a donut date.

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we were out in alexandria saturday evening on a little date and one of us had a craving for a donut (i can’t seem to remember who it was, but does it matter?) so we found ourselves at good ol’ krispy kreme where they make the donuts fresh and hot and all festive for the holidays. (we picked up a couple dozen so we’d have treats for a youth event at church the following morning, so no, we didn’t eat all of them. although i probably could have. baby likes sugar just as much as mama does. still shocked i passed that glucose test at the hospital the other week.)

  1. Kayla

    I think I'm the only blogger around that hasn't had a pumpkin donut yet this season. I need to remedy this quick!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. You guys are too cute!!! I wish I had a Krispy Kreme by me!! I've actually never had one but I wish I could have a glazed one right now because they look too yummy!!!

  3. i just saw yesterday how adorable and festive their donuts where! i had no idea! i ate two of the pumpkin decorated ones. and i think i may hopefully be headed back for more before the end of the the week! what was your favorite!?

  4. hannah

    mmm doughnuts! cute blog!

  5. WOW! Your making me sooo hungry…i wish i had a doughnut right now.

  6. What fun pictures! My friend and I recently visited one on a whim to enjoy their Halloween selection and I took some pictures of those same very cute pumpkin donuts! Looks like you had a super sweet time! :)

    Liesl :)

  7. Kelsi

    there is a krispy kreme 2 miles from my house… i would be much skinnier if i moved! ;)

    have you tried the cheesecake donut? holy cowwwwwww.

  8. love your lipstick lady! may i ask what color you're wearing?

  9. Stefanie

    OH MY, you look ADORABLE! I really wish Vancouver had a Krispy Kreme, I'm such a fangirl!

  10. I actually saw you tweet about going there a few days ago and it made me crave it so bad! So I convinced my husband to take me :)

  11. Helena

    love how your outfit matches the donut. so cute!

  12. When I was pregnant with my twins, Krispy Kreme was such a delight! Those warm glazed donuts were so good! Like you, I'm surprised I passed my glucose test!

  13. You both are just so adorable! This is going to be one gorgeous baby!

  14. oh wow…those sugary confections are calling my name!

  15. Those are adorable!!!! I think a Krispy Kreme run is in order for me too!!! YUM.

  16. @communikate., thanks! it's from sephora (their brand) but i can't read which style or color it is on the label anymore because it's worn out! sorry!

  17. God, one of the things I really, really miss here in Sweden is Krispy Kreme… Dunkin' Donuts, even! I remember the KK in Baltimore made their donuts all purple when they made it to the Super Bowl. So fun :-)

  18. L

    haha now I'm craving a donut!

  19. heather.

    i just have to tell you, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman.

  20. Alivia

    Holy moly, I need to get my hands on one of these! Everyone tells me how delicious they are, but I've never had one! Your photos make the donuts look so good they seem healthy! ;)

  21. Kenzie

    Krispy Kreme is amazing! I will always go in and say something like "half a donut (and not the glazed only the sugar, that's healthier)" and then 2 glazed raised's later all I have to show is…. regret, blissful regret.

    You look so cute in these pictures!

  22. I love Krispy Kreme! :). I was just talking about how I needed to make a visit there last night!

  23. Your man is a glowing. Must be his cute wife and the little bun in the oven. :)

  24. haewon

    I really like your blouse/dress!
    Where is it from??

  25. audrey

    most beautiful pregnant lady ever :)

  26. Lizzy

    oh my.

  27. Oh man…I LOVE Krispy Kreme. They are like heaven in a donut.

  28. Nikki

    cute! the donuts look scrumptious!


  29. Rachel

    Yup. My baby's due in December & donuts have been a tad more tantilizing than usual during pregnancy.

  30. Mallory

    I hated that glucose test! I totally failed the one hour and had to do the three. Thankfully I passed!

  31. amber

    yummy!!! i think my hubby and i need to make a krispy kreme run ASAP! You guys are so much fun :)

  32. Lauren

    The only donuts I will eat are from KK! Love them!

  33. FeeMail

    Are this pumpkin donuts filled with pumpkin cream or something like that?! We don't have them in Germany…

  34. In the words of Homer Simpson: "Mmmm dooooughnuts…"

  35. oh gosh, they look so delicious! :) om nom nom nom :D

    me wants a donut now too.


  36. SarahAnn

    Glad you passed the glucose test! It gives me hope. I've become a bit concerned considering I've made two batches of cookies in two days. My regular sugar cravings had vanished entirely in the first trimester, but 23 weeks and they're back with a vengeance!

  37. i remember the craze when Krispy Kreme first opening in SoCal. People would wait around the block.

