pumpkin season.

currently loving everything pumpkin… from the pumpkin sitting outside our front door to the pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cookies we’ve been baking nonstop at our house.
also really happy with how cool and crisp it feels outside. (glad the humidity is finally gone for a few months.) i am such a sucker for tall riding boots and big thick scarves. this is my season!
and we cannot wait for halloween at our house. mostly because it’s also kingsley’s first birthday. and he is going to make the cutest little ninja ever! we’ve been practicing our ninja moves together! he’s looking good…
p.s. for those who have asked on twitter, i haven’t gotten around to typing out my mom’s pumpkin cookie recipe just yet for you, but this one is also really good. i’ve used it before (but i like to triple the amount of chocolate chips per batch!) xo
  1. I can't wait to carve a pumpkin!! =) Ooo and make a pumpkin pie!! Aww Kingsley is being a ninja? That's adorable! =) Good luck!

  2. MMM, looks delicious! I had my first taste of Einstein's Pumpkin Bagel Poppers last week and it totally put me in the mood for fall. Can't wait to make a ton of great pumpkin goodies!

  3. Yum! I LOVE pumpkin muffins, especially Panera's!!

  4. Oh man, those look delicious! And I don't even usually like pumpkin things. There's something about them that just seems so appropriate for fall- I think I may need to make some!

  5. yummy those look delish! i am loving everything pumpkin right now as well..just enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte yesterday and can't get enough!

  6. i kind of like to pretend its pumpkin season all year long.

    you've gotta try pumpkin pancakes – with apples sauteed in butter on top – it's seriously the most decadent thing ever.

    or skip the apples and throw in chocolate chips :)


  7. Katz NYC

    I don't think I've ever had pumpkin. How weird. I better try something with it this season.

    I don't really eat cookies or muffins anymore, but those pumpkin pancakes that the previous commenter mentioned sound really really good. Could be our Halloween morning breakfast this year.

    Fall is definitely here. At least the rain finally stopped and sun came out, but it is getting really cold. I looove wearing tall boots and big scarves and gloves. Happy about the four seasons!

  8. Flora

    I love all the things you mentioned: pumpkins, cool weather, boots, scarves… except I don't have access to any of these living at the equator. I don't even think they sell pumpkins in Singapore. Aaaand Halloween stuff is hard to come by!

  9. Nikki

    Nothing better than cool weather and pumpkin smells!!!


  10. Amy

    I too am loving boots and scarves and all things Autumnal! I am hoping I will be able to squeeze my boots on, as ankles are a tad swollen, 37 weeks pregnancy stylee!!

  11. Sini

    I need to try those cookies! We don't have canned pumpkin at all, does anyone use fresh pumpkin and how? Just smash it with fork or does it need to be smooth? *never used pumpkin before, ever*

  12. Chiara

    Ooooh you are making me greatly miss Pumpkin season!!!! I am in South America for work and don't think they have a clue what a pumpkin pie tastes like…. that might be something I will try to do this weekend!


  13. going to fetch pumpkins this weekend. then bake my first p. pie of the year. one of many this holiday season!

  14. @camilla, those pancakes sound amazing!

    @flora, that is terrible news! although i guess it's not so bad enjoying sunshine more often!

    and @sini, i am not sure about cooking with fresh pumpkin. i haven't ever done that, but i imagine it's easy… i beat if you beat it until it's smooth it would work well… check out a few cooking sites to get the details. sorry i;m not too helpful there.

  15. @sini – one way to do it is to roast it first. till it gets really soft, then mash it until it's smooth.


  16. holtkamp

    love this post, spot on how i feel! :)

  17. Oh my! These just look too amazing!! Will have try to do them this weekend. Also looking forward to roasting pumkin seeds!!

  18. taylor

    yum! pumpkin treats are my favorite! this is the best time of year.

  19. so happy for fall weather!

  20. Amy

    Definitely trying those cookies. I love anything pumpkin. I attempted pumpkin soup on the weekend (big fail-more like baby food) but those cookies sound amazing!

  21. Kait

    I definitely add way more chocolate chips than called for in every recipe :)

  22. I am jealous that you get to make so many delicious pumpkin treats! We're apparently having some sort of pumpkin shortage in Wisconsin, so hardly any of the stores around here have any canned pumpkin. It is the suck.

    Can't wait to see Kingsley as a ninja!

  23. i love pumpkin season too! there's something so nice and cozy about fall. you've inspired me to do a bit of baking myself!

  24. koko


  25. emily

    remember when we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last fall? i've decided we should do it again.

  26. ahlin

    oooh my mom makes the best chocolate chip pumpkin goodies too. especially pancakes!

  27. I am also loving this cool weather! Mmmm so refreshing to have the windows open and to dress in layers.

    And now I think I will go look up some pumpkin recipes. MMmmm

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  28. I love fall time even if it is cheesy since Autumn is my first name.

    Those look super yummy!

  29. fall is my season too! can't wait to see halloween/kingsley pics!

  30. Bre

    I love fall too, it's my hands down favorite. Can't wait to see Kingsley in all his ninja glory! Thanks for the recipe, I've never had a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie before. This needs investigating further…and I agree with your suggestion to add more choc chips!

  31. I have yet to get my pumpkin. I love love love your blog!

  32. i haven't carved a pumpkin in years, so maybe i will this year!

  33. Pumpkins are the greatest food/decoration. And I agree, riding boots are the best ever.

  34. Jr. Mint

    Mmm now I want to bake some of those cookies or just anything with pumpkin. Yum!

  35. AmyK

    I've been really big on pumpkin this season, too–even though normally I don't like it much!

    Have you tried pumpkin spice Torani syrup? It's so incredibly good in like, coffees and steamed milk and whatnot. And DQ's pumpkin pie blizzards? Amazing (though I can barely eat a whole mini blizzard–too much ice cream in the cold weather!)

  36. @AmyK, haven't tried that syrup but sounds good! i love their hazelnut syrup! will have to keep an eye out for the pumpkin spice! thanks!

  37. I agree! I am so excited about pumpkin season :] We celebrated fall with pumpkin spice lattes and I am just itching to make some chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

  38. Sini

    Thank you Naomi and Camille! I will try this soon! And I need to find some american online store for all the goodies you have there!

  39. Jayme

    I made those cookies last night, they were soo delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe:) I will be making them for all my fall gatherings

  40. Thanks for linking to by pumpkin chocolate chip cookie post. All the best! Your blog is gorgeous.