nyc ladies brunch.

hands down, the highlight of my weekend in new york city last week was getting to meet up for brunch at sarabeth’s with all my best nyc girlfriends who i miss terribly every single day. i feel so fortunate to have such wonderful women in my life.
and, side-note, i have never had my tummy touched so much in the span of a couple of hours, either. (but it’s ok, because these people aren’t strangers at the grocery store.) i hope this baby knows just how much it is already loved by our dear friends. it really does mean the world to me to have such great support from good girlfriends.

my lovelies:
sumaya, carolyn, sarah, marci, amanda, natalie, meg & victoria.

also, everyone surprised me with a bunch of beautiful baby gifts!
i felt so silly, but also really loved.
this baby is going to have the best aunties soon!

^^^now baby can match mom and dad this winter!

i love you, girls!!!
  1. jo

    i love girlfriends!

  2. Libby

    where is your shirt/dress from? it is beautiful! and your hair has been looking extra fabulous lately!

  3. Jennifer

    What a lovely gathering! It must be hard to live far from your besties. I'm glad you all had a big celebration together while you were in town :)

  4. Michelle

    I'm in love with your shirt!!!! And your hair!

    And your matching hats! Now Kingsley just needs one!

  5. denise

    Not sure if I'm saying this properly or not.. but pregnancy is sitting well with you!!! You are glowing and look more fabulous than ever! :) I love, love your pregnancy clothes too. Ah, you're just too cute!

  6. you look so insanely beautiful! and happy. love these photos. xo

  7. @libby, the shirt is from H&M.; it's flowy after the waist line so it's perfect for pregnancy!

    thanks everyone!

  8. Wonderful! Makes me miss my NYC ladies! So thoughtful of the girls to get you little baby gifts! xo

  9. You and your friends are all gorgeous. Looks like a wonderful time…

  10. All of your friends are gorgeous! And you look amazing! So happy for you two and what's to come in the next few months. It feels so good to see your closest friends that you haven't seen in a while. :)

  11. You are a pregnant goddess and I'm obsessed! Congrats. Will be bookmarking all of your maternity looks to refer to the day I have a bun in the oven! xo


  12. you ladies are beautiful! and how i love that flowy shirt! and i really wish my bangs looked as great as yours when i try to grow them out

  13. amber

    you are the most adorable pregnant lady!! seriously, you are glowing! so glad you had a good time with your girls :)

  14. You all look lovely and you are simply beautiful! I loved all the pictures and I love NYC…so they all made me smile! Glad you had such a wonderful brunch with such great girlfriends!

    Liesl :)

  15. Alicia

    you are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever!! :)

  16. eleanor

    You and your girlfriends are all so gorgeous!
    And I am totally in love with your hair. I have similar style/colour hair but I can't wait until mine is as long as yours, eep :)


  17. Alice

    I thought I should tell you that you are my new hair-idol.

  18. Love your top, it's beautiful! And brunch with girlfriends has got to be one of the best things ever. Fun!

  19. this is so so so cute. everyone is so fabulous.

    i really need a good group of girlfriends. sigh…

    and you look smokin', pregnant lady!

  20. MJ

    kingsley looks so happy! I've only heard good things about the "sophie" giraffe toy! Looks like you got some cute things!

  21. I love girlfriends! Most of my close ones live on the West Coast and although it is always wonderful to see them, I do miss them!

  22. i do believe you are my new hair crush. seriously perfect bangs, perfect length, and perfect waves. so.jealous.

    your glowing!

  23. i do believe you are my new hair crush. seriously perfect bangs, perfect length, and perfect waves. so.jealous.

    your glowing!

  24. don't know what i would do without my girlfriends… bump is getting bigger. very cute.

  25. lynette

    What a sweet post!
    Girlfriends make up our foundation and they help us fly xox

  26. how fun that you are friends with natalie and meg! i follow their blogs too! it is sort of a crazy small world when you think about it! i'm glad you had a great trip.. and such great girlfriends!

  27. buhdoop

    That 5th picture is hilarious. I know this isn't the case, but it looks like the two on the outside are trying to cover up y'alls friend in the middle.

  28. Chiara

    This picture made me smile and miss my friends!!!
    Lovely pictures, you look fantastic and your belly grew!!! (so cute)
    How do you get your hair so perfectly wavy, do oyu use a curling iron?

