photos from a day at the beach.

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the 27 week baby bump!

i think kingsley and i were a little jealous over the weekend that josh grew up on this beach in florida. even though his parents moved out west when he left home for college, this is where josh is from and what he calls home. i love that when we visit jacksonville together, i get to learn a little bit more about my husband and his life before i met him. i loved driving by his old home and visiting his favorite spots, seeing his old high school and meeting some of his old friends and teachers.
and kingsley loved florida too… mostly, he just loved the beach. we were surprised at how brave our little mister was when it came to the ocean. it took him about 45 minutes before he was willing to get his little paws wet and warm up to the sound of the crashing waves (at first he’d sit there with his ear perked up as he watched them and bark back at them when they were extra loud), but once he finally warmed up to the idea of playing in the waves, we couldn’t get him out of the water. it was adorable. we love him, lots.
  1. you seriously look amazing.

    so when i'm pregnant,
    i'm coming to you for advice, okay?

    i'm so terrified i'm just gonna blow up.

    and these might be the cutest pictures of kingsley yet!

  2. Maddy

    beautiful photos.. Jacksonville beach is a wonderful little town and they have such nice beaches! Jacksonville itself is great too.. I have a lot of friends that go to college there and they love it.

    & having a dog makes going to the beach THAT MUCH BETTER doesn't it? haha

  3. Nikki

    What a perfect little getaway!
    You look gorgeous, and Kingsley is looking extra cute in his beach gear.


  4. Love these pictures! The colors are so bright and natural.

  5. okay you are adorable! seriously beautiful! and kingsley ahh such a cutie. i love watching dogs interact with the water. so entertaining!

  6. Amy

    These photos are wondeful – seriously is there anywhere better than the beach? Kingsley just gets cuter in every post!

    PS – Naomi you look beautiful, pregnancy definitely suits you!

  7. amber

    these are awesome beach photos! my hubby also grew up at the beach in fl and i love it when we get to go visit.

    your family is quite adorable, as always. i'm glad kingsley enjoyed the beach. this coming thanksgiving will be our first time taking jack (our dog) to the beach. i hope he does as well as kingsley!

  8. becky

    These are BEAUTIFUL pictures, Naomi! You are looking wonderful at 27 weeks.

  9. Ashley

    You look so happy and healthy! The beach looks wonderful! I just love kingsley!

  10. What a lovely trip the three of you had! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures- I could almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face :)

  11. Michele

    Great photos! Plus…I think you might be having a girl! This is just by my mother's superstitious beliefs though. Low belly means girl, high belly means boy. Either way…he/she will be beautiful!

  12. Jenna

    Beautiful and fun photos! I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but which Canon lens (or lenses) do you use?

  13. becky

    yep, i think you've got to be the cutest pregnant girl ever!

    p.s. you should start a fashion blog or a post a week. you are always looking like a "rockstar"!

  14. cutest baby bump ever!!! :))))

  15. Kari

    these images are great! what a beautiful beach! I know when we first took Chloe to dog beach she was a little nervous too but once she found another bully to show her the ropes she was hooked! you guys look like you had a great time!

  16. i second all of these comments…cutest pregnant girl ever!

  17. heather

    holy cute baby bump!!! pregnancy, if possible, makes you look even more beautiful. love the pictures — sounds like the perfect little getaway.

  18. welle154

    I have read your blog for a couple years now but have yet to ever comment. You have a beautiful life story that I love following. When you bought a bulldog, I introduced my mom to your website. We have a bulldog named Lilly who we are absolutely obsessed with (it's so hard not to be, they are HILARIOUS.) and she now adores your site as well. It's so funny that bulldogs have all the same mannerisms — the picture with Kingsley doing the "what do you want from me" half head stare back is so quintessential bulldog.

    Well, I just figured I would finally drop a line to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing fun little snippets of your life :)

    ps, if you haven't already seen this adorable bulldog video, you must watch.;=player_embedded

  19. Cindy

    You and your beautiful family look absolutely adorable. I have to agree and say that you are definitely the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen!

