the big 50.

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i haven’t done a birthday post in forever,
but today my dad turns the big 50!
i think that warrants a birthday post.
happy 50th birthday dad!
thanks for introducing me to black licorice and star trek
and for coming to all my shows and driving me to all my lessons
and for all the fun daddy daughter dates and phone calls!
can’t wait to see you as a “grandpa” in about 10-ish weeks!
our baby is gonna be lucky…
i looooove you…
  1. Tara

    today is my mom's birthday, too! happy birthday to your dad!

  2. Sarah

    My daddy just turned 50 a month ago! I hope he is having a fantastic birthday!! :)


  3. @tara, happy birthday to your mom today, too!

  4. ana

    what an adorable post :) yesterday was my daddy's birthday. heh. dads are the best.

  5. Happy birthday to your dad! I am also thankful for all the things my dad does for me!

  6. becky

    This is a lovely post and I CANNOT believe it is only ten weeks 'til your due date. I hope you are keeping well.

  7. piyangi

    Your Dad is so cute with his bald head!

    10 is weeks huh, are we talking a Christmas baby?

  8. Aww..happy birthday dad! :D

  9. my dad introduced me to star trek too!! we used to have star trek date nights :)

  10. 2busy

    Such a great picture! Happy Birthday almost grandpa in 10ish weeks or so…

  11. HAHA My Dad is a big Treky too! I grew up watching everything from the basic Star Trek to Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation… I know WAY too much about that stuff…we have even visited the town "Vulcan"…haha

  12. That is SO my dad – Star Trek and black licorice. Love it. Happy b-day to a fellow trekki ;)

  13. carina

    Such a sweet post! A big happy birthday to your dad all the way from Copenhagen.

  14. Lauren

    He's so young!!!!! How awesome is it that he'll still have that energy to play with your youngin'. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  15. oh my god! daddy daughter dates! i remember those! is that a universal mormon thing? i never thought about it outside of the context of my family.

  16. @juliamarisa, i think they're common in and outside of mormon culture. i know a lot of friends who weren't raised mormon that loved their daddy daughter dates too!

  17. Jay

    happy birthday grandad to be :p

  18. this is so sweet!
    i love that your dad introduced you to star trek and black licorice- for me it was star wars and coffee ice cream :)

  19. Melody

    I love this picture. Happy birthday to your dad! I am glad that I am not the only woman in the world who likes Star Trek.

  20. Wow, happy birthday to your dad! My dad turned 50 when I was TWELVE. He's SO young.

  21. vanessa

    i'm always excited to discover another soul who knows the joy of black licorice :]

  22. anjj

    star trek <3
    congrats to your dad! My dad is turning 50 soon too :D what did you buy him?

  23. jlc

    Awww Happiest of Birthdays to the future GRANDPA!! :)

  24. J

    Awww so cute! Happy birthday to your daddy!

  25. Em & Gar

    Oh man, your dad is great. I remember thinking he was SO funny. Happy belated birthday. Say hi to your parents for me next time you talk to them. I totally miss them. :)

  26. Annie

    awww I love this post! A belated happy bday to your dad!! Fun that he gets to be such a young grandpa!