  29. FeeMail

    are they friends with each other, too?! i'm just wondering. such a big group of girls :)! and each one so beautiful…♦

  30. Holly

    sorry to sound trite, but you are glowing. you are just SO pretty.

  31. thanks so much everyone for the kind comments.

    @chiara, i'm the laziest person in the world when it comes to my hair, i wrap it up and let is air dry. that's how it's usually wavy.

    @feemail, the majority of girls are from juilliard, so we've all known and been best friends with each other since fall of '04. then natalie and marci are dear friends from church but have met the others before too and get along great! it was fun to be altogether!

  32. lovely girlfriends you have. and you look soooo pretty ^^

  33. You look so so happy! Visiting with old friends is the best, isn't it? All the stories and laughs and catching up *sigh*

    p.s. you are gonna be such a cute little mommy!


  34. you have such sweet friends. and you look lovely, naomi!

  35. Aura

    Oh that adorable bump. I'm 3 months pregnant, and I have become unhealthily obsessed with baby bumps! I stare at every pregnant woman I see, wondering when I will get to rub my little bump, too.
    Your hair looks amazing, by the way.

  36. Liz

    no seriously. not fair how cute you are!!! :) what an awesome brunch!! it looks perfect.

  37. @aura, i waited and waited for my bump those first few months too, totally obsessed with any baby bump i saw…i could not wait! and i love it. congrats on your pregnancy!


    oh, gorgeous. and it is so nice to have those girls times together. so glad you were able to all get together!

  39. Kelsi

    that top (or dress?) is gorgeous! and you look radiant as always. cutest baby bump ever!

  40. beautiful group of girls!!

  41. Sara

    You are so gorgeous! And you look so happy :) Congrats on being pregnant and thanks for sharing this wonderful time in ya'lls life with us :)

    PS-Kingsley is the cutest dog ever, hands down.

  42. What beautiful friends you have! You look stunning – pregnancy suits you, that's for sure. Glad you feel as if you have loads of support and little one is already loved so much. Wonderful news. Very blessed. xx

  43. Katie

    Gorgeous girls! I love that you are all so natural and confident – you ladies rock your styles!! :)

  44. All of you are just absolutely stunning!! What a gorgeous group of girls!

  45. jaycelle

    Awww, that is just the sweetest! I love having girlfriends. ♡

    I'm sure baby rockstar would love all the little gifts. Enjoy!


  46. i may be in the market soon for a new camera. can i ask what you use / if you recommend it?

  47. What lovely girlfriends! You and the baby must feel so blessed. PS- love the hair. xx

  48. amanda

    lunch dates with the ladies ROCK!

    as does sarabeth's. :o)

  49. Mallory

    I hid from the camera during my pregnancy. I gained a whopping 70+ pounds. I ate a whole chocolate cake in one sitting! And had neapolitan shakes from in and out everyday for a month. You look stunning and your bump is the cutest!

  50. how wonderful for you to spend time with your best girls. you look SO fabulous! i am just now 19 weeks and hoping i'll look half as great as you do in a few weeks. i've been rocking the h&m; tunics with black skinnies, too…a pregnant girl's dream! LOVE that little bump! :)

  51. Your friends are beautiful :)
    In russian we have this saying -"Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what kind of person you are"
    Totally suits you… :)
    P.s. love your shirt :)

  52. Your hair is just lovely.

  53. you are seriously the thinnest and prettiest pregnant person out there. i hope i look like this when i'm preggers. :)

  54. Kate

    you are so incredibly beautiful.

    <3 Kate

  55. Lainey

    Friends are the best, especially when they're super supportive and loving like yours. You're seriously one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have even seen in my life.

  56. Friends are simply the best. You look amazing. I love your dress.

  57. You have the most adorable baby bump I've ever seen! How special to get to share this with old friends.

  58. liz city

    You are so gorgeous!

  59. You got a Sophie the giraffe! I totally want one… uh but just for me. haha

    I love the look on the lady's face behind you in the last photo.

  60. I hardly ever leave comments on blogs but I just had to said that you are such a gorgeous pregnant gal!! I know it's so cliche to say you have a "pregnant glow" but you are seriously glowing!! Congrats!

  61. Fenke

    i know exactyl what you mean with the tummy touching. isn't it strange, that people once your belly grows loose all kind of intimacy issues and touch you right away? and all those questions? man – never did anyone care about my digestion before!

  62. Oh so jealous, I heard Sarabeths. 'Twas my favorite Sunday brunch joint when I lived in NYC. Oh how I miss the days. PS – You look adorable.