  20. Krysta

    A. you are super cute with your little bump! B. So glad to see Kingsley loved the beach!

  21. lady, i was wondering what part of florida you were headed to!! i live in jax! beeeeautiful weather this weekend, yes? where all did you guys go (to eat, of course!)?

  22. Aura

    27 weeks?! I am 14 weeks and I think I'm bigger than that :) Is anyone guessing on the gender, yet? I'm going to guess a little boy.

  23. Kingsley looks adorable!
    as do you and your lovely baby bump!
    glad you had a great time!
    enjoy the weather while you can! That's for sure!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  24. Luna

    kingsley is too cute. great pics. i knew he would love the beach soon enough.

  25. Emily

    Wish I was at the beach! Great pics and you look amazing.

  26. lynette

    I haven't met Mr. K but I love him already :)

  27. s a m

    Naomi, I know and love the feeling you're talking about. Even when you've been with someone for a long time, it's fun to know that there are still so many things to discover.

  28. My husband served his mission in Jacksonville and we get to go visit there this winter! I'm so excited to meet the people he served and loved! Plus, I hear Florida is pretty gorgeous. Glad you had fun!

  29. Lauren

    You are so precious in your swimsuit! I love the baby bump!

    Kingsley on the beach is the cutest thing ever!

  30. Lynn

    oh, this post is so sweet! Isn't it the BEST when the whole family enjoys the same thing. Super happy for you that Kingsley got his beach legs and my gosh girl…you look incredible, such a proud momma to be!

  31. gorgeous photos! i love the one of you and your baby bump! ^.^ so cute.

  32. Jr. Mint

    I lived in Jax for two years and still miss it. The beaches there are great. You look fabulous, and I love the Kingsley beach photos. Too cute!

  33. Miyan

    You are so cute with your baby bump! Gorgeous photos, you look so beautiful! Jealous that you are able to enjoy beach weather still, it's already chilly here in Israel.


  34. Miyan

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  35. as always… you look way too good to be pregnant! you're making the rest of us who have been pregnant in the past, look pretty lame:)

    WHERE did you get that fab swimsuit? i'm in love!

  36. lrs

    gorgeous pictures, and you look great! thanks for sharing.

  37. amylou

    love the puppy prints!
    and how cute are you in that swim suit!

  38. these really are some of the best photos you've posted on your adorable blog … at least i think so! too cute!

  39. FeeMail

    These are amazing pictures. And you look adorable. By the way, are you allowed to take dogs to the beaches everywhere in the US?!

  40. caroline

    Love these! We were up visiting my family in NJ this weekend, and the weather was so gorgeous that we decided to do an impromptu day trip to the Jersey Shore. So nice to stretch summer just a little further, and the puppy had a great time.

  41. Katz NYC

    Looks like you had great relaxing day at the beach. You look so cute with your baby bump. Hope you're feeling amazing.

  42. Kingsley looks happy as a clam in these pictures! You look beautiful in the 27 week photo; your suit is too cute! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  43. awe, you were right down the street from my house! so glad you enjoyed j-ville. :)

  44. thank you so much everyone! we had a lot of fun.

    @jenna, i use whatever lens that came with the rebel xs. nothing fancy.

    @mikeamandamjelle, the swim suit is from popina swim wear. i love it. have it in yellow too. best and comfiest suit ever.

    @FeeMail, i'm not sure dogs are allowed on all beaches in the US. highly doubt it. but they are allowed in jackonsville, but need to be on a leash. although every other dog there wasn't leashed. but kingsley really can't swim so i'd never take him off his.


  45. Libby

    oh my goodness, your 7month belly is tiny! you look adorable with it!

  46. ryan's parents currently live in jacksonville and we're done there a few times a year. also you look adorable.

  47. Lily

    Oh Naomi, you look so, so , so very beautiful!

  48. Karen

    You two are the best parents to Kingsley, I can only imagine how loved your little one will feel, and what great experiences they will get with you three! :)

  49. LOVE the baby bumb…so cute! :D I love the beach. Have never not lived near the beach, but Aus is great for that sort of thing :D

  50. you look so pretty! cute, cute baby bump. :) isn't the beach glorious? i've lived in southern california my whole life, and i'm still in awe of the ocean. it's breathtaking and magical.

