st. augustine, florida

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after a long morning at the beach,
our little family spent saturday afternoon in st. augustine.
i would like to live there someday. on st george street, to be exact.
  1. bailey

    What a gorgeous post! I went to Flagler College and lived in St. Augustine for 4 years. Met my husband there! We live in DC now and miss it! Such a sweet little city, thank you for posting :)


  2. Whitney

    Ohhh the candy apples and the green shutters!
    All beautiful!

    Well aren't you the cutest soon-to-be Mom! You're glowing!

  3. @bailey! i am so jealous! what was it like living there? i wonder about all the tourists and crowds since it's so small. but it's also so quaint and beautiful, i don't think i'd mind them! hope you get to visit often!


  4. That looks like a fun place to explore! Those caramel apples look delicious!
    ps. how do you get your hair to look so beautifully wavey like that?

  5. oooo i looove st augustine too! everything there is so cute!

  6. all the photos are so cute and so fall! ps – i guess you are one of those people who gain a total of, like, 4 lbs. while pregnant? :)

  7. bailey

    naomi, it was amazing living there! funny though, Flagler gives tours of it's beautiful dining room which was also our dining hall. freshman year, we'd be all sleepy coming to breakfast and there'd be tourists with cameras everywhere!! glad you enjoyed the oldest city!

  8. amber

    i just love looking at your photos. it looks like you guys had a great time :)

    p.s. what kind of camera do you guys use?

  9. Aura

    My husband and I visited St. Augustine for the first time in May.

    It was wonderful! Didn't you just love how historic and charming it felt? Did you by chance visit the museum?
    The beaches were so beautiful there, and I loved, loved the little downtown area with all the adorable shops. We got some wonderful fudge. My husband insisted that we move there someday, but my heart is in the mountains.

  10. Wow it looks beautiful!!! I love that house! =)

  11. Chloé

    I LOVE St. Augustine! My husband's parents live in Jacksonville and we took a short trip to St. Augustine once but we didn't even get to get out of the car. I had the same reaction: I want to live here!!! It is so charming. Your pictures of it are beautiful and you are too adorable with your pregnant belly!

  12. that's where i got married! i grew up in jacksonville beach. i love st. aug!

  13. Katz NYC

    What a beautiful little town. I always dream about living somewhere like that, that's warm and quiet and cute. You look adorable as always. Love the colors. And the hair!

  14. C and N


  15. my mom went to flagler & i wanted to but they said it was too far from north carolina. st augustine is such a beautiful place!

  16. and I would really really like to eat those caramel apples all day long today.
    must make some soon.

    ps. kingsley is QUITE photogenic these days.

  17. Meg

    such cute pictures! and your baby bump (and pregnancy outfit) are just adorable :)

  18. Love your blog! Your baby bump is sooo cute! Congrats and good luck to you guys! :) BTW – I love your hair!

  19. Yumm those toffee apples look delicious!
    And how CUTE is you little baby bumb! :)

  20. Jennifer

    You're gorgeous, Kingsley is adorable as always, the husband is a cutie and those apples look scrumptious!

    What wonderful pictures! :D

  21. I just love that house!

  22. The candy looks good! And I love the look of your pictures.

  23. The candy looks good! And I love the look of your pictures.

  24. Annah

    I've always always always wanted to go to St. Augustine! :)

    Now even more. Lovely pics.

  25. alexis

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  26. alexis

    I live in Jacksonville Beach! Been in Florida my whole life, there's nothing like the east coast of Florida. Hope you're having a great time! Once it starts snowing in D.C. you'll want to come back :)

  27. Kalen

    Those candy apples made my mouth water!

  28. I'm another Flagler grad (living in the DC burbs) and St. Augustine is a magical place. It is so beautiful! I never once took all the historic buildings, packed streets, and beautiful scenery for granted! I was in awe everyday, and everyday I found something new I loved about the place.