  63. kami

    naomi, you are so gorgeous! you're absolutely glowing and yes, i agree…your hair is amazing.

    ps, my little girl has that giraffe and loves it! it's my favorite too :)

  64. Naomi – you are literally *glowing* in these pics! More beautiful than ever and where did that bump all the sudden come from? :D Love the matching lion outfit!

    xx Vivian @

  65. Megan

    You are honestly the most beautiful soon-to-be mom I've ever seen!

  66. Rhianne

    Eee, the hat is adorable! Don't you love it when friends buy you the most perfect gifts :) It looks like you had a great time!

  67. Juultje

    you absolutely stunning mom to be!!

  68. oh my gosh, you should be pregnant all the time…sooo cute!

  69. Biscuit

    For starters, you are one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen, you're one of those rare cases where you really ARE glowing, not just sweating!

    So fun to share time with girlfriends, and baby gifts??? YAY!

  70. Isn't it the best thing in the world to have a group of girlfriends who you know you can always rely on!!/

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  71. @camilla, i just use the canon rebel XS for digital and i really love it.

    @everyone, thank you for the sweet words! you are such a kind bunch!

  72. Jamie

    you look so incredibly beautiful :)
    congratulations again!

    love the dress and leggings look…

  73. Annah

    Your friends (and you of course) are SUPER stylish. You've already got that maternity glow and look great!

    As usual, those bangs are rockin' it girlie.

  74. Johanna

    Hehe the first picture – Kingsley's the odd man out. I'm sure he loves all the female attention!

  75. Shorty

    Looks like you had fun! And those pancakes are making my mouth water!

  76. what sweet friends you have! YOU are the cutest pregnant lady EVER.

  77. Nikki

    So lovely!!
    Those baby gifts are too cute. Love the tiny hat and slippers!!


  78. Whitney

    Ah! All of the colors and patterns on the first picture are beautiful!
    You are glowing


    your hair…is amazing, as always.

    One day I will make it to NYC!

  79. thanks so much, naomi.

  80. You look beautiful!! How fun to have such a lot of gorgeous friends to meet up with!

  81. I love my girlfriends too! They are the best. I'm so happy that you got to visit NYC! Love your shirt/dress, where did you get it?

  82. caroline

    This makes me wish a had a bunch of galmarous ladies to brunch with! I've never had a group of girlfriends– just not my thing, I guess.

  83. Girl time is the best! There's no question there. You look like you had a lovely weekend with lots of love and giggles. Plus you look absolutely blooming with that little bump of yours! Can't wait to meet that little person.
    Much love,

  84. Claire

    Ahh you are glowing!
    You look so beautiful!

  85. Lynn

    oh Naomi, you all are just beautious!!!!! so colorful, delish and Kingsley is a lucky boy to be surrounded by so many awesome girls.

    It's great to have life-long friends like these, they are family-extensions in the BEST way!

    baby bump is what! love it ♥

  86. Amy Lou

    You are glowing! Seriously – motherhood looks AMAZING on you :) I can sense the joy through your photos!!!!!

  87. lmt

    Sweet, cute, fun! Are those the lemon-riccota pancakes? so yummy!

  88. Amanda

    That first shot is perfect! What a beautiful colorful group of ladies.

    You are the world's cutest pregnant lady. By far.

  89. What a fun weekend! I love good girlfriends. ;) I can't believe you are pregnant!! You are too cute lady! Looking fabulous!

  90. Fun FUN FUN! You all look fabulous!
    You look so good pregnant!
    And i wanted to tell you…Hormones when pregnant make you cry a lot….For me i am very fearful…crazy what they will do to you…But it is all good :)
    Big hugs

    Sorry about Buster…tell your parents to get a puppy :)

  91. Chelsea

    holy smokes. you are adorable!

  92. janis

    you are so blessed to have so many besties! :)

  93. Oh you are just so beautiful! I got a bun in the oven too, and I just want to say thank you. Its so nice to get some inspiration for the issue of pregnancy clothing, you look realy lovely.
    I hope you are well:)

  94. katie

    love your outfit here – you've looked amazing so far in your pregnancy!

    and brunch with girlfriends may be the best thing ever;)

  95. Cathi

    Dear friends are indeed a treasure and you and Baby look glowingly happy.

  96. Anna

    your belly's so big now! yay! :D

  97. Elise

    You look so gorgeous!! Your hair is amazing… how do you style it? Love!