the national arboretum.

between brunch and a BBQ with friends on labor day, we took a quick little afternoon trip over to the national arboretum since we were in the neighborhood getting frosties at wendy’s. should i be embarrassed to say the main reason we ever end up doing anything is if it’s driven by food? i guess that’s just how it is in our family.... Read more

a few photos from the last little while.

1. i chose to wear long sleeve flannel on a 95 degree day. let’s not talk about it. 2. dunkin. love. 3. husband in his overalls. 4. kingsley is growing cuter each day. 5. a bump in my tummy. 6. husband sitting on our greatest craigslist find ever. have a great labor day weekend! xo ... Read more


aren’t baby shoes the cutest? these little worn out nike tennis shoes once belonged to husband. we’re totally putting them on baby. be it boy or girl (we aren’t going to find out the sex! we like surprises…) oh gosh, it feels so good to finally be talking about this little baby on the way. it’s all we think, talk and dream about over here at our house.... Read more