i woke up cold this morning. and when i took kingsley outside to potty shortly after, i needed my winter jacket and a scarf.
this means two things. 1. it’s time to break out the firewood and build a fire! 2. josh doesn’t know it yet, but we’re totally roasting marshmallows and making s’mores this evening, too!
*photo from last february. during one of d.c.’s numerous snow storms that left us snowed in for an entire weekend.
  1. Marshmallows? Fires in the fireplace? That sounds positively lovely! Enjoy!

  2. we are house-hunting at the moment and "Fireplace" is on the list of must-haves. I was wearing hat, scarf, and two jackets for this morning's bootcamp class i taught.

  3. Linka

    I remember this photo! I loved it then and I love it now! Stay warm!

  4. so jealous you have a fireplace!

  5. Annah

    Have I told you how much I LOVE your blog? I love it. And I love Kingsley. And I love getting to vicarously live in a winterland through it, since it's a whole lotta of hot in Miami 24-7.

    Stay warm! :)

  6. Kait

    We just had s'mores last week to celebrate our sort-of anniversary!

    Of course, we had to go to Cosi because we don't have a fireplace. One day maybe we'll have a house with a lovely wood-burning fireplace!

    Hooray for fire and s'mores season! I hope you get better soon. My husband has the flu… I guess the good of the season has to come with some bad – in this case icky sicknesses. Feel better soon!

  7. Lauren

    Kingsley will be soooo excited! yay!

  8. Meg

    oh my gosh, do you know how badly i'm wishing for a fireplace in our townhouse? BADLY!!! lucky you :)

  9. Annie

    nawh completely adorable photo! we whacked on the fire a few weeks ago, it absolutely MAKES my winter x

  10. Aww I miss having a fireplace! So cozy :) And I bet Kingsley loves to snuggle in front of yours.

    And as long as you're starting to bundle up…stop by my shop! I've got lots of handmade crocheted items to keep you guys toasty!:


  11. Kingsley was so little back then! wow

  12. Whitney

    I love your mantle, always have. The green walls and pictures? So cute.
    It's not quite that cold here in AL! But hopefully by January of February we can do something like that!

  13. I miss our house back in my country with a really nice fireplace! Winters I've spent there were really cold and with lots of snow and fireplace was the thing that was gather all the family together just to talk and drink hot chocolate. Miss those times :)

  14. lynette

    Kingsley is such. a. doll.

  15. Alanah

    Love your decorative style!

  16. i wish it would finally get cold here. just for a s'mores night!

  17. 2busy

    My gas fireplace prohibits me from roasting marshmallows over it. How fun would that be?!

  18. The way he is looking up at you is melting my heart!

  19. Katz NYC

    Yes, it's that time of the year to break out the fireplace wood and enjoy the fire. Our two cats Miina and Moses love snuggling up on the pillows in front of the fire place and staring at the fire. These are the good fall/winter days at home.

  20. Adorable picture. Kingsley's little cocked head is so precious. And isn't it funny to look at this picture and think about how much has happened since it was taken? You traveled to a couple countries, got a new car, AND you're gonna be a mom!

  21. Your blog really does make me smile every single time I read it. Thank you.

  22. one of my requirements with my next apartment is that it HAS to have a fireplace. and a dishwasher.

    then i'll be a happy camper.

    p.s early morning fires in the fireplace are the BEST!

  23. amber

    that is probably one of my favorite things about cold weather, turning on the fireplace. We have a gas one, so I am not sure if we could make smores..hmmm.

  24. Betty

    That sounds absolutely cozy and wonderful!

  25. hanner

    we tried lighting a fire in our fireplace a couple of weeks ago but we couldn't get it to light, and our apartment just got smoky. haha. we need a duraflame! and i think we're going to have the scouts over to roast marshmallows. that's teaching them to cook, right?

  26. Sarah

    Someday I will have a REAL wood burning fireplace… Rather than our fake fireplace/space heater that we bought.

