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the 25 week baby bump picture.
we’re back from our little weekend trip up to new york city.
that place really feels like home… still.
and we’ve already been living in d.c. for a year and a half now. how crazy it always feels to drive away from nyc… through the holland tunnel and back towards the district. it always makes me a little sad. i want to say “stop the car, josh! turn around! let’s stay a little longer…” but i love d.c., i do. and the funny thing is, i don’t think i’d choose to live in new york city again if we had the choice. while some of the best years (and worst moments, to be honest) of my life took place while i lived there (those four years at juilliard, literally growing up there and figuring out who i wanted to be and what i wanted from life there, the best friends i made for life there, dating there, meeting my husband there, falling in love and getting married there, and then experiencing those first few years of newly wed life there), i kind of feel like the new york city chapter is done. and if we have the opportunity to move again, i’d prefer to go some place new…different. if that makes sense.
but it still feels like home. and i still miss it every day. and i hope we have opportunities to visit often in the years ahead. it’s a wonderful place. and we had a wonderful time this weekend, back in the city.
  1. glad you had a great time!
    we're heading there at the end of october and i am most looking forward to meeting and hanging out with miss meg fee who i have grown to adore.

    definitely hitting up shake shack and grimaldis if i can convince people to wait in line with me :)

    and you look fabulous

  2. Caty

    Where did you get that dress in the last photo? It is DARLING!

  3. great photos! you are the sweetest pregnant gal ever. enjoy! xo

  4. @camilla, i hope you get to meet meg! she is such a dear friend and i got to spend some time with her saturday. huge highlight of my weekend. it will make your trip so worthwhile! but so will grimaldi's.. and shake shack too ;) have fun!

  5. aw, love the photos – and you guys looked like you had such a good time. you look terrific, girl!

  6. aw, love the photos – and you guys looked like you had such a good time. you look terrific, girl!

  7. @caty, thank you! it's from anthropologie. got it in early june.

  8. aww New York is my home! I can't imagine leaving it! I love the photos! Kingsley got so big! And you got so beautifully big! Love your dress & that pizza!! YUMMY!! Glad you guys all made it back to DC safe & sound!

  9. t

    Those bangs are getting long. Do you ever want to chop it all off ala Rosemarie's baby? Or more new age like Shannyn Sossamon.

  10. Your hair and dress are peeeerfect! Goodness gracious.

    I love this post.

  11. a baby bump pic outsdie barney's. perfection.

  12. It looks like a fantastic trip – I have always wanted to go to NYC! And you look radiant – pregnancy really suits you!

  13. julia

    Little rockstar's coming.oh my god,this is amazing.
    and you look beautiful.
    love from Turkey!

  14. MJ

    You look so lovely and poised. Seriously you are the cutest. Love your clothes ALWAYS

  15. Renée

    You look so natural, happy and stunning in the last picture!

  16. Aw, shopping at giggle for the little one?? I love that store (even though I have no reason to shop there!)

  17. eleanor

    I am in love with these pictures, and your gorgeous dress! You look wonderful :)


  18. :-)
    You're beautiful. You're simply so beautiful. Just it. xo

  19. Michele

    You are so absolutely GORGEOUS and you definitely have that pregnancy glow going on. :)

  20. Looks like a great weekend! I wish I could head to NYC for the weekend! :)

  21. FeeMail

    I know what you mean. Living somewhere and still feeling at home somewhere else. Even if you won't and don't want to come back. I think it's something special with the cities where you studied…

  22. what a sweet little baby bump you're growing there m'lady!

  23. @t, nope, don't want to chop it. the bangs are getting long because i'm growing them out!

    and thanks everyone. it was a great weekend.

  24. Jennifer

    You look so beautiful! I'm glad you had such a great visit to your old city. The photos of you and you beau on Madison Ave. give me a real feeling of nostalgia… I used to work on Mad between 62nd and 63rd. Any reference to the neighborhood makes me all misty-eyed :)

  25. My husband and I just started our little life in NYC a few months ago. I feel as though the city is the perfect place to start, too. It's fun and exciting. There's a million things to do. And it's also a challenge. It's expensive. There's a lot of walking and waiting at subway stations. If it doesn't break a couple, it forges a really great bond.

    Haha…as I read what I just typed, I realize there are lots of places that are equal parts magical and challenging. Still, there's no place quite like New York City.

    I'm really glad you can appreciate the city years, love where you live now, and look forward to the future, wherever life takes you.

  26. Emily

    You are adorable and just glowing in that picture! Is that a maternity dress or are you just really lucky?

