rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a fabulous giveaway for you sponsored by chulamama!
they are offering one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to their online shop! whether you’re expecting, already a mother or gearing up for holiday shopping with little friends and loved ones in mind, you must check out chulamama, because they have the most darling selection of everything!
chulamama is a baby and maternity boutique based in boston, created and run by two boston-area mothers. both online and in the shop, “chulamama carries some of those off-the-beaten-path products and brands that you won’t find at a big chain store. from furniture to bedding to strollers to designer maternity jeans, chulamama has what you’re looking for!” also be sure to check out the new chulamama blog!

to enter to win the $50 gift certificate,
please visit chulamama and leave a comment below
before friday, october 30th!
good luck!
  1. carolyn

    We are expecting twin girls so this would definitely be put to good use!!

  2. Melanie

    How fun! I'm excited to check out the site!

  3. this will give me the perfect knudge to start getting busy with hubby!

  4. Oooohh…I'd love to win this! I'm 5 months along, and beginning to need some maternity clothes. Yikes! :)

  5. Andrea

    I love this site. count me in.

  6. Kimberly

    So many great things! It would be great to win!

  7. Kale

    I love all of them!! We are trying for number 2 and these would be a perfect gift if we get pregnant.

  8. Jessica

    i would love to win this giveaway!

  9. Shannon

    I love chulamama! The blog and the store up on the North Shore of Boston. I now make it a point to visit whenever I am in the area (which is not nearly enough!)

    $50 at chulamama would definitely help my hubby and I prepare for our son, due in January!

  10. Ali

    Cute shop. I have baby 4 on the way!! Yay

  11. Becki

    Cutie baby stuff

  12. Those are too cute, I love everything!

  13. Great site! I would love to win this giveaway for my little one who is due in less than 3 weeks!!

  14. Great site! I would love to win this giveaway for my little one who is due in less than 3 weeks!!

  15. aww their stuff is adorable.

  16. Too many baby needs and too little money makes this the giveaway for me!

  17. Natalie

    Count me in as well. I'm only 517th on the list!!

  18. Lauren

    Sweet! I need some good baby stuff.

  19. how absolutely precious is this site! holy smokes…i am obsessed! thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  20. Gah! So cute, all of it.

  21. bets

    i would love to win, but odds are…

  22. Sarah

    Everything is adorable!

  23. so sweet & what a selection!

  24. haley

    SO precious!! i'd love to give the elephant as a christmas gift this year!

  25. Merrick

    Beautiful stuff! Just in time for my baby's first Christmas!

  26. Janeal

    I love all of it! :) :) :)

  27. AmeeLove

    Darling "must haves"!!!!
    I love it all!!

  28. Tiff

    I love this site!!! My fingers are crossed, I can't wait!

  29. Tiff

    I love this site!!! My fingers are crossed, I can't wait!

  30. alli

    They have SO many pretty things on their site! I hope I win!

  31. super great give away!!

  32. I love sock monkeys! And that giraffe teether is adorable. I would love to have that for my next baby.

  33. Teri

    Thanks for the intro to a great little shop! I really need to win this gift cert–as a bribe to the dil!

  34. tappens

    awesome! i feel like i've been buying so many baby gifts lately so this would be great.

  35. Amanda

    Fingers Crossed!

  36. i'd love to get my daughter some new things. :)

  37. Annalise

    How precious!

  38. Oh my goodness..that awesome high chair! Bloom something… Oh I love it. :) So Jetson's!


  39. ruth

    Aww. my little Davy bird would love this. And I guess i would too :)

  40. I'm having a baby boy in February and I'm going crazy for baby gear!

  41. katie

    My darling sister is having a little baby boy in February and I would love to give the new little man a sweet gift!

  42. Love that they carry iCandy. How British of them!

  43. Happy Fall! Happy donuts and cheeseburgers! Enjoy your week~

  44. Frances

    Oh I'd love to win this so bad. My best friend is pregnant and they aren't telling anyone till after the first trimester and it's been sooooo hard to keep the secret cuz I'm so excited for her!

  45. My baby girl has 'Sophie Giraffe' and it is a treasure – I highly recommend it! So many other lovely things on the site, just gorgeous!

  46. Myla

    my lil' guy on the way would love anything from the site!!

  47. Sara

    10 weeks pregnant and freaking out about all of the stuff we're going to need! This would definitely help :)

  48. Carrie

    i'm pregnant with my first girl (third baby) and would LOVE to win this. there's always more we need.

  49. SLAgirl

    Great site! I am due in April and will be shopping a lot as soon as I find out the sex in a few weeks.

  50. danica

    I love this stuff!!! And so would my two adorable nephews :)

  51. the monkey and giraffe are calling my name. can you hear them? shhhhhh….see, told you.

  52. Cassie

    Perfect for my pregnant sister! She is due two weeks after you :) Fingers crossed!

  53. Amberli


  54. Sharon

    omigosh would love to give this to a close friend who is expecting! and how cute is that sock monkey?:)

  55. I found at least 50 things I would love to give to my niece!

  56. JeannaB.

    Love it all! But, really I love spoiling my son!

  57. Oh I would just die to get my hands on some of that stuff. SO cute!!

  58. So great!! Thanks for doing this!

  59. Jessica

    I Love it! What an exciting giveaway!
    I have always wanted to get that Monkey for my son!
    Btw, your 30 week belly is stunning!
    thanks for the entry,
    Jessica and little Jax

    [email protected]

  60. Veronica

    I just found out my sister is pregnant! Something adorable from Chulamama would be the perfect gift.

  61. Kait

    I would love to win!

  62. Oh I hope, I hope I win!

  63. G

    Call me a fan, and count me in! Love, love, love it.

  64. AaReAn

    OOOH ME PLEASE! I am due any day with baby girl #1 and I would LOVE this!!!! So would she! :-)

  65. I just had a little girl a month ago…you couldnt have a better giveaway! I will also be in Boston over x-mas so I will have to check them out!

  66. my two best friends are expecting, this would be so fun to win! xo congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy too!

  67. pick me! an extra $50 would be delightful when it comes to picking out some more stuff for our soon-to-be-baby!

  68. Love this giveaway….I would use the $50 for a gift for my best friend's little peanut on the way.

    Hope you're going to have more baby stuff on your blog in the future too. :)

  69. Crazy for the books and jewelry! Everything is fab!

  70. tvmom

    love their stuff

  71. We have so many new nephews & nieces that this would be a real gift to us :)

  72. janis

    yes please + thank you!

  73. Please please let me be on time to enter! I'll be celebrating my boy's 1st birthday in a few weeks, & this will be perfect!

  74. Shawntae

    I would love to win this! We love Sophie the Giraffe!! :)

  75. Bee

    Count me in! I'm double crossing my fingers

  76. rachel

    so cute,
    would want everything :)

  77. AshleyG

    Yes, please! I have a 5-month old and could go crazy here,

  78. I seriously could take one of everything and I am not even having a baby yet.

  79. Megan

    Darling items, I must win this!

    megan A.

  80. Arbonics

    I would love any of these things for my babies!

  81. shannon

    i'd love to win!

  82. Ya for babies!! love the pink jumper!

  83. Colleen

    hope this is still open. today is oct 30, right?