the ballerina project.

have you heard of the ballerina project?
i can’t get over all the dancers beautiful lines against the city landscape.
absolutely breathtaking.
see more here and buy limited edition prints here.
  1. Bridget

    oh my word- i am looving the one in front of the subway. just wishing i were as flexible as these people!!

  2. lynette

    these are gorgeous! love the juxtaposition of soft fluid dancers with hard city lines!

  3. YES I LOVE the Ballerina Project!! I saved a bunch of pictures and rotate them out on my work screen saver. It's always so serene and inspirational.

  4. Sarah

    Ordering a print RIGHT NOW! Thanks for posting about this. Just got lost in the gallery for over 20 minutes.

  5. Paul

    love, love, love the ballerina project! such a lovely idea. . .

  6. ana

    amazing. i have such a love for ballerinas, maybe it's the little girl in me. thanks for sharing :D

  7. Candice

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. I wish I had even a fraction of that kind of flexibility.

  8. Johanna

    Wow…gorgeous. The last shot…beautious.

  9. That last one is gorgeous! A couple of my friends are ballerinas and they make me wish I had stuck with it when I was little lol.

  10. This is so amazing! I'm so inpired by these

  11. I wish they weren't so expensive! I'd love one for my home :)

  12. wow, those are really beautiful. thanks for sharing!!


  13. Whitney

    I've always said ballet ( and other types of dancing) is like poetry with your body.
    So beautiful.

  14. Oh wow! These are stunning! Makes me want to bust out my old point shoes….I would probably break my ankles though :) Its been way too long!

  15. Nikki


  16. Beautiful photos. The last one, especially.

    Do you miss dancing?

  17. ciupa

    stunning photos! what a great idea. reminds me of the shots you shared with us from your school days.

  18. Lauren

    I saw these a few months ago; they're totally gorgeous.

  19. 2busy

    Beautiful! I can't imagine the pain they must feel in those toe slippers.

  20. These are beautiful! The last one is my favorite

  21. vanessa

    wow they're so mesmerizing!

  22. Alivia

    I have seen these- and I'm so happy you shared it here to remind me again! My favorite is the last dancer, I'd love to have that enlarged to poster-size to hang up!

  23. yay! i've been looking for some good dance art to put up. i only have one piece. need more! thanks!

  24. Shorty

    So beautiful. Cities to me are so square and rectangular. The graceful moves of the ballerinas in these pictures just makes the harsh lines seem softer.

  25. goodness, i love this.
    it's always been a secret dream of mine to be a ballerina.

    this is stunning.
    i'm absolutely want some prints.

  26. Caroline

    Yes! I've loved their work for the last year. All of the photographs are so inspiring. I've been planning on talking about it on my blog too!

  27. Kirby

    I LOVE this project! Posted it on my blog a while ago:

    I've always wanted to be a dancer, but unfortunately am blessed with zero coordination and terribly flat feet :(

    PS. you should check out Buzz on Slater's Lane just outside Pentagon City. It's awesome. So much sugar!

  28. Absolutely beauitful. I love the black and white ones – so classically beautiful against the modern landscape.

  29. Jr. Mint

    Incredibly beautiful pictures! I love the one of the woman leaning against the pillar with her leg in the air. Reminds me of stretching against a door frame or wall before class. And now I really miss dance.

  30. These photos are a-mazing!!!

  31. oh me oh my, these are spectacular!

  32. wow these photos are incredible. i think the last one is my favorite.

  33. danica

    love these pictures!

  34. 7upkels

    these remind me so much of you and your sisters!!! so beautiful!!

  35. I love the optical illusion in the first photo…my brain wants to think that the valves are hand size and the ballerina is miniature.


  36. these images are stunning. very poetic.

  37. Nicole*

    these pictures are absolutely stunning! i love the one of the girl in green hanging from the street light.

  38. Sonja

    These are stunning. Such a beautiful contrast

  39. so so pretty, just the kind of thing that i had all over my room as a child….who am i kidding, my room still looks like that!

  40. wow!that is beautiful!!!! only 13 years old and am a ballerina (love it). You inspire me everyday…your clothes are cute and u are amazing dancer:) you and josh are so cute together. love reading your blog

  41. i LOVE that this project has been getting some major attention lately! it's one of my favourites… so magical. it makes me miss being a ballerina SO much… totally tugs at my heart!

  42. this is so beautiful! xx

  43. love the juxtaposition between a ballerina's intimate, graceful pose and the impersonal and severe, yet strikingly beautiful backdrop of a cityscape. the last image is my favorite. so serene and the use of light is fantastic.

  44. Kate

    these are wonderful – I hadn't heard of this project before. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Annalise

    HOW do you bend like that?

    I am going to the gym. now.

  46. Annalise

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  47. edelfies

    hey, your blog is very lovely.
    thank you for these inspirational ballerina photos,
    all the best from germany, effi

  48. p.s. I just wanted to see if you received my email I sent the other week? I needed advice for a trip my boyfriend and I are taking to New Jersey/New York this Christmas. Please get back to me if you have a chance :) Thanks girl

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    ([email protected])

  49. I've seen it before, but never saw the official web site :)
    thank you for sharing :)

  50. Lindsay

    wow i love this

  51. Oh they're so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, really love them. The juxtaposition is greeat.

  52. Kait


  53. keli *

    very neat!!

  54. oh my gosh!! I know that girl (by the leaning sign)! she went to my dance studio, and is a breathtaking dancer! :)

  55. Ooohhh… thanks for this! These are gorgeous—the one on Staple St. is probably my favorite. Hauntingly beautiful.

  56. megan b.

    so the girl in the white tutu holding the street sign is my sister in law. she is a student at the school of american ballet and she is absolutely fantastic! i was thrilled to see her on here!


    wow. i am so happy i just stumbled on over here and saw this. new follower, and now off to go look at these beautiful amazing prints.