the national arboretum.

between brunch and a BBQ with friends on labor day, we took a quick little afternoon trip over to the national arboretum since we were in the neighborhood getting frosties at wendy’s. should i be embarrassed to say the main reason we ever end up doing anything is if it’s driven by food? i guess that’s just how it is in our family.
anyway, the national arboretum is great. we especially liked the national capitol columns. you can read about them here.

and here is a picture of the baby bump from the front. i think it looks so awkward from the front. but i still love it, even if it’s an awkward bump.
  1. Brooke

    seriously how do you look so cute at the arboretum? I guess I might feel a little better about my sloppy dress if you start wearing jeans and tees once the baby comes. If not, can you provide a class for chic dressing on your blog? The dress and bump are stunning. xo

  2. How do you do your hair with the braid on top? It's so pretty! Make a video tutorial!
    So gorgeous.

  3. @brooke, we're dressed up because we'd been at brunch with friends beforehand. i like wearing tshirts and jeans too….you can see me in them as proof in just the last post!

    and @the hungry girl, thanks! the hair is easy to do (i probably don't do it correctly) but i just twist two pig tails over my head and pin them down with criss crossed bobby pin. takes maybe 3 seconds! which i love.


  4. Jennifer

    Oh so many things that I choose to do are motivated by the hope or promise of food!

    You are looking so sweet with your baby bump!

  5. Caroline

    You look absolutely stunning. Pregnancy agrees with you : )

  6. katie f

    if anyone can pull it off, i think its you naomi!
    that dress is so sweet!

  7. Kaycee

    wow, you're definately one of those lucky people who look gorgeous even when preggers =] I'm loving the whole package- the hair, the necklace, the dress, the belt, the bracelet, the hand on stomach ;p i've been a faithful reader for so long but i've never commented for some reason. I just want to say that I am SO happy for you guys- I'm sure that the baby rockstar will inherit both of your dazzling good looks and cuteness =]]

  8. Nawana

    'Looks awkward from the front'? Really Taza? You're a beautiful girl, pregnant or not. Fishing for compliments like that is lame and obvious. A little to 'TAMNers' here.


    you are quite possibly the cutest soon-to-be-mama I've ever seen! Mr Kingley must be excited to be a big brother!!! Hope you feel well and your pregnancy is a breeze. Congrats!

  10. @nawana, i'm really sorry you feel i am fishing for compliments. it wasn't my intention at all. i still think the bump looks awkward from the front, but like i said in the post, i don't care because i love it.

  11. Congrats on the baby bump! What an exciting time for you and your family! Kingsley gets a new sibling!

  12. Anna

    I cannot WAIT for the rockstar baby! congrats! we love you guys!
    ps- you look beautiful pregnant. :)

  13. Ok, I'm a new viewer of your blog and I'm obsessed! I know you get a buttload of comments every day, but would it be possibly for you to tell me how you get your lipstick so PERFECT and how it stays on and keeps your lips looking moist and luscious?! Also, I love the Heidi braid. Is that hard to do? Plus you are a friggin hot preggo woman, is that hard to do? Haha. Everything is awesome.