kingsley diary.

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“hello friends!

i am back from the beach and i have to tell you, i am already sad… i miss it so. despite what humans say about bulldogs not liking water or having the right body type to swim (sure, diss the pudgy wrinkled dog) i was born to play all day long in the ocean waves, drink salt water by the buckets and dig in the sand. it was the best weekend of my life. and i can’t believe it’s over.
if anyone in florida wants to adopt the cutest bully ever (must promise to take me to the beach every single day and feed me treats whenever i want– not just when i do tricks), i am your dog. just don’t tell mom and dad i am looking for new beach bum owners.
love, kingsley.”
  1. what a handsome, smart dog. i don't blame him for wanting to be at the beach everyday.

  2. I love him! Great picture!

  3. carmen

    Kingsley, you are welcome any time.

  4. Ericka

    I don't know if I'll be able to hide this from your parents, kid.

  5. Jennifer

    Well Kingsley, I can understand how you would love the water, seeing as you're already wrinkly like someone who's been in the bath for a long time! ;)

    PS: I love your beach photo!

  6. my dog LOVES the beach too. he won't go anywhere near the water but it's so cute watch him run up and down the beach and then tumbling when he hits a sand hole haha

  7. CAPow!

    kingsley <3 the fact that you love the beach makes you even cooler than you already were!

  8. Okay, deal! I live in Florida and need an excuse to go to the beach daily. ;) Love this!

  9. Alexia

    Aw! So glad Kingsley likes Florida! Cute post.

  10. Annah

    He's the best :) Beautiful picture. But no surprise there you guys take the best ones, ever.

    I live in Miami, but I already have three dogs if not I'd adopt him in a heartbeat!

  11. awww sounds like Kingsley loved Florida..who doesn't love the beach?!

  12. You really need an audio comment button or something because this post really deserves an Awwwww!! I love that he has lil spots on his ears too!! =)

  13. Sara

    Cute post, cute picture!! Kingsley is adorable!

  14. Haha I KNEW it! I can totally just picture him frolicking around in the sand and waves!

  15. These posts always make me want a puppy!

  16. Jennifer

    awwww that was so cute. i love your puppy! he's the best! <3

  17. Jay

    I enjoy Kingsley's little letters just as much as your own ;) And love that photo!!

  18. Kate

    That pictures is absolutely amazing! I love how cute Kingsley is even from the back. Glad he (and you all!) had a wonderful time!!

  19. LOVE the photo!! how adorable!

  20. Pffft Florida?? Come live with me in Australia buddy… I've got two other doggy boys for you to play with and more beach than you could ever imagine!
    Let me know Kingsley!! You're just super-duper!

  21. Oh, he's just the cutest thing ever! I wish I lived in Florida, Kingsley. :) Haha!

  22. Best post ever (: love it!

  23. carissa

    oh my goodness! what a cute photo. makes me miss that little guy! :) and you guys! hopefully see you soon.

  24. i LOVE that picture of him!!! frameworthy for sure!

  25. r.

    great picture!

  26. my sister and husband who live on St Pete Beach have a little doggie floaty thing they put on their pug and she LOVES the beach :-) and their pool :-)

  27. ana

    aw Kingsley, what a cute post. i live in Tallahassee and would be happy to take you to weekend getaways on the gulf coast beach. you can join my boston, Pebbles while she chases birds and drinks saltwater as well. :)

  28. Whitney

    Awww. He's such a cutie!

  29. amylou

    that is absolutely precious!
    my husband and I put words in our dog's mouth too! It is just too fun to do!

  30. Luna

    i live in miami not far from the beach. glad you all had a good time. kingsley is so cute. i'd love to take him but cant afford to have a dog now. in the near future i might be taking in my moms dog when i move and can have a dog. shes moving and not yet sure if she can take her dog with her.

  31. Lauren

    I love when he writes journal entries. So cute!

  32. Adorable :)

  33. Sarah

    Dear Kingsley,
    You are welcome to come visit anytime. I am sure Frank would LOVE to meet you.
    P.S. The ocean is about half an hour from where we live :)

  34. Hi Kingsley! If you're feeling beach deprived this winter, we'll be hanging out on the beach down here in Australia… Timmy and Bruce would love to have you! They know all the good beaches in Melbourne ;)

  35. Katie

    Awww this is too cute

    If Kingsley ever wants to hang out on the dog beach in Clearwater, send him here! ;) The hubby and I go there constantly with our pup, Lucia. Hey, he could even get himself a new girlfriend…

  36. sweet

    Kingsley! We'd love to be your Florida parents. We live less than a mile from the beach. Come visit any time :)

  37. tRiSh

    Kingsley sure knows how to live =D