happy halloween weekend!!!

we’ve been anxiously awaiting halloween this year because october 31st is also kingsley’s 1st birthday! we are so excited! have a wonderful halloween weekend! xo p.s. thanks so much for the kind comments on my 30 weeks pregnancy post. not sleeping well at night means i’m cranky and my back hurts during the day so it made me feel better reading all those sweet comments.... Read more

30 weeks!

30 weeks! currently crave apple jacks cereal all day long. baby kicks a bajillion times each hour. sometimes they’re sweet kicks, sometimes they really really hurt. i still love them either way. going over baby names with my husband each night before bed or emailing each other random ones through out the day is our new favorite thing to do.... Read more

a donut date.

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we were out in alexandria saturday evening on a little date and one of us had a craving for a donut (i can’t seem to remember who it was, but does it matter?) so we found ourselves at good ol’ krispy kreme where they make the donuts fresh and hot and all festive for the holidays.... Read more