rockstar giveaway!

today we have a sponsored giveaway for you by {a} vintage poster!
there will be 2 winners!
{a} vintage poster “designs posters as an inexpensive way to spice up a room with clean graphics and bold colors.” the posters are 11″ W x 14″ H (or you can choose a mini poster, 8″ W x 10″ H), printed on an off-white, textured, heavy cardstock. both winners will get to choose which poster and color they would like!
to see all the poster and color options, head on over to the shop!

to enter, please visit {a} vintage poster
and leave a comment below before friday, october 1st!
also, {a} vintage poster is offering 10% off
through friday, october 1st for all rockstar diaries readers!
just use the code ROCKSTAR10 at checkout!
good luck!
  1. anna

    my new apartment could use some sprucing…. love this!

  2. tanya904

    My fave is the "All You Need Is Love" poster
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  3. Erin

    Love them! So bright and happy!

  4. Juultje

    Love prints!!! They are all to cute. Eat cake of the expression of May Poppins to start a perfect day…

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. I LOVE the chandelier one in lime.

  6. Yes poster please!

  7. I love these – just as much as I love cake!

  8. These are so inspiring. Perfect for my bland and boring cube!

  9. Jamie

    super cool :) love these!!

  10. Elaine

    Hoping to win this one <3

  11. These posters are so fabulous! I think the "all you need is love" poster would look great in my son's nursery!

  12. rebecca

    they are all really cute!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  13. allison

    ooh love the chandelier – and perfect colors for my room already! :)

  14. These are so cute and simple. So cute for my baby boy's room!

  15. Love "Oh Happy Day." <3

  16. Those are so awesome!!!

  17. Ariel

    SO cute! Love the Mary Poppins one!

  18. what a cute little shop!! love all the posters :)

  19. Brooke

    love the bridge! I think I'll need a custom poster made for me though… a helicopter!

  20. adorable. count me in!!!!

  21. keli *

    aw, so fun + simple. I love them.

  22. Meredith

    I love the ponytail & latern prints!

  23. Carly

    oh my goodness, color for my ugly, white dorm room walls!! loving the 'tea party' design and 'here comes the sun' (something we don't get to see enough here in Washington state). thanks naomi! :)

  24. Alyssa

    I love the tea party one in poppyseed!

  25. Jules

    I'm already thinking of Christmas gifts, is that crazy?!

  26. These are awesome – and I love that you can choose your colors!

  27. C&L

    way so cute! i need. i neeeed.

  28. oh my goodness those would go SO cute in a nursery

  29. Sarah

    So cute! I would love one to brighten up my dreary walls!

  30. I love these posters! One would look great above my dresser!

  31. Michal

    I love the birdcage one! And the plane or giraffe would be a good fit for a nursery…? :)

  32. Nicky

    Love it!! It would be awesome to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. lrs

    how adorable! please pick me, ma'am.


  34. pick me! pick me! c:

    i LOVE the giraffe and the elephant posters! they would look adorable in our brand new nursery!

  35. Ah! So cute! One of those would really make my dorm more adorable!

  36. erinshea

    these are adorable! how cute :) i need more decoration for my room, and this would be perfect!

  37. kylie

    i absolutely adore these posters! love, love, love.
    what a cute addition it would be to my apartment…i might buy one anyway! :)

  38. j

    The prints are adorable. I especially love the TLR print and the paper lanterns print.

  39. Kate

    640 comments! wow!

    I love the Tea Party poster!

  40. Jane

    Divine. Love them!

  41. Rachel

    these are fantastic! i'm so excited!

  42. I want to get a set of these — one of the skyscraper ones, for my husband's love of architecture and one of the camera ones, for my love of photography. If only I didn't just buy new shoes, I would snatch these up right this minute. As it is, I'll just cross my fingers and hope for my lucky number to be called!

    xo Kristin

  43. Alex

    adorable!! :)

  44. I LOVE!!!! How exciting if I was to win : ).


  45. jesska

    Oooh, my favourite is the Big City in Tomato red! Would love a little New York reminder in my room…

  46. Melody

    I love the posters, and it's great to have color options. I like the creative minds one, but I wish they had a music-themed one for my music classroom. :)

  47. Alex A-G

    Love all of these! Would love to win one :)

  48. i want the all you need is love one!

