kingsley + winston.

winston is an english bulldog who lives around the corner from us. we first met him when he was just 3 months old, and kingsley was 7 weeks! kingsley loves playing with winston, especially since they’re practically the same size now.

at one point during this particular play date, josh put kingsley on the opposite side of the fence for a few minutes to have a break (he gets overly excited and doesn’t know how to pace himself or his breathing). but both bullies still wanted to play, so they got down on the ground and started playing paws under the fence! i thought it was the cutest thing ever.

and i just hope kingsley doesn’t play like this (see below) with the baby in a few months. hopefully he’ll be a little more gentle.
  1. OMG that is so cute! The second photo is my fave :3

  2. Aww bless, they're so cute :D

  3. Kayla

    I love when pups play. And as long as Kingsley still gets lots of play time with other dogs I'm sure him and that baby will be best friends.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. Kayla

    I love when pups play. And as long as Kingsley still gets lots of play time with other dogs I'm sure him and that baby will be best friends.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  5. Bree

    Watching dogs play is so great. I can't take my little one for a walk without seeing at least 5 dogs, and of course they have to sniff and play for a bit!

  6. The fence picture is SO CUTE! Kingsley looks so little compared to Winston!

  7. 2busy

    I think you'll be needing to put Kinsley in a playpen…

  8. Lauren

    So I was having a really bad day until you posted this. Thank you.

  9. Helena

    most adorable thing ever!

  10. Linka

    This is sooo sweet! They are so adorable!

  11. Oh how cute! We have a bulldog too I think they would be best of friends, like look the same too!!

  12. Anna

    Cuteness! ….you're going to have one jealous little dog when your baby arrives.

  13. that is so adorable! ah my goodness i love dogs. and i bet kingsley is gentle with the new baby. out dog is all protective of any babies that come over to our house. she loves them.

  14. Shorty

    Animals often seem to have a way with babies. It's like they know the baby is delicate. I'm sure Kingsley will be a wonderful friend. CUTE PICS!

  15. besswess

    Could this be any cuter?!
    Just wait till we see pictures of your baby playing.

  16. How adorable! Doggy BBF!

  17. How adorable! Doggy BBF!

  18. Ashley

    Thanks for making my day with twice the rolls! :) just love them!

  19. Emily

    SO adorable. I can't wait to see pictures of kingsley and the babe together. They'll be bffs for sure!

  20. Ahhh…Too cute!

  21. Amy

    I love them both – and I LOVE their names! Also, I love the yellow skirt in your header. It makes me happy :)


  22. Smash

    Oh my gosh, SO cute! My boyfriend wants one — mostly to name him either Tugboat or Porkchop!

  23. this is seriously too cute! i always love watching my dog baby play w/ her doggie friends.

  24. Gwen

    Just found your blog. Love at first sight :)

  25. Aww that is so cute :] We have a golden retriever named Winston!

  26. Michelle

    Too cute! Dog friends are so adorable.

  27. Aww they played paws! Too adorable. And Winston looks very dapper. Totally fits his name. ^_^

  28. Kacie

    my bullie does the same thing with our neighbors frenchie and their bullie.
    i think its the cutest.

  29. Gah! Kingsley (& now Winston) make me want one soooooo bad! ;o)

  30. Sydney

    I won't lie, I've never been an animal person. But Kingsley is really cute. Also, your belly is the cutest thing ever, and when you say that it's been making up for lost time you are full of it. You are still tiny!

  31. Haha they are so cute together!

  32. Katie

    ahhhh! so cute!

  33. Mallory

    I want a puppy!! My 8 month loves dogs! The first time she ever squealed in excitement is when she saw a dog. My heart melted! Kingsley is the cutest!

  34. awww best friends!!!

  35. maicen

    OOh what cute dogs!! They look like they where having a good time:)

  36. AHH! How adorable is the second picture?! DIE! ♥

  37. Danielle

    So cute! I want to steal them both.

  38. holtkamp

    so adorable! i love the fence picture as well!

  39. carissa

    aw. this is really cute. sometimes kingsley reminds me of my baby niece… is that bad?

  40. Blicious

    They are so cute!!! best friends!


  41. awwww they are so presh :)

  42. Elise

    Oh my goodness – this is sooo adorable! And I love how they both kind of have old people names… in the cutest way! :)

  43. Nikki

    I would have melted if I saw these 2 playing. Too cute!

  44. Lindsey

    I have a little Bulldog named Fergie and she is so gentle with my 11 month old. They are best buds! Austin (baby) will go over when she is chewing her bone and grab it from her and then wave it in front of her face to tease her. It's really cute :) Bulldogs are the best!

  45. Micaela

    oh my goodness, the pic of them with their paws holding hands under the gate makes my heart swell!!!


  46. Luna

    that is so cute. when the baby comes make sure to still give kingsley plenty of love and attention too. dogs get jealous too.

  47. Jordan

    Every post you make just oozes with out sweet and adorable you are!!
    You are a beautiful person with such a beautiful blog!!

  48. oh that photo of them playing under the fence is too cute. i love watching lucie, my boston terrier playing with other bostons, they just are so cute with each other. i love winston and kingsley!