granville moores.

a little while ago we tried out the mussels and fries at granville moores over on h street with our friends. and… just like everyone proclaims, they were amazing. i don’t know how many times i have thought about them since… we need to go back.

also loved all the wood beams, the wood bar and wood tables and booths.
  1. Chels

    you and your friend are like twinners!

  2. Wow, how do you master the low lit pictures?! Looks so much better than with a flash…

  3. MJ

    I love your shirt! and yes, I agree with Chels, you and your friend are like twinners

  4. Ah – we LOVE Granville Moore's. The bowl of fries they give you is just so dangerous. Of course, now I will be craving some until we make it up there! Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. holy cow! a whole bowl of fries. oh yuuuum!

  6. i LOVE mussels – i love how you highlight these places in washington i might not have heard about otherwise – makes me want to visit :)

    btw pregnancy looks good on you!

  7. All of your friends are so beautiful!

  8. YUM. fries. :) my favourite.

  9. very cool looking place. i was introduced to mussels and fries few years back at our fave restaurant in philly (tinto). delish!

  10. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  11. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  12. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  13. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  14. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  15. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  16. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  17. One of my fave spots… plus, they have a great jukebox!

  18. Whitney

    Cute, cute couples.

    and that food looks amazing…along with all that wood!

  19. Maddy

    I love Mussels.. this place looks awesome!

  20. Now that I know you like mussels, time for couples date night! Love Granville moores!

  21. Oh I looooove Granville Moore's!! We went there for our anniversary this year. SO yummy and I aDORed the decor!

  22. i love mussels. except it only takes one to make you horribly sick and therefore scared of them forever. that happened to me this summer in spain. but they're just too good to be frightened of.

  23. sara

    the four of you are adorable!

  24. moule frites is definitely my favorite meal EVER. wish there was a place near me that served them!

  25. I adore your "out and about posts". I love how in love you and Josh are. No better way to spend life! xx

  26. wowza- your friends are similar versions of you two! (pst, i'm always hoping for more bump pictures!)

  27. you and your friend are like twins, wow

  28. Yikes! I've always been hesitant to try mussels (or clams, or any kind of soft crustacean lol)…are they really as slimy as they look?

  29. Cathi

    At first I thought you did a quick wardrobe change and then I realized that your sweet friend is your double!!

  30. Brooke

    okay, totally random question…but i just LOVE your hair! i was wondering if you use a flat iron or a curling iron to get the waves?? thank you!

  31. You make pregnancy look gooooood!
    I'm not a big fry eater, but those look delicious!
    Your friends are adorable and you girls seem to have similar style!

  32. ah, this place looks so homey and rad. if i find myself on the east coast, i'm dropping by. definitely.

  33. Sini

    Looks so nice these photos, so cozyu and warm. Here in france everyone is eating moule frite, seems that it's really good but I haven't tried since most of the times I hate seafood ;)

  34. since i live so close to france, I know it as, moules frites but since you guys are from the states, i'll let that one slip!

    This place just looks the cutest

  35. This looks like such a fun time and I not so secretly want to jump into the picture and grab a few of those yummy fries! ;)

    Liesl :)

  36. i am thinking about flying home to the US just to eat here.

  37. kendra

    You know Carissa??? I love her so much!

  38. Looks like a really cozy place :)
    P.s. your friends look adorable :)

  39. @brooke, thanks! i usually just twist it up in a bun when it's close to almost dry and let it finish drying in a bun. it takes zero time, so i do it often.

    and i'm flattered so many think i look like our friend carissa. she's a cutie! so thank you!


  40. naomi, does josh always have a pen tucked in his shirt?? ;) adorable.


  41. hanner

    ahhh mussels scare me a little bit. i don't know what to expect them to taste like! i get nervous when i get invited to eat them so i haven't tried them yet. haha.

  42. Jaclyn

    Yum! I can't wait to go and try after seeing your photos!

    (Any place that serves mayo-based dipping sauces for fries is a place I need to be.) :)

  43. Agreeing with the twin comments… so cute! Twin couple dating!