1. Anita

    What lovely photos!

  2. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Danielle

    You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Beautiful pictures!

  4. Alivia

    You look beautiful; I love the colors of your outfit. Mister Kingsley looks so cute & protective :)

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Annah

    You're letting the bangs grow out? Noooooooooooo. lol. They're so cute on you I adore them.

    Kingsley :)

  7. Paul

    i absolutely adore these photos!!

  8. Paul

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  9. Katy

    You are the cutest! I love it. :) Where'd you get those boots? Love them. I'm always on the hunt for cute boots.

  10. @katy, they are FRYE boots. i love them. thanks!!

  11. annie

    Such a very cute picture of you! Loving all the fall colors, too… If only it weren't 85 degrees in Florida today…

  12. German Pancakes?!

  13. Kim

    i loooooooove this time of year! my family and i (and a slew of my little cousins!) went to butler's orchard over the weekend for their pumpkin festival — the colors were gorgeous.

    speaking of gorgeous, you are GLOWING (and growing, belly-wise) =)

  14. MellyB

    Is it wrong that the picture I keep going back to is the pie? What kind is it? And that no matter your answer I want it right. now. ps, it's not even 8 am over here and I'm not pregnant. Just always hungry.

    And it is totally unfair how fantastic you look pregnant. Lovely pics!

  15. love all the pictures. and again, you are the CUTEST pregnant lady ever. I hope I look that great when i have babies!!!

  16. @MellyB, it's actually a german pancake (or puffed pancake). And since it's technically a breakfast food, i think you're just fine craving it at 8am! (i crave it at every hour!)

    @kim, we went to butler's orchard last year! it's so pretty up there! hope you had a great time!

  17. Elise

    Look at your growing baby belly!!! You are stunning. Love these images and this season… Autumn is so lovely!

  18. again, cutest thing ever:)

  19. I just can't get over how adorable your little baby bump is :] :]

  20. Ashley

    You are adorable! What a fun day I love your hat btw! :)

  21. Betty

    Beautiful Fall photos! And you look adorable! :)

  22. Maddy

    I just bought that flannel from Target on Friday! I like it with that hat.. and the bulldog pumpkin is awesome!

    I want to go to D.C. just to go to Eastern Market. It looks amazing!

  23. 2busy

    ALMOST make me like Autumn.

  24. So, SOOOOO great. Have you already posted somewhere on this blog about what kind of camera you use???

  25. Ashley

    Looks like the perfect fall day to me! You look lovely!

  26. @rebekka, for these it was the canon rebel xs.

  27. LOVE German pancakes.
    I like the small pan idea. We usually make them in a 9X13 pan and it's always WAAAY to much!

  28. Blicious

    lovely photos! your baby bump is precious! so pretty!


  29. Caty

    Wonderful photos! Thank you for making my day a little brighter!

  30. aw you look adorable!

    …love all the cute photos :)

  31. janis

    such beautiful colours in these photos! and you look GORG! seriously – glowing!

  32. i wish hawaii had more fall spirit! those colors, pumpkins, and festive decorations are so wonderful!

  33. You both look great congrats on the baby. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. :)

  34. yay for rockin' the flannels! i bought like 8 at costco (they're amazing) and i wear them everyday.

    also, can josh teach damir (my almost husband) to dress like that? he should do a guest post on guy's style or something…then we can all show our men.

    so stylin'. yay for rower boys.

  35. Smash

    This looked like a fun trip! You look stunning, by the way.

  36. Michelle

    hahaha I love the bulldog pumpkin "does not bite." Too cute!

  37. Roxanne

    Your pregnant belly is way too cute! The bangs look great. Are you growing them out? :)

  38. You are SO cute pregnant! Adorable really. ;) Glad you're enjoying your fall.

  39. Such lovely photos! Did you get that plaid shirt from Target? I believe I have the same one!

  40. You are by far the cutest little pregnant lady ever.

  41. you're so pretty! and i love those flowers in the second photo. and that awesome photo of kingsley.

  42. @mandy jean, yep from target! i love it! they have some awesome plaid going on over the right now.

    thanks everybody!

  43. I love those photos. Wish we celebrated Haloween properly in OZ.. Kingsley, oh my. And you look beautiful :)

  44. I love how your top and those flowers match up! Too cute! Love the fall pictures.

  45. You're super cute with that belly! And without, of course!

    Ahh, I love Fall! If only it lasted longer.

  46. i pray i'm as cute of a pregnant lady as you one day. seriously you are adorable!!

  47. julia

    OH my god!you are ve beautiful.
    you will be the most beautiful mother in the world!

  48. holtkamp

    i love fall! you look amazing!

  49. Jamie

    you are so freakin adorable :)
    love your outfit and beanie!

    the fall pictures i love – wish FL showed more signs of it!

    thanks for sharing :)


  50. I always love all your cute hats! Where do you get them all and how can you make them all stay put!?

  51. Janean

    Great photos & great boots! You mentioned they were Frye. I'm trying to decide on a pair right now. Are they the Shirley riding boot? If so, let me know how you like them. I've seen many different reviews.



  52. @ziggy stardust, i think that hat is from h&m; from a few years back. thanks!

    @janean, yes they are Frye but i have no idea what style they are. i don't think i ever knew. sorry! i got them at Macy's in nyc a few winters back. they have lasted SO WELL and were well worth the price just because they're so sturdy and durable in all weather. good luck!

  53. is your belt from j.crew? I love it! you always look so cute!

  54. I love multi-colored photos

  55. Annie

    awww I LOVE these pics! you look SO great! My best friend, Nikki (http://styleandcharm.blogspot.com) just told me about your blog and I'm loving it so much!

  56. I went to D.C 2 weeks ago and hope to make it to Eastern Market but I didn't have time : (
    I'll be back in December though, and must check it out!!!
    Also, I just wanted to tell you I made the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies you blogged about last night and they we soooo fluffy and delicious!!! I put them on my blog! You should check it out!! cloverandhoney.blogspot.com