  27. you make the most adorable pregnant women ever. Simply glowing. Congratulations. PS Kingsley looks handsome as always :)

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  28. tessy

    you are a beautiful mommy-to-be!!

  29. Maddy

    GREAT dress and good perspective.. moving on is fun! and so are memories :) glad you had a good time

  30. Kat

    it's funny — sometimes places that always feel like home are really the places that helped us get to the place that really is meant to be our home.

  31. Karina

    You have a new and beautiful new light on your face (mommy to be face)

  32. @like a cat, you sum up what i'm trying to say so well in your last paragraph. exactly!! good luck to you and your husband in the city!!!

    @kat, i love that. what a great perspective.

  33. naomi, you don't know me but i know josh from when i lived in ny. love your blog and your cute baby bump. i'm so so jealous of your weekend trip…been away for 3 yrs now, but still feels like home to me too:)

  34. Lesley

    you are a glowing mama-to-be! so sweet.

  35. amylou

    Lovely back story to this post. The pictures are wonderful!
    Love your baby bump pic. You are beautiful!

  36. Kelsi

    this post made me a bit weepy, because it's exactly how i feel about moving from the town where i first went to college, really grew up, & discovered who i wanted to become. (except my town was springfield, missouri… nowhere near as exciting as NYC!) it's so hard to get over a city that has had such a big impact on shaping you as a person!

    i looove the photos. they make me long to be in the city so badly. & the baby bump is precious!

  37. Ashley

    Great pictures! I just love NYC. I hope to move there sometime next year. *fingers crossed*
    Grimaldis is the best pizza..ever!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend! =)

  38. Soo beautiful.
    I still can't wait to go to NY one day. You guys are radiant!

  39. Natalie

    Grimaldi' favorite :)

  40. very cute pictures! what a fun trip! your baby bump is adorable.. LOVE IT!


  41. Oh Grimaldi's! I fell in the love the summer I lived in Brooklyn. Congrats on the baby, you look absolutely glowing with the bump and a lovely dress.

  42. aww!! beautiful pictures :) nyc looks lovely

    xx, dee

  43. Sydney

    Your baby bump is presh. I would look so frumpy in that dress. ESPECIALLY with a baby bump. But you always seem to pull everything off beautifully.

  44. Kristina

    I love the pic of you holding the pizza with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background! Glad you had a great trip!

  45. Ann

    oh, how i miss brgr! yum, i am jealous!

  46. you make such a precious preganat lady!!!

    that bump is adorable!!!

    and whatever brgr is…i totally want some.

  47. I'm LOVING your dress! I saw in a comment before that you got it at anthropologie and I was wondering if you'd share the name of the dress! I love how its cute AND modest! I want to see if I can find it on ebay!

  48. @mrs dickson, the dress is made by SINE. it's great, i hope you find it!!! xo

  49. carina

    Oh this makes me want to go to New York. You look so beautiful in the last picture! Love your bangs. Are you sure it has to change?:-)

  50. great post. i know what you mean about places other than home feeling like home. it's hard to be in two places at once…but i wouldn't have it any other way…

  51. Luna

    great pics. i miss new york. i need to visit sometime in the near future. i miss those ny hot dogs.

  52. Briel79

    Aww you are so cute with your bump!

    I love visiting NY but I don't think I could ever live there. I've been a CA girl my whole life. I'd like to try living somewhere else for a while but I don't know where I'd want that to be yet!

  53. The dress you are wearing is absolutely beautiful! It totally caught my eye and now I am 100% in l-o-v-e. Plus it makes your bump look super cute! Glad you had a fab weekend <3
    Hannie xxx

  54. oh i know meg will be the highlight of my trip. its a big reason i want to go.

    but also to show damir new york city for the first time. he's european and has never been so his big eyes are gonna light right up when he sees what it's all about.

    i'll show him these pics, he'll be so excited!

  55. Emily G.

    I absolutely adore your dress! (:

  56. I love everything about the last picture: baby bump, cute dress, cute hair.

    Glad you had a good time!

  57. I love these pics! And that dress of yours is too cute! I'm glad you had a good time :) The bf and I are heading out there around Christmas time and I can't wait…any suggestions on some good restaurants?


  58. Melany

    i visited new york for the first time this summer and i loved it. so much fun stuff to do. you look cute as a bug!

  59. Cambria

    You are so GORGEOUS!!!

