down south…

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we {my love, me + kingsley} are off to florida for a few days…
here are some photos we took there last year.
can’t wait to introduce the beach, waves and sand to kingsley!
i have a feeling he’s going to love it.
  1. those yellow pants are incredibly adorable!

    have fun at he beach!

  2. Briana

    Beautiful photos!! Which of your cameras did you use for these?!

  3. The Gulf Coast is my fav. Enjoy.

  4. amber

    how exciting! my hubs and i are off to savannah, ga today for our anniversary!!

    have fun!! :)

  5. Krysta

    Have fun! Hopefully Kingsley loves the beach. My bulldog is terrified of the water at the Hudson river park… well all water that isn't in the bath tub really.

  6. Chaucee

    Hope you have a great time!

  7. Maddy

    I love Florida. I might be biased because I live here but have a great time! The weather is really, really nice right now and it's supposed to warm up a bit this weekend- perfect for the beach :)

  8. Hope you all have fun!

  9. i live in 15 minutes far from beach.
    but i rarely go there.

    enjoy your days.

  10. Lesley

    it's just not fair… you're so adorable! all. the. time. hope kingsley enjoys florida… i know my puppy would. she LOVES water.

  11. how are you getting the pup there? flying i'm assuming? is he traveling in a carrier under your seat or are you checking him? just curious because we'd like to take Tango the next time we fly back to CA… want some first hand knowledge

  12. safe travels! xx

  13. jenn

    have fun. you three are too cute!

  14. Oh man, you know he is! I can just imagine him splashing around :D Have fun!

  15. aww have a safe trip!! I hope you guys enjoy yourselves!!

  16. Jamie

    where in fl!? i'm sure you'll be super busy but i live in orlando and if you're in town would LOVE to meet you.

    travel safe!

  17. Enjoy your time!
    Florida is a really nice place.
    P.s. Love your yellow pants :P

  18. Ashley

    i live in ft. lauderdale. if you are in the area and find yourself on las olas blvd, do not miss the gran forno bakery. italian pastries and fresh bread that is always in the oven!

  19. Luna

    thats great. i hope you have a great time. i live in miami. when you're down here stop by south beach and enjoy the attractions in the area. please post pics of kingsley at the beach. i would love to see that.

  20. Jennifer

    not a big fan of florida, but those pictures are great!

  21. Vanessa

    Can I just say I LOVE that you take your adorable Kingsley everywhere with you? Dogs should totally be a huge part of the family, and your dog has it made :o)

  22. Those pants! They are so cute I can't take it!

    p.s. have a great trip!

  23. how cute are you!
    have a great weekend!

  24. Kelsi

    can i tag along in your suitcase? pretty please?! you have no idea how much i need it.

    have a great trip!

  25. Jenn

    I want mustard pants like those!

  26. FUN! i've always wanted to visit florida. plus, your yellow pants and flats are darling!

  27. koko

    How fun! Love your yellow pants…
    I'm sure baby K will have a blast.

  28. Girl, You'd be proud of me. I wore yellow pants last week. Ohhhh yes.

  29. where in Florida?! i live there :)

  30. Karen

    I love love LOVE your mustard pants!!

  31. beth

    that outfit is amazing. purple and yellow are so happy together.

    I've actually been reading your blog for a while now, (and it's fantastic) and you've mentioned your holga. I just got one this summer, and am scared to use it haha. do you have any pointers?

  32. Enjoy! The weather here has been beautiful this week! Hopefully it will continue into the weekend for you.

  33. heather

    you ROCK the yellow pants, girlfriend. have a fabulous time!!

  34. Emalise

    My family started vacationing in Florida a few years ago when we moved to Georgia. Enjoy it!

  35. amanda

    have a BLAST!

  36. Katie

    oh, i went to florida twice this year and it was amazing both times! :) have fun!

    and i love your yellow pants!

  37. This is fun! Have a great time at the sunny state!

  38. Let me just start off first by sayin I am, and have been ever since the moment your blog caught my eye from a mile away and swept me off my feet in a snap of a fingers with its originality, in love and mildly obsessed with all your PHOTOS. Your pictures are fantastic, and I wanna know the secret. What kinda camera do you primarily use? I don't know if Photoshop can be in large part to blame or not, but either way you're doin something right… let me know! <3

  39. Anna M

    I love it. The water looks so inviting on the beach.

    Check out this Sunday will be 10-10-10 and the gauntlet has been thrown for everyone everywhere to do something awesome and kind to 10 different people.

  40. Lynn

    wishing you wonderfullness Naomi! Can't wait to see the Ninja's introduction to sand and surf.

    Happy tails (oops i meant trails, well no not really but you get my point ; )


  41. Sum

    I can never get enough of your pictures.

  42. Hiya!
    Love these photos!

    Question: where did you grab those awesome shoes in the top photo? I've been looking for something similar and am having a hard time finding anything!

  43. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time – your photographs are GORGEOUS! *adds to Google Reader*

  44. Perfectly perfect photos, and your pants are just darling! Bold and beautiful. Have fun!!

  45. Greetings from İstanbul… I am follawing your blog for a long time loving spouse and you are so sweet… ı wish your happiness last forever.

  46. i love your shoes

  47. Linka

    Love, Love, Love those yellow pants. You won a versatile blogger award on my site. Stop by to claim it and check it out.

  48. Alexia

    Hope you're having fun! Sounds like there is great weather over there :) xo

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