    I loved the pictures, for a moment I was transported back to the Oldest City!


  29. Too funny!! I was in St. Augustine Saturday afternoon as well. We were attending a wedding there and I honestly had the thought "I wonder if they came here on their vacay"! Funnily enough we were there at the same time. :) Love the pics!

  30. Kate

    I wish we lived in an era where you could still give caramel/candy apples to trick-or-treaters! I want to DIY some of those m & m covered apples asap.

  31. woah awesome pics, love the candy apples!!!!BTW if you have time feel free to stop by my blog I am having some awesome giveaways going on!

  32. Jessica

    Another Flagler grad here living in DC. Is there something in the water? Naomi, you're so cute! What are you going to be for halloween this year?

  33. Jessica

    PS – Because Husband and I lived in St. Augustine after we got married. Our doggie's name is "Ponce de Leon"! :-)

  34. Annie

    wah I want to eat one of those RIGHT NOW!!

  35. Look at the SIZE of those toffee apples! I so badly want one now!

  36. Amanda

    I've loooved these past couple of posts! I went to Flagler then lived in Jacksonville for a few years after. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in FL!

  37. melissa

    Can I just say… I love your hair. Please tell us your secret! (products, tools, etc. you better not say "it's natural") Looks like you guys had a lovely time. Love the pictures :)

  38. OH MY WORD…you are possibly the prettiest pregnant woman EVER! You're pictures are beautiful & make me so happy it's FALL!

  39. OH MY WORD…you are possibly the prettiest pregnant woman EVER! You're pictures are beautiful & make me so happy it's FALL!

  40. Nikki

    Such a cute post! Love all the pics of Florida. Kingsley fits right in!


  41. Em & Gar

    I spent some time there too a few years back! I LOVED that place! There was also a very delicious little gelato shop there where I'm pretty sure I tried every flavor they had. I had almost forgotten about that…glad your cute pics could remind me! :) xo

  42. Esther

    Naomi you and your husband are all together lovely!

  43. hello, i've just stumbled upon your blog & i instantly adored it! gorgeous photography.

    i've never been to st. aug but i'd love to go. it looks so charming. enjoy the rest of your stay!

  44. cara.

    from now on, can you tell us where you're clothes are from–specifically the skirt you're wearing. if it's stretchy, i want.

  45. jay.

    We went there for our 1st anniversary and completely fell in love with it. This post made my heart swell. We want to live there too, I don't think any other place in the world would make me as happy.

  46. Ruth

    This is my hometown!! I grew up there and lived on Anastasia Island (right by the Alligator Farm) until I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago. But my mom and dad still live there and I love going back for holidays. It really is a beautiful, sweet little town, and I think I only fully appreciated for what it is after I moved away. I love Los Angeles, it's my home now, but someday I may end up back in "St. Auggie", I miss the fresh seafood! So glad you got to visit. :) Take care,

  47. Brooke

    Is there any other way to eat an apple? so cute. xo

  48. Kelsi

    St. Augustine is like a teeny tiny, less dirty/smelly/drunk New Orleans. SO gorgeous. Oh, and you are gorgeous too. :)

  49. you are absolutely adorable! how come you look amazing in whatever you throw on? ps i want your striped skirt!!! :)

    hope you guys have a fabulous day!
    love, lindsey

  50. Chelsea

    those apples look amazing, as do you dear friend. Your baby bump is super cute!

  51. I love St. Augustine!
    I got to school in Jacksonville and make a trip to St. Augustine every Monday to work at a school there.
    St. George Street is so fun!
    Glad you all are having a great time :)

  52. Meg

    Very beautiful and the candied apple looks to die for.

  53. We love taking mini vacations to St. Aug.

    You're glowing! Soak up the last few months! I crave being pregnant again! ha. It's addicting!

  54. oh i can't wait for our holiday!
    you look amazing !!! prettiest mum to be ever.

