happy halloween weekend!!!

we’ve been anxiously awaiting halloween this year
because october 31st is also kingsley’s 1st birthday!
we are so excited!
have a wonderful halloween weekend!
p.s. thanks so much for the kind comments on my 30 weeks pregnancy post.
not sleeping well at night means i’m cranky and my back hurts during the day
so it made me feel better reading all those sweet comments. xoxo
  1. Carly

    hope kingsley has an awesome birthday! {and that maybe he gets a pupcake} :)

  2. Linka

    Trust me, it will get better, especially when the little one gets here!

  3. Celeste

    I love how the last photo can be read as "come in if you want to be terrific" :)

  4. @celeste, i know! i thought that was what it said when i took the pic until i blew the photo up on my computer. haha!

  5. Lauren

    Happy Birthday Kingsley! Will y'all be throwing him a party??

  6. Aw, happy BIrthday, Kingsley!

    And yes, you are a beautiful preggers lady!

  7. Nikki

    Happy Birthday to Kingsley!!!!
    Hope you all have a great weekend!


  8. reason enough to have a kid. messages like, "come in if you want to be terrific. waha!" awesome.

  9. Jr. Mint

    Hapy Birthday, Kingsley! Our Bailey's two yr birthday was last week. We got her a birthday "cake." Yep we are those people. :)

  10. Kristina

    yay – happy birthday Kingsley! Enjoy your weekend! And you look gorgeous in the picture from yesterday. only a little bit longer until you get to meet your little rockstar!

  11. happy birthday to kingsley! ^^ enjoy the weekend!


  12. Molly

    Happy Halloween!! (Notice on the last photo that because of the fold it looks like the sign says "Come in if you want to be terrific")

  13. 2busy

    Have fun! FYI, it's my cat's birthday, too. What shall I give him?

  14. Shorty


  15. Hey, since you live in DC, do you think your little family will be attending Jon Stewart's non-rally rally tomorrow?

  16. ha! i thought that sign read, "come in if you want to be terrific." well, ok. ; ) happy first to the kings!

  17. happy halloween weekend!
    happy birthday kingsley!

    and prettiest mum to be:
    try and eat bananas for sugar cravings, they have loads of good things that will strengthen your nervous system, they are uplifting and nourishing.
    (sounds a bit stupid but helped friends during pregnancy!)

  18. YAY! happy birthday, kingsley. :) i love that his birthday is on halloween.

  19. Happy birthday Kingsley!! :) I hope you celebrate properly (as if you wouldn't… haha!). The 3rd picture is so cute. I love how you can almost imagine a little boy writing the sign and laughing.

    Happy Halloween!

    Little Miss Paige

  20. hannah

    oooh i love the fall leaves…wish we had turning leaves here in vegas.

    happy early doggie bday to your adorable kingsley!
    glad i found your cute blog :)

  21. Happy Halloween.

  22. Sonja

    Happy Birthday to Kingsley!! :o)
    Have a great Halloween!

  23. Meaghan

    My little sister showed me your blog and I had to tell you, I love it. I can see a lot of other people also love it :). All of your photos are so lovely. Congrats on expecting a baby, I just had my first 7 months ago and it is the best thing ever. I just wish I looked as gorgeous as you when I was pregnant.


  24. Kelsey

    only his first? well happy birthday

  25. beautiful pictures. Love that first one especially.

    and although I'm not pregnant, back pain i can understand to a degree with how my body likes to play up when its that time of month. KILLER.

  26. Meggggg

    Haha, too cute.

  27. Lauren

    Happy Birthday to Kingsley!

  28. Miyan

    Happy birthday Kingsley!

  29. Your neighborhood is darling.

  30. Hey there! I love your cute blog- and our lives are similar in a lot of ways… I was married young, live in a city I love (Charleston, SC), am obsessed with my husband and we're about 34 weeks pregnant with our little boy henry!

    Anyways, just a bit of encouragement… I felt EXHAUSTED from about 28/29 weeks until about 32 weeks so hang in there- hopefully you'll get a second wind like I did and you'll feel better than ever.

    Last thing- I would LOVE to see your nursery progress if you've made any…


  31. hope you had a restful weekend!!

  32. What a cool (and scary!) way to welcome treat or treaters, haha!

  33. Juani

    My little nephew,Jason,was born on Sunday,so he and Kingsley share a birthday,so cool!Makes sense,since both of them are beyond cute ;)

  34. @juani! so exciting! congrats to your family! halloween is such a fun birthday date!!! xo