where’d my feet go?

while my baby bump might have taken a while to show in the beginning, i think it’s making up for lost time now. every morning when i wake up it looks and feels bigger than the day before. and i absolutely love it. while i might be sick most of the time and not look it, my baby bump makes me feel more beautiful than i’ve ever felt before.
we cannot wait to meet our little one soon. we are excited/ scared/ nervous/ scared some more and excited again. i can’t wait for that moment when josh tells me “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl” and we finally meet this little blessing in person. i might have bought one too many baby girl dresses in paris this summer (ok, maybe i’ve been secretly stocking up for years) so i am sort of hoping for “girl” but i already know having a mini josh running around would melt my heart, too. (and don’t worry, i’ve been stocking up on plenty of “boy” things these last few years as well. but why are baby girl clothes so much more darling? at least in my opinion…)
and i also hope that after this baby arrives, i’ll have my appetite back for hamburgers. because i still love them so, even if i haven’t been able to stomach looking at one since early july. :(
  1. 2busy

    Your bump is beautiful. I couldn't stomach pizza…

  2. SO happy for you. xo

  3. Anna

    Your bump is so cute!

    Hope you don't feel as sick soon.

    I'm 10 weeks right now with a little one running around and it's been tough, but still wonderful!

    Can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl!


  4. Katz NYC

    Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. You have been documenting it beautifully here and can't wait for your baby pictures too soon.

    And I don't think it would be so bad if you never got back your appetite for burgers. I wish if I got pregnant one day in future I would loose my crazy appetite for pizza! Or all sweets. But in my case I would probably just gain appetite for all things unhealthy because that's the way my life goes…

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Aura

    As my bump is growing, I think I spend half my day staring down at it. It's the most wonderful thing.

    How exciting that you guys are waiting to find out. If you believe in the old wive's tales, meat aversions supposedly mean you're having a girl.

  6. Anna M

    it's true. baby girl clothes are so much more darling. my oldest is a girl and then I had three boys. THREE! I cry a little every time I go to the store to buy them clothes and walk by the girls' selection.

    but, boy or girl, they melt your heart completely.

    before my first pregnancy, I didn't eat meat, dairy, or sugar. Cut to pregnancy: all I wanted was a real beefy hamburger, ice cream shake and peanut butter cap'n crunch! go figure!

    good luck! drink your water! ;)

  7. Alanah

    I love that you are not finding out the sex, that is what I want to do too! There are so few real surprises in life and I want that to be one of mine to. My question is… is it hard to tell the doctor not to let it slip? I mean, it seems most people do not keep the sex a secret, so they might accidentally say "Well, he's doing this" or "She's over here.." I don't know if my question makes sense, but if not, I think your family is great!

  8. Ha, girl! Just wait! (We're on the same page today…check out mine: http://dandelionbones.blogspot.com/2010/10/view-from-top.html )

    With two girls and one boy on the way, I will say that there IS cute little boy stuff…you just have to look a little harder!

    P.S. You will want a cheeseburger again, don't worry!

  9. This is quite possibly the cutest 'bump' photo ever!

  10. Amazingly cute. I cannot wait to be a mommy….pregnancy is so beautiful.

  11. Amazingly cute. I cannot wait to be a mommy….pregnancy is so beautiful.

  12. @AnnaM, I want YOUR pregnancies! i always heard about pregnant women and their crazy pregnancy food cravings and i was secretly so excited! i've had none out of the ordinary. if anything, i've lost my appetite for most of my fave things! you are lucky, in my opinion!!!

  13. Alexia

    So exciting! I'm sure you look adorable!

  14. Erin

    You're so darling!

  15. @alanah,

    it hasn't been hard, he just asks us to remind him at the beginning of each visit. and since he was able to tell the sex at 16 weeks, he often tells us to look away from the screen sometimes when they are checking stuff. haha. sometimes i have a hard time NOT looking and being like "ok just tell me!!!!!" but it's been so fun not knowing. it's like waiting until christmas to unwrap the gift! not 2 or 3 months before, if that makes sense.

  16. Caty

    Such an uplifting post! And the picture is super cute!

