1. Love each one of these! What camera were you using? Happy Autumn!

  2. Absolutely love it. Fall is the best season of all, so gorgeous <3.

  3. Nikki

    What gorgeous pictures! I am so looking forward to our upcoming trip to DC!


  4. Lauren

    So beautiful! I am jealous of your fall leaves and colors! Leaves don't fall until January in Arizona :(

  5. So beautiful, I really like the autumn colors!

  6. Cassie

    Oh I love these! There is something magical in Autumn isn't there?

  7. Linka

    Your photos are gorgeous! Fall is definitely my favorite season!

  8. My name is Autumn and I always have to giggle when people say something about the season…and that it's my favorite haha :)

  9. Whitney

    So beautiful.

  10. i visit your blog far too often without leaving a comment. these pictures make me want to move far away from arizona where the leaves change colors. i have a bomb cactus in my yard, it screams it still feels like summer here!

  11. Shorty

    The car matches the orange leaves! Beautiful!
    PS… I just watched the Marcel video. So funny! I posted it on my FB.

  12. Gorgeous! I love orange.

  13. beaut!

    i've been missing out on beautiful Capitol Hill fall. Maybe we should get a dog? :)

  14. Jennifer

    Those are beautiful pictures.

  15. besswess

    Fabulous! Fall is full blown! Looks like it is beautiful in DC. Next Fall, you will have a little one. :)

  16. lrs


  17. Great pictures — I love October, and Autumn, and that rich, deep orange that Autumn brings. :)

  18. Gotta love fall on the East Coast.

  19. @a serenade for solitude, these were taken with the canon rebel xs.

    thanks! i love orange!

  20. mrs.mfc


  21. Abigail

    Same here. Doesn't autumn rock? Amazing pictures.

  22. Pretty pictures!

    I love those pumpkins that are all warty all over.

  23. Kate

    beautiful beautiful pumpkins! I carved some too! Look at my blog, become a follower! You are one of my top favorites. <3

  24. PJ

    Love the jack-o-lantern on the stoop. Don't know how you post-process your photos, but I love how vintage-y they look.

  25. amylou

    ahhh so pretty! fall is wonderful!

  26. sooo pretty!

  27. @thank you, PJ- i only edited the coloring (slightly) in iphoto with these.

  28. These are so good, girl. You have to start a Flickr page!


  29. these pictures make me smile. they also make me want to MOVE to the east coast. or somewhere with seasons. i'm done with california…

  30. 2busy

    Autumn is lovely. Hey, that's the color of my Beetle.

  31. you take such beautiful photos!

  32. amanda

    i love autumn, too. it's such a gorgeous time of the year. DC must be such fun to frolic about in the pretty weather.

  33. amanda;

    i have to say: loved your blog!
    seriously, your clothes and your sense of humor rocks! And your family is really cute!
    have a nice week

  34. Beautiful pictures. I love Autumn too. Would love it if it was Autumn all year round :)

  35. BEAUTI-fall :)

  36. These pictures are perfectly fall and I LOVE them…beautifully captured! Loving the leaves on the car window!

    Liesl :)

  37. Stef

    DC is so pretty in the fall… your pictures always make me wish I lived in Eastern Market instead of Logan Circle!

  38. Oh I love this :) I'm so happy it's fall!

  39. Carly

    love these! especially that second one of the leaves on car with the beautiful lighting! :)

  40. Carly

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  41. That first photo should be framed!! It is gorgeous!!

    I love seeing the seasonal changes throughout a city… i too, love autumn!

  42. Sini

    great colors! I love autumn too, it's one of my favourite seasons.

  43. It's my favorite time of year…so beautiful & inviting! I just did a post on fall this morning…couldn't help it. I know some people get cheery in summer, but for me it's all about Autumn!!!

  44. kim

    so beautiful. fall is my favorite, too. it doesn't get much better than changing leaves and pumpkin flavored things. :-)



  45. sarahtay

    oh i love these photos! especially the one on the car windscreen.

  46. Kate

    That makes me super excited for DC next year – hopefully it will be as pretty.

  47. Emma

    wow, what gorgeous photos! i'm pretty sure when we plan to vacation to dc we should come in the fall!

  48. Those leaves on the windshield are so perfect! :)

  49. chrystie

    ooh fall colors!! so pretty :)


  50. Wow! Your pictures are fabulous and definitely remind me of what I am missing here in Arizona. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Luna

    i love these pics. great autumn images.

  52. Smash

    Very jealous of your east coast autumns. Texas doesn't look anything like this…

  53. Love fall and your photos are amazing! I totally thought of Seattle's capitol hill, haha until I read comments that said D.C.