kingsley gets his football on.

while in florida last week, we went to the homecoming game of josh’s old high school, the bolles school. wanna guess the bolles school mascot? a bulldog! josh bought kingsley a little toddler bolles shirt in the gift shop and he was a hit at the tail gate party and game running around the field with his little football. we felt proud.

and here’s kingsley, looking over and admiring
bruno, the real bolles bulldog mascot!
  1. Kait

    Oh my goodness, Kingsley is getting so big!!!

  2. hehe, what a coincidence.
    I am sure you had a great time :)
    Love what Kingsley is wearing, please kiss him for me :)

  3. What a big boy he is!

  4. ciupa

    Go Kingsley Go! He's much cuter than the real mascot.

  5. Lyss

    kingsley is adorable! he is like a big baby in that last photo!!

  6. caroline

    I hate to hijack the Kingsley post, but it appears that comments are disabled in the previous one and I wanted to ask you… where did you get that fabulous yellow pencil skirt?

  7. amber

    i love his underbite in the first photo! haha what a little cutie :)

  8. his underbite… my goodness that just made my day!

  9. @caroline, the pencil skirt is from jcrew. thanks!

  10. Michelle

    This is too cute! I love that pic of Kingsley with the mascot!!

  11. eeeee he's so cut – also looking equally as proud clearly loves the limelight! cute x

  12. ahahahahahaa
    fantastic! :-)

  13. The last one with Kingsley and the mascot is AMAZING!! He looks so thrilled!

  14. Ohhh he went to Bolles…no wonder he's such a smartypants.

  15. when you think he cant be more adorable….he looks so cute !

  16. Whitney

    Goodness gracious Kingsley is getting big!
    Looks like y'all had mucho fun!

  17. I love how they high school is the classic Florida Orange and Blue :)

  18. Katz NYC

    Aww, he is a cutie. Love the last pic of the two mascots meeting.

  19. danica

    kingsley is too cute!

    ps You and your husband are probably one of the most adorable couples ever. Oh and I love your hair! I really wish I could get bangs.


  20. hehe – this is too adorable. my fave is the one of him watching the football players. of course loving the jersey!!!

  21. Kristina

    Cutest. Thing. Ever. I love that he got to play mascot!

  22. Nicole*

    i love when you post fun pictures of kingsley! he's so cute!

  23. Amanda*

    I will never get over how cute he is!! :)

  24. That is unbelievably adorable.

  25. i can't believe how big kingsley is! he is a crack up.

  26. Anna

    I love your blog! It's so full of life and love, it cheers me up!!! :D Now I want a bulldog!!

  27. adorable! being a dog person myself i just want to cuddle him! looks like he has found his halloween costume!!

  28. Brit

    he's gotten so big!

  29. Jennifer


    I cannot get enough of that adorable companion!

  30. Belle

    LOL! That last photo cracks me up!

  31. Briel79

    Ahh, he looks so cute in his shirt! Love it!

  32. Kingsley's teeth in the first photo??? Too stinkin' cute!!!

  33. What a little cutieee :]

  34. Karen

    I love that in the first pic you can only see his underbite while he's looking up–so cute!!

  35. Lauren

    I love Kingsley! I love him in his tshirt! So cute!

  36. omgosh, he's adorable! and getting so big!!

  37. Awe the picture of Kingsley with the mascot is adorable!

  38. kristeen

    I thought your husband looked familiar and then I ran across this post! I dated his art teacher which was ages ago. You guys are so adorable together!