    Sounds delightful. :)

  27. oh how fun! and this is such a cute pic. love your outfit, girl. :)

  28. You're such a cutey-patootey! Those gathered-at-the-bottom sweatpants are adorable.

  29. Chymere

    your fireplace is lovely. Such a great asset to a HOME.

  30. Eeny

    roasting marshmallows and making s'mores on the fire in the fire place… oh how I love this. I wish I had a fire place. =)

    Love your picture by the way.

  31. besswess

    Sounds like a wonderful time. I would love to spend sometime by the fire tonight. :)

  32. Cindy

    This is the most adorable picture!!

  33. FeeMail

    This is so lovely. Didn't already read your blog back then. This Kingsley pose is epic :)!

  34. so so adorable! i want a fireplace …. lucky! ;)

  35. s a m

    naomi, you have such a knack! even your snapshots are so great because of the way you play with color (the wall/your hat/your pants). one of the reasons i love this blog

  36. Gigi

    So jealous of the fireplace and marshmallows. Also loving how cute Kingsley looks and the colors you use and wear. You are so darling :)

  37. i love the smell and coziness of crackling fires :)…and s'mores…yum!! sounds like my kind of Wednesday night.

  38. Nicole*

    I recognize this picture! one of the first posts I read on your blog was when Kingsley was sitting in the fireplace behind the screen. So cute!

  39. Carrie

    Until you said the photo was from last winter I just kept thinking how I couldn't believe you could possibly be pregnant! You don't look it at all! haha Guess that's cause you're not here. :) You are the cutest pregnant person ever, though.

  40. Bri

    mmm roasting marshmallows sounds just about perfect at this moment. yay for cooler weather! : )

  41. The way he is sitting SO close! How sweet!

  42. J+K

    I love your pinecone owl! Where did you get that??

  43. amanda

    LOVE this photo. loved it the first time around and i love it the second time around. :o)

  44. bethani

    totally enjoy reading your blog everyday..

    i wish Texas (DFW) had enough "cold" weather to need a fireplace.. sadly we don't have one – so no cozy nights by the fire making smores.. I'm living through you!!

  45. I wish I had a fireplace!!! Aww kingsley was so lil here. Yeah for Smores!!!

  46. ag.

    Oh, I wish I had a fireplace! Not only because I love them and keeping warm but I LOVE s'mores!

  47. what a cosy picture! i love the way he is looking at you.
    and look how much smaller he is!

  48. Mandi

    Yay for fires and coziness! I just figured out how to work the fireplace in our new apartment, and am so excited to use it. Also… making soup tonight for the first time this season! Excited. :)

  49. Briauna

    You should try using a symphony bar or a reese's peanut butter cup for the chocolate instead of a regular chocolate bar. It's a whole new level of s'more goodness.

  50. aaww, i forgot how small kingsley was! and how much he loves fire. haha.

    mmmm, s'mores sound perfect right now. and i agree with ^^briauna, a reese's peanut butter cup is a whole different amazing level of goodness.

  51. Chelsea

    what a great shot of you and the sweet pooch!

  52. MellyB

    Kingsley looks so small. Next year at this time you'll see a winter pic of your baby and wonder how he or she was ever so tiny!

  53. Colleen

    I love this photo of you and Kingsley so much – it's so sweet! And I remember commenting on it last Feb, too.

  54. I know exactly what you're talking about! I had to wear a jacket, scarf, and gloves to walk my pup this morning too. Must be cold weather time! lol

  55. i love being snowed in for days at a time. :) your house looks so cozy!

  56. I love that kingsley is as close as he can possible get to the fire to be warm!

  57. amylou

    he was so so little! adorable photo!

  58. erin

    a fire sounds so very good right now. hope you have a cozy weekend!

  59. I love this picture! I wonder what this winter has in store for us?

  60. Luna

    what a great pic. how nice it is to have a fireplace to keep warm and make s'mores. i have always wanted to make s'mores that way, by the fireplace in my own home.

  61. @j+k, the pine cone is actually a candle that's cut to look like a pine cone. it's from UO.