.70¢ date {& giveaway winners!}

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i’m not sure you can see what is in husband’s hand,
but that’s a .35 ¢ ice cream sandwich!
today we went on a little afternoon date and walked
down to the corner pharmacy
for a little ice cream sandwich love.
nothing beats a .70¢ date, either! nothing.
also, yesterday went by too quickly
and i didn’t get a chance to announce our giveaway winners!
congrats to the two winners below for winning our giveaway!
please email me the color/poster of your choosing + shipping info

and thank you to all who entered!
have a great weekend!
  1. How cute. I'm loving the look of those.

  2. Elise

    That scarf looks so cozy and amazing! YAY Fall! Lovely date… can't beat 70 cents! :)

  3. cheap & cheerful = always the best!

  4. I can't believe you can get anything for 35¢ anymore, let alone a yummy ice cream sandwich! Wonderful when such a treat can be almost free. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Aura

    An ice cream sandwich sounds so, so good right now.
    The funniest thing I've noticed about pregnancy so far is that anytime I see someone eating something, I also have to have it. Or else. And every time I read your blog and all see all the yummy treats you're eating, it just fuels my sweet tooth!

    Your hair would look super cute at that length in your photo. I don't know if it's behind your shoulders or wrapped up in your scarf, but it's cute-cute.

  6. what sweet pictures!! an ice cream sandwich date sounds like so much fun!! :)

  7. YUM! I didn't think you could get anything more than a gumball out of a machine, if that, for $.35!! WOW! :)

  8. Ice cream sandwiches – it's hard to beat those at any price.

  9. Dude, I wish I could go on a date that cheap!

  10. s a m

    It's the simple things, isn't it Naomi? I like watching Mad Men whenever they reveal how much money something costs. Those ice-cream sandwiches are a historical relic that should be preserved!

  11. i love cheap date nights!

    when my husband and i were first married we'd go to the dollar store with a dollar {plus six cents-utah sales tax} and challenge each other to find the funniest gift for each other.

    let's just say that i was the proud owner of granny underwear from the dollar store. score! :)

  12. Colleen

    Yes. A 70 cent date is the bomb dot com.

  13. AmyK

    .35 for an ice cream sandwich?! That's a pretty sweet deal!

    Your hair looks amazing in that picture, btw.
    And congrats to the giveaway winners :)

  14. Yum. There's nothing I love more than an icecream sandwich!

  15. O MY GOODNESS!! where is your scarf from???

  16. Luna

    wish there were 35 cent ice cream sandwiches in my area. i love those.

  17. i brought ice cream sandwiches to my 1st graders for fun friday. the kids were so excited but they were definitely not .35!

  18. You growing out your bangs, love?

  19. Caty

    Gotta love simple and inexpensive dates!

  20. your prego belly is adorable.
    the utah mountains are turning orange.
    i could not be more excited for fall…that's a big deal for a summertime lover.
    happy fall/pregnancy/life