best candid pictures of kingsley, via the iphone

the cone of shame…

(1) falling asleep anywhere. (2) getting ready for the NYC subway

around 10 weeks old… resting with the twins sisters (1) “female bulldogs dig these back wrinkles.” (2) “just put me down already.”

(1) “no, i swear it wasn’t me who just ripped up all your papers” (2) “hey remember that time the vet put stuff in my eyes to check my vision and it looked like i was wearing glow in the dark make up for a week after?”

pretend driving the car with josh.... Read more

cry baby.

last night, on the corner of E and 8th st, i had a big melt down for a good fifteen minutes in front of my husband. this morning, i woke up realizing two things: 1. i always feel better after a good cry. sometimes you just have to let it out (thank you, additional pregnancy hormones, for making this already hormonal girl extra hormonal.) 2.... Read more

weekend recap.

hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. i feel like ours was anything, but. but it was still a lot of fun. we accomplished a ton. got up at 5:30AM on a saturday! whaaat. and had fun with friends. josh taught me how to play crazy 8’s, we found a place in alrington that makes great arancini.... Read more