30 weeks!

30 weeks!
currently crave apple jacks cereal all day long.
baby kicks a bajillion times each hour. sometimes they’re sweet kicks, sometimes they really really hurt. i still love them either way.
going over baby names with my husband each night before bed or emailing each other random ones through out the day is our new favorite thing to do.
finding a comfortable sleeping position at night has become nearly impossible… so i don’t sleep. which isn’t good for me or anyone who has to spend time with me.
i cry a lot more these days. stress has slowly crept back into my life.
also, my bladder is now the size of a peanut.
but just so you know, i don’t think i’ve ever been happier. and i think it’s safe to say josh is happier than ever, too. he tells me so often… and even if he hadn’t said a thing, i see it all over his face. there is no hiding it.
  1. Wow, I hope I have the pregnancy glow when I get pregnant someday. You are beautiful!

  2. Megan

    You look beautiful, that's a lovely picture.

  3. Rhianna

    I love your hair in this pic!

  4. Deb

    beautiful!! lovely, lovely dress:)

  5. Lauren

    I love your blog! and this is such a cute post. You look gorgeous and it's so fun to hear about your pregnancy. Must be such an exciting time; I look forward to it tremendously, especially searching for baby names. :) Good luck with everything!

  6. Hey Naomi! *I* am so happy for you and can't wait till your baby is here and read about your birth story and adventures with baby! I hope that doesn't sound creepy haha – I just love reading your blog and genuinely am so happy for you and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    No sleep doesn't sound fun at all but hey, I think you are the tiniest 30 week preggers woman I've ever seen. Amazing that you seem to have only grown…in the tummy (obvi, haha!) So that has got to count for something, I'm sure there are pregger women around the world whose ankles and fingers and toes are swollen with pregnancy who are slightly envious of you.

    x shal

  7. Splendor

    you are the most beautiful pregnant lady i have ever seen.

  8. Davina

    hang in there, all that will be over soon and you'll be carrying a beautiful baby! btw, what is your secret to looking so good while being pregnant??

  9. And you guys will just keep getting happier… and life will keep getting sweeter. :-)

    It's an amazing experience!

  10. Could you get any more beautiful? :) LOVE that yellow dress on you…so, so, pretty! So glad that your are happy regardless…that is wonderful!

    Liesl :)

  11. Sita

    Just 10 weeks to go! Time goes by fast..
    I am at 38 weeks at the moment.. it's getting close..We are having a boy and will have an old fashioned English name for him (eventhough we're Dutch and live in Holland).

    Hope you sleep better, have you tried sleeping with an extra pillow under your belly or legs?


  12. Rudi

    this sounds completely terrible, but I used to think birth and pregnancy was the nastiest thing in the world, and it made me sick to my stomach to think about being pregnant.

    Except you're giving me a new perspective on the whole family thing. Everything looks so happy, and I have a better glimpse that pregnancy isn't a big scary medical procedure- it's a celebration of life. And thank you. Thank you a lot for that.

    love, rudi

  13. Lovers

    You are the most beautiful pregnant woman!! Congrats :)

  14. Your beautiful!!!!!

    so I am 31 weeks and the pregnancy pillow has been a LIFESAVER! My husband jokingly calls it the great wall of China, it does fit in between us but I flipped it. Also so random but even if that cant work I use a few softer pillows and sleep the opposite side of my bed…Odd but it gets me some sleep :-)

  15. you are the most beautiful lady! i swear!
    your blog makes my heart warm (:

    x anna

  16. Sarah

    What a beautiful photo. :) I love your dress!

  17. Katie

    awww… how wonderful! i LOVE your hair!!!

  18. Brooke

    You probably have the cutest baby bump I've ever seen! My husband says that the reason why we preggos can't sleep comfortably is because the baby is already training us for when we have to be up all night with him/her. I think It's true :-) Best wishes!

  19. Bre

    Naomi you are beautiful! I love that you still have your sweet tooth, I hope you start getting some sleep and soon. A memory foam mattress, and pregnancy pillow should do the trick!

  20. I just separated from hubby last week. But your website makes me happy. I'll try again with someone who 's excited about it all just like u guys… You look great! I love your website.

  21. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a total creep, but you're the cutest pregnant woman! I can only hope I can look so well kept years (and I mean years.) from now when I'm married and expecting my first baby!

  22. You look absolutely beautiful. This post makes me so happy.

  23. Roxy Te

    you look so lovely!!