  17. How beautiful a baby bump is! I hope to have one day. This must be soo exciting for you!! =) Best wishes!!

  18. important question: what are the differences between "girl" clothes and "boy" clothes and why are they so pervasive?

    just think about it.

  19. Soooo adorable!!! Excited for you!! xxo

  20. Shandey

    I couldn't stomach hamburgers. Even the smell of them made me sick. But now I am back to normal. You will be, too. Good luck and congrats! Having a baby is the best thing in the whole entire universe. PS girls are way more fun to shop for, but boys are so cute when they are sensitive and lovey. Either one, is a score.

  21. Aww, I am in love with this photo. What a great way to document your pregnancy. So happy for you!

  22. Libby

    okay..I am glad that I am not the only one who stocks up on baby girl clothes! I cant help myself sometimes! I even bought an adorable pink ruffled skirt for $2 at target yesterday. My friends think I am nuts but luckily my boyfriend thinks its cute..cute yet he still rolls his eyes whenever i come home with something new ;) Love your bump!

  23. I'm in the same boat… no appetite for burgers! Sad. I reeeeally miss my In-N-Out meals. In fact I've lost my appetite for most of my pre-pregnancy favorite foods. We find out what we're having in 2 weeks. So doooon't peek at my blog, cause it just might give you a clue as to what you've got due. :)

  24. s a m

    Naomi, this is going to be one beautiful, talented baby. Even it's first pictures have been just gorgeous. (I think this may be the prettiest/most interesting baby bump picture yet!)

  25. So so sweet! Love the bump and I love this photo. Can't wait to experience being pregnant some day….


  26. becky

    I don't know how you can say you might not look beautiful – you are gorgeous! The baby bump, the glow and the excitement suits you a treat. It is nice to know that you have been stocking up on dresses for so long – if it is a little girl, I imagine her to be one well dressed cutie. Sorry to hear you have been feeling so unwell; I hope that begins to clear as soon as baby starts getting stronger and much more ready. I know we all look forward to meeting him or her as well!

  27. naomi! i know you are goign to recieve tons of comments on this but i hope you get a chance to read every single one. you are goign to be the cutest mommy there ever was and reading your words makes me so eager to have that with my future husband:) i cant wait to follow your story and hear if its a boy or girl! (i agree with you on the girls clothes:)

  28. Carly

    you and josh are seriously going to be THE cutest parents ever! SO excited for you two! :)

  29. Mikaela

    This is such a pretty baby bump shot!

  30. amber

    oh my!! i just love love this photo. i am so excited for you i got butterflies reading this post. i really think that i may have a case of baby fever (don't tell my hubby).

  31. I have little girl and a little boy and little girls clothes are 100% more adorable!!~

  32. I love the fact that you are still so trendy while pregnant! I always felt much prettier pregnant as well. Yes, little girls clothes are WAY cuter and there is more selection! I had two little boys first and yes they melt my heart, in a "your so naughty I love you", kind of way. But there is just something about having my little girl now. sweetness? dresses? baby bracelets? all of the above! I hated quiznos subs and still can't even think about it!

  33. Jay

    whoa!! check that bump out!! it looks great :p

  34. Sherry

    i miss my baby bumps. you'll be so happy not to know the sex of your little sweet pea. we didn't find out for all 3 of ours and it was like the best gift ever.

    i couldn't wear turtle necks or cologne. couldn't even stand when my husband wore it either.

    congrats. it's the best thing ever!!

  35. Yes!! Baby bumps make you feel oh so womanly… or least that's how I felt. Ultra feminine.

    And agreed about girl clothes! They're addicting.

  36. Ash Att

    naomi, your baby bump is adorable! good luck with everything :)

  37. Emily

    All the yucky parts of pregnancy go away pretty much right after you have the baby. :)

    I'm guessing you're having a girl b/c you're still sick. Sorry. I was the same way with my daughter.

  38. You and Josh are going to make such great parents! I'm still so excited for you two! :)

  39. ooooh i wonder what you'll have! so exciting! even though you don't feel good, you look amazing and far too many people are very envious of you! good luck!