  51. you are glowing lady! what a wonderful day at the beach.

    i actually just ordered the black swimsuit from popina per your recommendation! bonus: it's on sale right now!

  52. Your family is gorgeous and you are so beautiful. I adore your baby bump picture. That's something I long to have… One day. I know it. Joy oozes from all your pictures and I love them.

  53. Rachel

    I've been out of blogging for a bit and i didn't realize you were pregnant. so a very late congrats. :)

  54. esther.

    You are SUCH a beautiful pregnant lady. A beautiful lady in general but as a pregnant lady as well!

  55. ysla

  56. CAPow!

    Kingsley is so cute in these pictures! And look at your bump!!

  57. Oh, my goodness! You guys are so adorable! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and your sweet little bump! Teehee. xo

  58. Alexia

    you look amazing! such a beautiful pregnant woman!

  59. Sini

    Great pictures! you look really cute with that belly :) and Kingsley is so cute too, seeing these pictures really make me miss my dog much!

  60. I'm originally from Jacksonville! I lived there until highschool when my family moved to Tennessee, where I live now. I haven't been back since I moved and I miss it so much. Beautiful pictures! What do you do to your photos in post-processing to give them those lovely tones? xo

  61. Carly

    i love these! :) you and your little family are seriously so adorable, naomi!

  62. Kristina

    You look beautiful!
    And I am so jealous about this whole "growing-up-next-to-a-beach" thing!! This is super!!!
    Viele gruesse, KRistina

  63. Jessica

    You are so lucky, you look absolutely amazing! What gorgeous pictures of the beach. I grew up in West Palm Beach but moved away as a child. I'd love to take my boyfriend back one day and visit!

  64. im from jacksonville too! i grew up there and headed up north for college. like josh, my parents moved out west when i went to college, but i always consider jacksonville my home and love visiting and seeing old friends and how much the city changes! im glad you like it too :) hi to kingsley!

  65. kelzone

    don't take this the wrong way–cause you're really pretty normally–but you have got to be the cutest pregnant person ever.
    oh how i miss the beach.

  66. I always leave with a smile on my face after reading your posts. You have the most charming blog I've ever read, you both are such cuties and Kingsley – oh don't even get me started on him, he's so precious!

    Yeah, this was just a comment with me fangirling. I promise my next one will be a little bit more coherent and helpful :)

  67. Such fun pictures! you are the cutest little pregnant lady ever. seriously you look AWESOME!!!!!

  68. Bre

    You look gorgeous! Love love love the retro swimsuits, every time I'm on your blog I tell myself I need to get one already! Looks like a wonderful time at Florida. The pics of Kingsley have to be framed immediately :)

  69. Wahy

    you still look stunning!

  70. caroline

    FeeMail, I'm sure it varies by state, but they often let dogs on the beaches during the off-season (Oct-May).

  71. I love in jacksonville! I go to school here and really love this place, it's got everything! So many different burrows…the beach and the city!

  72. Oh, I would LOVE to be at the beach right now. Great pictures!

    By the way, you are radiant!

  73. amanda

    you, my friend, are too adorable!

  74. Laina

    Man i hope i look that lovely when i'm prego's. Where did you get your black and white striped skirt. I LOVE it!!

  75. Amanda

    Hope Kingsley enjoyed the beach!

    Your bump! *squeek*

  76. Rachel

    I love it when you go deep like appreciating the little things you get to learn about your husband when you take trips like these. It's a treat for me to keep learning my husband (almost of two years) too, but your post reminded me of this!

  77. .nicole.

    your baby bump is adorable. i want to be that cute when I am prego!

  78. Mollie

    Hello! Where did you get that black and white skirt? It's adorable.

  79. @mollie, it's from UO. thank you!

  80. Oh Madame, were you born in the right decade? You look simply classic!

  81. Hi – I came across your blog this morning and love it! You look so cute pregnant too! Your photographs are awesome, can I ask what kind of camera you use? I need an upgrade and whatever you use is giving you beautiful results. xoxo ~lori

  82. Mollie

    @naomi megan. Thanks! I'm ordering one tonite!

  83. i'm jealous, too! my favorite photo is the 6th one of kingsley. :-)

    and love your site, naomi!