rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a sponsored giveaway for you from the beautiful shop, domenica! domenica is offering one lucky reader a print of their choosing!
while shop owner, jody, was recovering from brain cancer, she began creating little collages on small trading cards. she used stamps, photo transfers and water colors to create these little works of art which helped her along her road to recovery. since then, jody is completely cancer free and has opened an etsy shop along with her daughter where they sell blown up versions of the art she created while recovering to share her message and the thoughts and inspiration that were part of her healing process!
each image is printed on 100 % rag paper and signed by jody, the artist! click here, to see all the prints and sizes!

to enter to win a print of your choosing,
please visit domenica and leave a comment below
before friday, october 15th!
good luck!
  1. jo

    love it

  2. beautiful!! hope i'm the lucky winner!

  3. Kayli

    Those are so cute! Pick me! :)

  4. That is a great story and the artwork is so simple!

  5. Love it!
    Please, please pick me. :)

  6. Erin

    gorgeous! would be a wonderful addition for my cozy little college apartment!


  7. amanda

    i am adoring the "but what if" sign. i'm big into the "what if's" so this would be PERFECTION for me.

  8. Whitney

    Love it! pick me!

  9. j0wwww

    they are so fantastical i want one!!!!

  10. Michele

    Cute, and such a cool story.

  11. So many giveaways, I love it!
    these are very cute

  12. Oooh. These prints look wonderful. It would fit perfectly on the wall above my new desk and it would def keep me motivated while studying… ;-)
    Lots of love. xxx

  13. I simply adore her prints! I love typography so anything that mixes that in is a winner in my book. Please oh please pick me! XO

  14. dawn

    i love collages, and i sure would love to own a piece of this art! it's both fabulous and inspirational – my favorites :)

  15. Suzanne

    Interesting prints! I'd love to have one. :)

  16. becky

    these are great!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  17. Layla

    Awesome shop! Love the but what if print.

  18. Kayli

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  19. Mary

    beautiful beautiful!

  20. Oo these prints make me happy! Such pretty little prints :)

  21. 'but what if' print makes me wonder what if for my living room walls…

    LOVE your photos. always.

  22. Crossing fingers.

  23. Rachel

    What a beautiful story. She's an inspiring lady!

  24. What an amazing story she has! She is very talented, I would love to win one of her prints!

  25. These are so meaningful! Best of luck to Jody in the future. Thank you!!!
    Such lovely little pieces of art.

  26. jo

    lovely story behind the prints

  27. Natalie

    Oh man.. That "But What If" is amazing. That'd be such a good reminder to have hanging on your wall by the door to glimpse at every day on your way out :)

  28. the prints are so bold!
    love them!

  29. These are so amazing!

  30. Lindsey

    These prints may be the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life!

  31. Lindsey

    These prints may be the cutest things I've ever seen in my entire life!

  32. Bre

    Yes, please :)

  33. Kari

    I love the "but what if" print! It would fit perfectly in my room!

  34. Jodi

    Beautiful and inspiring.

    From one Jodi to another!

  35. What an amazing story and an amazing giveaway!! Thank you!

  36. I know I am kind of late but its still the 15th so that counts for something…right?? I love everything about these. mega cute.

  37. michelle

    so cute! love these prints!