  38. bethani

    you manage to take the cutest pictures ever – no matter where you venture to… plus the fact that i would never think to take pictures at a donut shop… i'm a wee bit envious. :)

    happy blogging!

  39. 2busy

    Those look delicious.

  40. Girlfrog

    Seeing a "hot doughnuts now" sign in the window of KrispyKreme is such a happy thing.

  41. I'm impressed that you took some of the donuts to your youth event; I would have been tempted to eat them all! I'm greedy like that!

  42. i just posted about the krispy kreme burger we had at the nc state fair. surprisingly everyone loved it… even though i still can't imagine what that would be like:)

  43. Whitney

    Ah! You're so adorable!
    We passed a Krispey Kreme truck today and we wanted to steal all of its contents…:)
    Would you mind telling me what kind of photo editing software you use?

  44. michelle

    Wow. This looks so good right now. I think a trip to the suburbs for a KK donut is in order. Stat.

  45. Fun! I'm so sad we don't have Krispy Kreme in my town anymore. One opened a few years back and didn't even make it one year before shutting down. It really surprised me, but oh well. Probably a good thing, otherwise I'd eat there everyday lol.

  46. oh man, speaking of church, i just became curious: what's your calling? i bet you're with the young women, aren't you? they would love you.

  47. @haewon, thank you! it is vintage actually.

    @nicole addison, that sounds disgusting right now. but maybe that's just because anything burger makes me wanna puke these days. :)

    @whitney, i use iphoto.

    @juliamarisa, i am actually a primary teacher (the blessed 4-6 year old class!) but josh is the young men's president so the doughnuts were for them!


  48. amanda

    ah, donuts are such a weakness. and krispy kreme's are some of the best!

    what a delicious date!

  49. mmmmm krispy kreme.
    gotta love it.
    i haven't had one in forever.
    probably for the best.

    cute hat!

  50. That photo of you is so adorable I can't even look at it. Seriously. Such a sweet (spontaneous) date idea!

  51. i want to know how you stay so fit and adorable!? you eat the yummiest looking treats- i feel like i'm gaining just looking at them :)

  52. Connie

    Did you know that was the ORIGINAL Krispy Kreme? Well, that's what my mom would tell me every time we'd go. :p
    Only you could make a trip to Krispy Kreme look so cool (:

  53. you are lucky you passed your glucose test the first time!! I had to re-take and get poked in the arm a jillion times! No fun!

  54. Beli

    OMGoodness! this is funny I just went to KRispy kreme today and I didn't eat one donut I ate 3!!!!! I felt soo guilty but they are just sooooo freaking good. Especially when they are so fresh and hot. I rarely go to that side of town so when I go. It is my guilty pleasure. anyways, you look prettier than ever!

  55. you look so cute.

  56. hımmmm delicious !

  57. Sarah

    Och! You were in my town! I love that they revamped KK. Before I went off to college it was toting old school diner but in the greasiest sense. Isn't watching the donuts being made hypnotic? :)

  58. ana

    oooo. yummy :D

  59. I looovve krispy kreme! That halloween-themed donut looks good :)

  60. Jamie

    major YUM!
    gotta check those out this weekend.

    love the beanie too – where's it from?


  61. @Jamie, thanks! It's from H&M; from a few years back.

  62. did you know that we do NOT have a krispy kreme on Oahu?!????!!! it's probably the worst thing about this island! haha, this post made my mouth so sad. lucky you! when i lived on the mainland sometimes my friends and i would go real late at night to krispy kreme and see if they had any donuts they were throwing out for free. yum.

  63. Nicole*

    mmmm! we just got a dozen of the halloween ones the other day too. and we went to try to new pumpkin spice but they were sold out! guess that means we'll have to go back ;) have you tried it?

  64. @nicole, the pumpkin spice is good! not my absolute favorite, but still really delicious! you should go back and try it! haha!

  65. Sharstin

    you are too cute girly! and donuts are definitely a weakness for me! ah!

  66. Although Daleville, Virginia might be pretty far for you travel, I think you would love the donuts at Blue Collar Joe's. Check them out here:

    Their best donut is the blueberry pancake breakfast with maple glazed icing topped with bacon. Yes, I said bacon.

    I love to take my family there when they visit!

  67. KATIE

    Ahhhh Krispy Kreme in Alexandria. I was a missionary in Virginia 10 years ago and lived in a little apartment that faced the back of this Krispy Kreme. Every morning we'd see the delivery trucks going out and on fast Sunday the smell was torture! Other days it was heavenly. One day we got snowed in and walked over and spent the day there. The Krispy Kreme where I live now doesn't make the cinnamon twists that they made there. I miss them. (I gained 20 pounds living there…I wonder why) Thanks for bringing back fun memories…except the weight gain part.