  55. i love george street too. i only live 30 minutes away so i try to visit when i can. did you go to the outlet malls off the st. augustine exit on 95?? they are the best. my favorite is the j crew one :)

  56. Those candy apples look amazing!

  57. Luna

    so nice. i have to visit there someday. thanks for posting.

  58. Even though I've lived in South Florida for all 32 years of my life, I have never ventured up north to St. Augustine. This post has convinced me I need to change that, and soon. Great pictures! :D

  59. Colleen

    You're lookin' beautiful with your bump lady! Florida gets so cool the more I learn about the town and history, like Miami and the art deco architecture it sports. Glad you had fun!

  60. oh this is so great! i'm from a beach town just south of there and i love st. augustine!

    if you get to go back, you should check out the tasties at gaufres and goods on aviles st., right off the main tourist area. they have the most delicious waffles and polish food i've had besides what my grandma used to cook! not to mention it's adorable and very quaint.

    i hope you and your family enjoyed your stay!

  61. wow I never knew Florida was so cute and quaint. And your hair looks great…not to mention your cute growing belly :)

  62. You are officially THE cutest little pregnant woman I've ever seen.

  63. amanda

    they look delicious!

  64. i would LOVE to be in florida right now. . .

  65. Sini

    Those apples looks delicious! Your hair is amazing, I wish mine would look like that too :)

  66. ciupa

    you look adorable, what a wonderful trip.

  67. oh man… those apples are making my mouth water! so. good. i want.

  68. fotoğraflarına bakmaya bayılıyorum… çok eğlenceli görünüyor herşey
    ayrıca saçların çok güzel görünüyor :)

  69. Looks like a really nice and calm place :)
    Lovely pictures!
    And oh the chocolate thing you are holding looks so tasty !!!

  70. i love those carmel apples.

  71. SO MUCH FUN to see pics on your blog of some of my favorite St. Augustine spots!!!

  72. Laina

    You look great! i hope i look this good when i'm prego's. Where did you get that black and white striped skirt?? i LOVE it!!!

  73. @laina, the skirt is from UO. got it this summer.

    thanks everyone! can't believe how many of you have lived or live close by st. augustine! what a wonderful place…

  74. Wow such a beautiful place. I am going to have to go there someday.

  75. i loveee st. augustine.! we've been there twice now. it's such a beautiful old city. it's pretty amazing, all the history there. :]

  76. Katy

    those pictures are all so good! that candy apple looks scrumptious!

  77. You have the sweetest little baby bump. You are just glowing! Congratulations mama!

  78. Super cute and CONGRATS on the Washingtonian Magazing…that is huge! You both look FABULOUS and I am so happy for you! Great pics for the celebration as well! Those shoes are to die for and I'm loving the orchid necklace…it's one of my favorite flower! :)

    Liesl :)

  79. love the swoop bangs!

  80. so happy to have stumbled upon ur blog! ure now on my blog roll list :)

  81. cutest pregnant belly ever!!

  82. haewon

    beautiful pictures!
    how do they turn out like that?
    the colours are so nice.

    also, where is your striped skirt from???

  83. Really great photos. i just love your baby bump. looks like the cutest little/grand place!

  84. Miyan

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  85. your baby bump keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  86. jesslope

    shoes info? where are the shoes from? please and thank you.

  87. @jesslope, what shoes are you talking about? i don't see any in these photos… sorry!

  88. Annie

    a post about St. Augustine! yay!!! I have been visiting there since I was born and it is absolutely one of my favorite places. I almost went to Flagler (too bad I didn't from what @bailey said) It looks like you guys had such a great time. My favorite memory is going to this restaurant/store that had the best vegetable soup and then there was a court yard filled with ducks, roosters and other birds…pretty weird, but totally awesome!

  89. i love that photo of the door and window against the pink wall…it's positively dreamy & has such a great composition. and you look (or, looked) beautiful! you look so different these days but you're beautiful every which way.