  24. Colleen

    What a special and exciting time – glad you're enjoying it

  25. Kimi

    This is an amazing post. You are a lovely pregnant lady. :)

  26. You look wonderful, i am so glad you are enjoying this special time…i really loved every moment of being pregnant with my son even the bits that weren't that great were still great :) if that makes sense?? and i was so proud of my bump i just wish i had more photographs, yours are lovely xx

  27. YOU are completely gorgeous. I am in love with your hair.

    And I hate to say it, but it gets worse and worse and worse. I just had baby #3 and I had forgotten how uncomfortable you get by week 38. Sleeping is almost literally impossible, and I peed no less than 4 times a night every night. Good luck in your last 10 weeks!!

  28. Carly

    adorable AND gorgeous at thirty weeks! :)

  29. I love everything about this post. ^_^

  30. Wahy

    ah, you still look amazing! x

  31. you are the cutest! that little belly of yours is adorable!!

  32. you look beautiful! and i'm totally with you on the whole no sleep thing. it's impossible to get comfortable with the bump. maybe this lack of sleep is just training us for when the little ones get here :)

  33. Lynn

    just beautious!!!!! i can imagine little baby will be well versed with lovely musical lullabies and Regina Spektor ambiance. such a magical time.

  34. ok, first I have decided that yellow is your color!! and second, you have the prettiest hair of anyone I know. What is your secret?!

  35. yellow looks SO pretty on you! and you are more gorgeous then EVER. just radiant!

  36. Meghan

    I am dying! You are so beautiful! Your happiness is contagious!

  37. Rebecca

    I've been lurking for more than a year now. :/ Congratulations on the pregnancy. My daughter is five-months-old now. We struggled to conceive and are SO grateful that we have our daughter. I am glad that you will get to share in this wonderful thing called motherhood!

    We are getting our first family portrait taken (outside) and I wondered if you had any advice on what to wear or what not to wear. I want us to look as beautiful as you and Josh! Any tips?

  38. Rebecca

    P.S. Where do you get your awesome pencil skirts?

  39. Dawn

    i'm loving your hair these days. YAY pregnancy hormones (Pros: gorgeous hair and nails; Con: crying all the time ;) )

    I just had a baby almost 4 months ago and my hair is falling out like mad, but it was nice while it lasted.

  40. Hello gorgeous!

  41. Shelley

    You are so pretty! Pregnancy definetly agrees with you! I can not wait to see your new addition :)

  42. awwww!!!! you look so adorable!!! x

  43. j.peri

    you are seriously,
    the most adorable prego women.
    but seriously.
    love from:

  44. you look absolutely beautiful, what a glow!

  45. liz city

    You look really happy :D

    If you haven't already heard this song, I think you should hear "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift. It's a mommy type of song that makes me cry every single time – I love it but it's just teary. Unless you're all cried out. Then don't listen to it. But I recommend that you do because it's really special :D

  46. Cambria

    I am so happy for you! :)

  47. There is no doubt in my mind that you two are going to be the sweetest parents in DC…not to mention the most stylish. What a lucky baby! :)

  48. nicole

    you are seriously the cutest pregers lady ever!

    ps i love your freckles!

  49. oh naomi, i am seriously so happy for you! pregnancy can be rough, but it's so amazing too. you look GORGEOUS. and oh i can't wait for your baby to BE here! there is just something about a new baby… we are LOVING it.

    oh. and i'm a bit obsessed with baby names, so i'm dying to see what you decide on. =)

  50. Jennifer

    You are positively GLOWING! And you both should be happier than ever… this is a wonderful time!

  51. i would like to concur with the 42307 people above me and say you are for sure 100% glowing! and now i am craving apple jacks…..

  52. Julia

    "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him." Psalm 127:3

    I attended a baby shower recently, and received a book mark with this verse on it, just thought I'd share it with you all.

    How you do manage to still look stylish?! I love it!!

  53. katha

    You just look so radiant, happy and are overly just glowing. So happy for you two and can't wait for that little rockstar to be born.

  54. You guys are so beautiful & so lucky… pregnancy suits you xx


    So wonderful. And you are as gorgeous as could be. hooray for happiness! :)

  56. joolee

    you look beautiful!! how do you do it?? :) and i'd also have to recommend the maternity pillow – it's shaped like a big C and was probably the BEST purchase i've made for my three pregnancies…poor husband gets sad when i pull it out because he says it "blocks him off" in the bed, but it's the only way i could sleep near the end!

  57. @rebecca, JCrew has a bunch of great pencil skirts right now. and in a bunch of beautiful colors. good luck with your family photos!

    @liz city, thanks! will have to check out that song!