  49. d

    love the posters! excited for you about rock star baby.

  50. christy

    ALL so very cute!!

  51. joolee

    adorable posters! i adore the customized "new arrival" one, which i'd LOVE to have for baby Cora, OUR newest arrival! in fact, i'd love one for all 3 of my kiddos…

  52. Marni

    That chandelier print would go so perfectly in my new room. I have been decorating largely in black and white but that would be the perfect touch for a pop of color.

  53. love love love the vintage posters!!!!

  54. Jennifer

    L-O-V-E! Such a simple POP!

  55. Stacey

    I would LURVE the "let them eat cake" print for my daughter's room :o )

  56. Sarah

    OH how I would love to win!!

  57. these are simply adorable.

  58. Eva Rose

    what a perfect way to cheer up any room! I'll take one of each, please. :)

  59. Jill

    Ohh! I like the chandelier print AND the giraffe. Super cute!

  60. Kylie

    Lovely! I could use any of those posters!

  61. lisa

    I could give you reasons like everyone else, but really I would just really like one. Really.

  62. These are too cute, so bright and endearing. I'm especially in love with the giraffe. Great giveaway :)

  63. Kayla

    so cute! i LOVE the beatles one. and it's such a good quote for any day, any time. gives me a good idea for some art projects…

  64. I think it'd be super fun to wake up to a cute poster telling me "Good Morning Sunshine"! I think I have the perfect spot to hang it too!

  65. Kessa

    Love the simplicity of the design, would really love one to inspire me do my work in my studio/work space :)

  66. lindsay

    moving to a new apartment in NY this week and my walls will be so empty… unless there is an awesome picture!!!!! they're great!

  67. Sylvia

    super cute!

  68. ohhh pick me, pick me!! my walls are ever so bare and need some love, thank ya much (:

  69. Sally

    oh I do just love their posters! I would absolutely love to win one!

    thanks for all your lovely giveaways!

  70. Jaclyn

    I love the bright colors! I think my little obsession with Marie Antoinette is amking me love the "let them eat cake" poster the best

  71. love the camera poster and the suitcase poster!

  72. connie

    a la phantom in pumpkin. mmmm yum.

  73. la MER

    Love these! would love to win this time!

  74. Ragnhild

    Love these!

  75. I need some spice for my home… let's make it vintage spice! Love these!

  76. incredibly adorable:) i would truly enjoy one!

  77. Kerry

    these are lovely! if i don't win, i'll be buying one for sure! love love love

  78. Jessica

    These are great! The "let them eat cake" poster belongs in my kitchen!

  79. ells

    wow, LOVE these!! would definitely suit my room, especially the cake one!

  80. Rachel

    These posters are simple & so sweet!

  81. Mauri

    Oh my goodness, I love these posters, and have shared a link to the company's website with everyone I know. Now that's true love. :)

  82. Katy

    LOVE these.

  83. Stacey

    One (or a few) of these posters would certainly liven up a wall in my home.

  84. Stacey

    One (or a few) of these posters would certainly liven up a wall in my home.

  85. Hooray for cute vintage decorations!

  86. Rachel

    love these!

  87. shannon

    ooh, so funky…my fave! pick me please!

  88. Kari

    I ((love)) the "oh happy day" print. Please, oh please, pick me! I've had an awful week, and this would definitely make me feel like a rock star! ;)

  89. My fiance and I just rented our first apartment! The 'let them eat cake' poster would look amazing in our new kitchen.

  90. Sarah

    I love these posters! I keep thinking about the marriage date one and how darling that would be next to all my wedding pictures. I love this site!

  91. emily

    Absolutely adorable!!!

  92. leahrae

    i need to decorate my apartment walls!
    pick me me me!