  40. Brittany

    hello you are so cute. i think you and josh will be the most tender parents. huzzah for baby!

  41. your bump is adorable…good for you guys for waiting to find out the gender! we couldn't wait and found out we're having a girl! all of the emotions you explained (excited, scared, nervous and excited again) is exactly what we experience on a daily basis. as strange as it sounds, it's comforting to "know" someone else who is also going through it with us. :)

  42. Maddy

    Look at you! you are beautiful and you guys are doing something beautiful! I can't wait to hear if the baby is a he or she!

  43. lynette

    sweet photo! wish you tons of health and happiness.

  44. You bump is adorable!
    I am exactly the same amount of weeks as you are – only we did find out the gender. Genders. Finding out at the end of my second months that we are having twins was such a huge surprise, that I was not ready to wait for genders. (And my bump is way too big for me. Sigh.) Everyone (including me) thought we are having 2 boys, but at 20 weeks the ultrasound showed 2 girls. Not having cravings is a little disappointing – I so agree, all I have is dislikes now. And the sickness, which is all day around with a little break during my 6th month. But feeling them kick and move, feeling little limbs through the skin of my belly makes me forget about any side effects – hardly anything in life has been as exciting!

  45. Bridget

    so cute- you need to get that amazing photographer out there again to take some pics of you, josh, kingsley, and baby (in womb or out- your readers will love both)

  46. Oops, I totally meant to write about the baby clothes and ended up with something else. I agree that things for girls in general more elaborate and cute, but places like Jack and Jane have nice clothes for boys for sure! Though the overwhelming amount of pink and princess-like styles as well as pieces that display logos gets my morning sickness only worse. :) I've got lots of blue, purple, white and brown in babies wardrobe. (And the cheapest hangers for baby stuff are in Joann's fabric, I think.)
    Also, NYC has Daffy's that sells absolutely adorable, fantastic quality European things for boys – at least it was the case 2 years ago when I lived there!

  47. Davina

    Congrats! Must be exciting times… :D

  48. Linka

    Love the photo! That really does suck about the hamburgers.For me it was spaghetti and I LOVE spaghetti! Can't wait until we find out the sex..Boy or girl, doesn't matter, we know they will be adorable!!!

  49. MellyB

    We were married nearly seven years before we had a baby and had a total clothes stash by the time our little one arrived. It's so fun seeing him in things I bought over the years. Babies are so exciting! Hope I get a chance to break out the lace and tutus someday.

  50. I love your blog! and i love hearing about your pregnancy! you do look so beautiful! congrats on the baby! that is awesome you are going to be surprised! how fun!
    -Syd B

  51. great photo, naomi!

    your bump is seriously great.
    so are those brick floors. LOVE them.


  52. also – i kind of agree that girls clothes are cuter, but i mean mini cargo pants and button ups – it just kills me with cuteness. i definitely want boys.

    and i'll eat my next cheeseburger in honor of you.

  53. Love your blog and I agree there is just something darling about baby girl clothes. However, tiny bow ties are always a heart melter.

  54. i love that you guys are keeping baby's gender a secret!!!
    what ive always dreamed of for my little one someday :)

  55. Kelly

    Enjoy these last weeks – your life will never be the same again! In a good way, but you definately loose your freedom and *sadly* a lot of youthfulness.

    They're totally worth it though! Nothing like the bond between you and your first baby! (Esp. if it's a boy! They do love their mamas!)

    Good luck!

  56. That picture is just sheer joy! (A little reminiscent of Santa too!)

  57. what a beautiful bump!
    I can't wait to have one, they are so wonderful!!

  58. Colleen

    Too cute :) Hope the last 10-ish weeks go well and your first burger is heavenly

  59. This post makes me so excited for when I have kids. I have to agree there are a lot of cute girl clothes. I love shopping for my nieces.

  60. Aww cute bump! I'm betting on a baby Josh. ^_^

  61. jones

    your photos are gorgeous!!! and no matter what the gender, shopping for baby things will become a problem ;) enjoy it all!!!