    @rudi, thanks so much for sharing your comment. that is great to hear! i think family is SO important and on top of that, i believe pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. i've heard way too many horror stories about pregnancy over the years and while i know it's hard and crappy for a lot of those 9 months, i really wish women would stop focusing on the negative effects of pregnancy and more on the miraculous gift of that tiny human they are bringing into the world. if that makes sense? it really is amazing. you will love it.

    @isaline vanessa, i'm so sorry to hear that. but happy you are confident in going out there and finding what you want. will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

    @roxanne, i don't do the curls the way you're "supposed" to, but i just wrap my hair in a loose bun when it's almost dry for about 5 minutes. hahaha. it's the "easy" way. and takes no time or prep or styling or anything.

    thanks again everyone for the nice comments. i stuck a pillow between my legs last night while i slept and i think it helped me sleep for a few hours! so thank you!


  58. keli *

    what a darling picture! so so lovely.

  59. oh you are totally glowing! you look gorgeous!

  60. You are stunning and the baby bump absolutely precious!

  61. ACH

    You look so beautiful & happy! Congratulations!

  62. You are absolutely radiant! LOVE that dress!

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  64. Hang in there! A body pillow was my best friend those last few months of preggo-ness. (They have them at costco for $12 periodically.) Here's hoping you get some good sleep soon!

  65. Your hair…oh, your hair. It's amazing! It looks so long and healthy, and the color is just perfect. Gosh, you make pregnancy look good.

  66. Jay

    you look fantastic!! good look with the sleeping :)

  67. You look amazing! stay happy :)

  68. jlc

    I know you got 172 comments before this one but I just have to say… you look absolutely GORGEOUS. You make pregnancy look so good and I'm happy that you are happy. :)

    You and Josh are going to make incredible parents.

  69. Ashley

    You are so adorable and are the loveliest prego ever! Happy 30 weeks!! :)

  70. whimsy

    i honestly dont understand how you always are soooo gorgeous!!!! and seriously the cutest prego girl ever. i love that you are so happy about it, it makes me want to be prego. and i love that josh is to. too precious.

  71. Victoria

    You look beautiful! Obviously suit being pregnant very much.

  72. Claire

    You look so radiant and beautiful

  73. Girl… You are just too cute!

  74. I've been a quiet reader for awhile now but wanted to pop in and say that you are STUNNING!!! Congratulations!

  75. Kelsey

    it's good your cravings are for something that doesn't require cooking or prep time ;)

  76. You look so cute! I'm so happy for you. By the way, what lipstick are wearing in this picture? I love the color!

  77. you look lovely! And I love your dress! when you can't sleep it means baby is almost here! hooray for you!

  78. Ok. You are the most lovely pregnant woman ever. Sheesh.

  79. Ariel

    you're literally the prettiest pregnant (and before your pregnancy) woman i've ever seen! congratulations on your family!

  80. Muffin

    love love the dress. :) and a very cute baby bump indeed!

  81. Rhianne

    I saw on a Cup of Jo that she had a pregnancy pillow for sleeping? I have no idea if that would help you or not but it might…

    I thought the other day that I've never seen Josh look happier on your blog – or you either – its lovely to see.

    And you look lovely in yellow :)

    p.s. sorry if someone already mentioned the pillow lol, I only just saw this…

  82. Alleen

    Simply beautiful picture!!! The last 10 weeks will fly by so enjoy :)


  83. Victoria

    You're the prettiest pregnant person I've ever seen. Fact! xx

  84. Sunny

    Wow! Congratulations! Great news! And another exclamation point! Or two!

  85. Okay you are so cute, and I love your dress, where did you get it? 10 more weeks!! Start the countdown!

  86. shopgirl

    You look beautiful Taza!

  87. julia

    You are awesome!

  88. Have you thought about whether or not you are going to deliver naturally? (Im sure you have) I think I want to, but I am not prego and you are. What do you think about it?

  89. meg

    seriously, how do you do your hair? it is so gorgeous. i love the baby bump…you make pregnancy look oh so good.



  90. claire

    oh my gosh. i just found your blog. can i please BE YOU when i grow up?? :)

  91. haha…mine was Super Crisp cereal…probably 6 bowls a day. Congrats!

  92. andrea

    Naomi, you are hands down the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world! Wow! And I'm so excited for you and Josh and sweet little baby Davis!!! :)

  93. Aya

    You're radiant. Please commence part time modeling career soon.

  94. Aya

    I mean "part-time model" not because you're not lovely enough for the full-time gig, but rather because you have so many fulfilling things in your life (and coming soon) already.

  95. ColeyK

    This is a beautiful picture! Do you mind me asking where you got your dress?