rockstar giveaway!

this week we have a sponsored giveaway for you by jo totes! jo totes “provide pretty day bags for carrying your camera and an extra lens with your purse items while out and about.”
jo totes is giving away one bag in the color and style of the winner’s choice!

to enter, please visit jo totes and leave a comment below
before friday, september 24th! good luck!
and to keep up to date with jo totes new products, specials and more,
check out their facebook page!

    oooh, missy in gray (or black if gray isn't in stock yet)

  2. mango

    Oh THAT is awesome. I've always had such a trouble carrying my Canon SLR. I hope Missy in gray will come out soon!


  3. Channa

    These are amazing! I love the new turquoise bag. I would love to own own of these…

  4. Brooke

    oh wow, these are amazing!

  5. jenny

    i love them! esp the yellow one! so cute!

  6. Sasha

    These bags are so cute!

  7. how adorable! i would love to have one!

  8. Karen

    I love all of the new colors that are coming out! Also been coveting something in mustard….the rose marigold could be a great first step towards that :)

  9. nal

    wow, this is the best looking camera bag I've seen! love the shape and colors =]

  10. Mikkie

    Rose in marigold is just the darlingest

  11. Oh, I need this tote in my life! Cute and organized *swoon*

  12. Heather

    I would love the bright yellow camera bag!! Perfect for the multiple camera gal.

  13. Bebop

    Pick me….I would love the grey missy….in November that is!

  14. Alena

    I love the blue one! I've been looking for a pretty yet functional camera bag FOREVER. It's exactly what I've been wanting!

  15. Linzvor

    Pretty pretty! I love the little flower :]

  16. oh my bloody mary these are cuuute! The yellow is wonderful.

  17. erin

    Oh, I really want one of these…its on my Christmas list!

  18. erin

    ooooo pretttty!!
    my camera case from my non-digital-slr days is looking sad.

  19. Rileigh

    I love love love these bags and honestly I want one in each color. They are on my "saving up for" list. Finally a camera bag that is beautiful, affordable and functional I can put diapers in it and no one would know. I love it!

  20. Angie

    I've been begging hubby for one of these for months! He doesn't think it's necessary. Because he's a silly boy. I love the Missy in gray or blue!

  21. Amander

    Rose Marigold is beautiful.

  22. McKenna

    SO CUTE :D

  23. Kaci

    I just bought my first camera… the Panasonic GF1. I still have NO IDEA how to use it. But I love photography and I really want to learn. I would feed dang sexy learning how to use my camera with a fancy black Missy tote!

  24. Katie

    I love the Missy in black! I've been constantly bugging my husband about getting a bag that will hold my Canon properly; shoving it in my oversized handbags is not ideal!

  25. please please please please PLEEEASE!!!!

    i would happily take one in black, please.

    love. this. very. much.

  26. Love your blog and love these bags!

  27. I love these, too cute!!!!

  28. Nate-O

    Wow. I think I'm the only man that's commenting on this. My wife has been drooling over this bag for months (the blue one with the rose) so I thought I'd try and win her one.

  29. Brittany

    These bags are so so so cute! Much better than the yucky styles out there these days.

  30. Jen

    love it. want :)

  31. Frances

    love the missy in black:) thanks lots naomi. and hope you've had a much better week this week:)

  32. Teri

    Oh, yes, a jo totes in yellow!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  33. shopgirl

    What a great idea – to take something so standard and boring and turn it into something chic and pretty!

    I love the Missy Pink bag!
    Rambles with Reese

  34. Wow what a wonderful bag with awesome extra feature.i luv it

  35. Cheray

    Ohhh! A bag that can properly carry my cameras!! (my poor handbag is coming away at the seams from me using them as makeshift camera bags wherever I go!)
    Such pretty colours too

  36. love this! love the sugarplum and pewter rose bag!!!! perfect for my new (old) minolta!!

  37. so cute! i love the teal with the flower!

  38. Maybe I'm too late… But if not, I want in!

  39. CAPow!

    I hope it's not too late to enter! I would LOVE to win one!!

  40. kura2025

    Black black black!!

  41. Aravind

    wow what a cool bag!

  42. Oh, my. The Missy Gray is so absolutely gorgeous!

  43. LJ

    ihope.ihope.ihope.ihope. I HOPE!

  44. Breanne

    I LOVE the missy in blue. So cute!

  45. They are beautiful :) I just checked out the website, I love the Missy, especially in blue and black.

    Kate1485 at