  62. emily

    fantastic shot of your cute self.
    i'm really glad i was with you on one of your last burger outings to good stuff in june. sign me up for your first burger when you're back on the wagon :)

  63. Alex A-G

    i agree, little girl clothes are soooo much cuter! more of a selection

  64. Luly

    Love your picture!! cheer up!! this experience is unique… enjoy it :)

  65. I LOVED being pregnant with my little Sabrina!! Enjoy these last few weeks of maternity, and don't just nod and laugh when people tell you to "sleep now"…..heed their words!!! ;P
    Boy or Girl, it doesn't matter. You can put those little girl dresses on a baby boy and just not tell anyone it is really a boy for a day…hahaha

  66. Alivia

    Love this picture– it's my favorite one, yet! Can't wait to see all four of you together :)

  67. Alivia

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  68. Alivia

    Love this picture– it's my favorite one, yet! Can't wait to see all four of you together :)

  69. Rach

    such a cute picture :)

  70. Sini

    beautiful! :) i hope you wont feel too ill and cant have soon a burger! I just don't understand how you can eat so many hamburgers and always look good :D for me, even after one I get a belly what looks like half way pregnant..

  71. I really loved reading this, this is really exciting for you!

  72. julia

    After seeing yur posts about pregnancy,I really want to have a baby!
    This bump is very beautiful.
    and I agree with you about the surprises.

    I think mini josh is coming!

  73. oh, oh, oh! i keep hoping my belly will get bigger, but i know i'm quite a few weeks from that…

    so sorry you've been sick! can't wait to see your little one either.

  74. you rock the baby bump well! so exciting : )

  75. you and your bump are beautiful! I can't wait to see the little one!

  76. Bri

    this is precious. : )

  77. Chelsea

    I had a bag of girlie things saved up too when Conrad was born…. But either way, you'll find ways to dress him up super cute if it's a boy!

    That baby bump is adorable .

  78. can't wait to see that beautiful baby! you are so gorgeous pregnant or not, naomi! here's to no more feeling sick and more time searching for the perfect baby items. xo.

  79. you guys are going to be the best parents ever. that little one is going to have so much love and fun!!

  80. Luna

    you look great. dont worry, your appetite will go back to normal once the little one comes into the world.

  81. anjj

    ikr! girl clothes are so much more cuter :) I guess, because you can dress them up without it looking too weird :D

  82. morgan.

    your baby is going to be so beautiful.

  83. Ku'ulei

    great picture! you're gonna be an awesome rockstar of a mother

  84. kate

    make sure to tell the doctor and nurses that you want josh to tell you the sex….we did and it was the sweetest moment! my husband had to double check after he announced it because we were convinced we were having a boy! good luck with everything!

  85. It's true that when woman gets pregnant, she becomes even more beautiful :)
    My mum not long ago all of a sudden decided to have more children other than me n my sister :) So i was lucky to witness the way woman's body changes during those 9 months of expectation and excitement :)

  86. very nice picture!

  87. Liz Owen

    I feel your pain! I have been the anti-poster child for procreation for the past several months. Any bad symptom a pregnant woman can have, I've had it. But I'm moving into that "it's all worth it phase." And I'm loving the bump too. It's like a visual confirmation that all this suffering is worth it. :)

  88. Em & Gar

    I have to say, even though it sounds cliche, and really I mean it, I have noticed that you look more beautiful than ever and you totally have the "glow" that everyone always talks about (and I always thought was fake). Really, you beam. That is one happy face my darling (and so is Josh's in the one of him). I am SO excited for you! Can't wait to meet the little babe! BTW, looks like I might be in NYC in late spring, any chance you'll be wanting to introduce the little sprout to your old home? haha.

  89. Smash

    It's nice to hear your bump makes you feel even more beautiful… it should… there's a tiny human [Grey's Anatomy reference there] inside. :)

  90. @boat against the current, the canon rebel xs. nothing fancy!

  91. Connie

    Just WAIT girlie, I'm 36 weeks now and I'm HUUUUUGE! (Started out small like you and yes. I feel like a whale)

  92. :) Very cute