weekend recap.

hope you had a nice relaxing weekend.
i feel like ours was anything, but.
but it was still a lot of fun.
we accomplished a ton.
got up at 5:30AM on a saturday! whaaat.
and had fun with friends.
josh taught me how to play crazy 8’s,
we found a place in alrington that makes great arancini.
and we both wore tweed since it’s getting cooler outside
and… only got one parking ticket.
p.s. that big pile of fat with one leg extended
at josh’s feet in pic#2 is kingsley.
i thought i’d let you know
incase you couldn’t recognize mister getting-very-pudgy,
because he is getting very pudgy. :)
  1. Chloé

    Kingsley will always be adorable no matter how pudgy! Also, I cannot wait until it's cool enough in GA to wear tweed!

  2. Juliana

    We were just told by the vet that our Bully Lola was over weight and needed to lose 10-15 pounds! She has to go down from 50 lbs to 35 or 40. Its so hard giving her so little food!

  3. kingsley is just gaining weight cause you're pregnant. sympathetic weight gain.:)

  4. ciupa

    arancini, yum!!!
    If you ever get to Sicily, you must try them there – the best!

  5. Where is this place in Arlington?! I would love to try it out!

  6. kingsley… still so friggen' cute!

  7. @heather, i forget the name, but will ask josh. it's out in ballston. i'll comment back here when i know!

  8. Jennifer

    I agree with the first comment from Chloe, when it gets cooler in GA to wear things like tweed, I'm going to be so happy. I hate summer… :(

    Kingsley is adorable! I want that dog, haha.

  9. haha awwwww pudgy kingsley…maybe he's gaining sympathy weight preparing for baby :)

  10. when people say the word PUDGY i immediately think two things:

    {1}. one day my hubs and i will have a pug. and we'll make him fat so we can refer to him as the puggy mudgy. {because mudge is our last name} :)

    {2}. when my hubs was a little kiddie he said that some of the other kids called him a pudgy mudgy because he had a chubby face… isn't that the saddest/cutest thing you've ever heard?

  11. Bianca

    It's nice to bust out the fall fashions re: tweed. Also, don't you just love crazy eights? Hours of fun!

  12. @adam.and.e., that's kind of the saddest, cutest name calling thing ever. and slightly over weight pugs are very cute! especially if they have the last name mudge to rhyme with!

  13. sounds so much fun! Kingsley still looks so cute even though It's getting pudgy, and I love to wear tweed anyway :) nice to hear that you had a great weekend with husband!


  14. if only it was colder where i lived to wear tweed, i think i would die of heat. those flowers are beautiful!

  15. Wow, I am so impressed that you got up at 5:30am on a Saturday. I'm not sure I could do that.

    And Kinglsey is just the cutest! I think our dogs would be best friends if they ever met in real-life.

  16. He is the cutest thing ever! And the fact that he is getting pudgy just makes him even more adorable!

  17. Whitney

    Fall makes me SO excited!

  18. izznit

    Atleast he's a cute pile of fat! *looks down at own tummy*

  19. Annah

    Your doggie is the cutest thing ever! :) And it's really adorable that you guys take the time to take him to so many places. My dogs are totally jealous.

  20. haha! you know what i just realized? his one leg out is kind of a dance move. perhaps he's channeling you naomi and embracing his inner dancer?

  21. Chiara

    Arancini?!!!! I am from Rome and that is a traditional dish in from Rome, didn't know you guys had them in the States, in Canada nobody knows what they are!!!!

    Love the Kingsley picture with just the 1 leg sticking out!!



  22. Katz NYC

    Aww poor Kingsley. He likes his food, just like our Moses. Moses' sister is long and lean model type and Moses got the fat gene… He is my "more to love".

  23. he's getting pudgy so when the baby come he's super comfy for the baby to snuggle with

  24. go josh, i freaking love crazy 8s – second favourite card game!


    I just saw the post below..
    Oh you guys..
    You so deserve it.. I've never even met you but i am so excited for you. and you look so beautiful pregnant!!
    Congratulations xx

  26. Ah! How do you play Crazy 8's? Someone bought our 4 year old some card games for his birthday and Crazy 8's was one of them. All the decks came with instructions except for Crazy 8's. We sat down on Sunday to play and could not, even after googling a million card game sites, figure it out. Haha!