so figity! I think only 6 out of my entire roll turned out. I love this one tho, the yellow is very nice.

  24. the picture turned out beautiful. everything about it.

  25. @ceridwen, the dress is from shabby apple.


  26. Kimiko

    love it!! It's so whimsical and beautiful:)

  27. I think it's beautiful! You are glowing!

  28. Chelsea

    you look hot in that dress.

  29. Ash Att

    naomi how do you do your hair curly? its so cute!

  30. emwhyte

    Beautiful pic – love the dress & your blissfully happy glow – Enjoy your weekend x

  31. courtney

    i'd say this photo definitely turned out- it's simply lovely!

  32. Just lovely.

  33. whimsy

    you look completely amazing in this photo. can you teach me how to do my hair like this? i honestly would really like to know!

  34. I love how you did your hair :)
    And I know what you mean about the unpredictability of the cameras :) I use Zenit and it gives me this kind of suprises from time to time :)

  35. Ceridwen

    Thank you!

  36. naomi i have a question for the camera queen. if you had to choose, would rather have a diana camera or a holga. i love all of your diana photos even if you say they didn't turn out well. i can't decide!

  37. eralon

    You could photoshop up the pictures. The basics are there. The rest is time.

  38. Julia

    Tres cute! I adore it, and this photo.


  39. @whimsy, it's just 2 pig tails twisted and then cross pinned on top of your head. i use 4 bobby pins total and try to hide them when i cross pin the ends down. hope that helps!

    @kara lynn, i loved my holga dearly, but i prefer my diana. both are great though, and there isn't much of a difference when it comes to unpredictability or the beauty of what they can do.

    @eralon, i feel like photoshop or editing ruins the whole idea of a diana or holga photograph. if we just always edit them to how we want them, then why even take one in the first place? why not just edit a digital photograph to look like a diana then and save the $$$, etc. that's just my opinion though. i'm sure if i did edit them, mine would be better. but i like when they half way turn out/ magically turn out, all on their own.


  40. You look really prettiful in that photo I must admit, even if the film went a bit wrong… :D

    When is the little rockstar coming?

  41. Kelsey

    I had a Diana but I never got great shots

  42. you are the most glowing, beautiful pregnant mommy in the whole world! i love following y'alls blog!

  43. kim

    love those photos from your trip to the arboretum! Wendy's-inspired or not!


  44. Absolutely fabulous. You are so classy! I LOVE it!

  45. Lindsey

    Just wanted to let you know how happy this photo makes me feel. You just look gorgeous.

  46. yaprak

    I Love this video.Very very much ! You are sweet.