  60. Maddison

    oh my goodness look at how beautiful you are looking!! =)

  61. Great pictures! It seems like the whole family had a great time in NYC!

  62. Great pictures! It seems like the whole family had a great time in NYC!

  63. You and your husband (+ Kingsley and baby) are perfection! Thank you for your beautiful pictures and outlook on life… your posts brighten my day

    <3 Chels

  64. Beautiful pictures! Seems like you had a wonderful time.

  65. Paul

    Aw Im going to miss your lovely bangs:( but you are so gorgeous you will look good with anything. seriously.

  66. Paul

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  67. amanda

    new york is a great place.

    your baby bump looks PRESH! there is just something about a little bump on the belly that gives ya warm and fuzzies.

    i hope kingsley enjoyed his doggie room service!

  68. You are the cutest pregnant woman ever :)

  69. SIGH… my dream city. i am determined to live there for a few years and explore and discover and be adventurous. i just have to!

    also… you look absolutely STUNNING. pretty sure you're the prettiest pregnant woman ever!

  70. Chelsea

    you're adorable.

  71. You look fabulous!

    My husband and I were just talking the other day about wishing we had a solid reason to live in NYC. I think I'd be content with just a year.

    I'm jealous of your time spent there! What a great way to spend your early twenties!

  72. I live in different country now and after i read this post, I realized how badly I miss Moscow..
    I've never been to NY but I am sure its amazing :)
    P.s. Love your dress :)

  73. Liz

    I have to say that I am just a tad jealous of how ridiculously adorable you look pregnant! so not fair! I'm not pregnant, and never have been, but I can be SURE I will not look as cute and put together as you! Congrats again!!!

  74. Kate

    I've always wanted to visit NYC and some day I'm gonna! You guys looked like you had so much fun, Kingsley too. And the baby bump is gettin big!!!

  75. looks like you guys had a great time back in NYC! I understand the nostalgia you feel towards your old city…I have similar emotions towards where we use to live too when my husband and I were dating and then lived when we got married. Kinda sad to leave because of the beautiful memories, alas, we have to look forward.

    p.s. you're looking great…the bump is adorable!

  76. Skye

    i love the baby bump picture. you look so glowy!

  77. Fantastic pictures! You're darling as always.

  78. jaycelle

    You look absolutely beautiful!
    We really need that mini-vacation to a place we've always love every once in a while. Glad you had a blast at NYC!


  79. These pictures are so so darling! Makes me want to visit NYC asap, I've never been you know :)

    I know just what you mean about NYC being home, but you don't feel the need to live there again. I feel the same way about my hometown. I love visiting, but I wouldn't want to stay forever.

  80. Such a great collection of photos. I can't wait to visit New York. You look gorgeous in your baby bump picture, by the way :)

  81. MamaQ

    it's funny how we have chapters in our lives and how you can never really go back because you have to finish the book. it's bittersweet, isn't it? you wrote about it very poignantly – and beautiful photos, too!

  82. Wahy

    is kingsley getting bigger or it's only my eyes bad?

  83. Katyha

    Pregnancy really agrees with you :) you look quite gorgeous.

  84. Rhianne

    I bet Josh can't believe his luck when he looks at you :) you look gorgeous!

    I know what you mean, we spent a year in London and although we loved it at the time, I can't imagine moving back there – it is wonderful to visit often though and it still feels like home…

  85. Sherry

    totally get it…i've felt like that every time we've moved away from a city or a house. on to the next chapter of life. your photos are fun…baby belly bump photo made me think about my own 3 baby bumps. now my youngest is 10…it goes by so quickly. enjoy every kick and movement :)

  86. Hermione

    Oh, how I relate to your feelings toward New York. I think it's impossible to be neutral about that city. And how it truly is a mix of the best AND the worst. People tend to forget the last part. The city will always be there, so we can always go back:)

  87. Brianne

    I love your photos from New York! They really make me want to visit ASAP.

  88. CBJ

    i kind of want to get brave and get my bangs cut like yours. they are adorable!! just wanted to let you know :)
    thanks for writing!

  89. another great post with great photos! kingsley is so big now! so is your baby bump :) do you know the sex of your baby yet? i feel like you will have a boy :) i don't really know why i think that.


    I know the feeling. you described it all so perfectly. You look wonderful, and I love your dress!

  91. Michelle

    i love your blog.
    your style. your adorable little family.
    everything sooo darling. love following your blog

    love m.

  92. carissa

    looks so fun! and kingsley looks really cute on the streets of ny.

  93. emily

    so glad you had fun. so glad you moved to dc so we could meet… again :) so glad to see you hit up some important food establishments.

  94. Nikki

    glad you had a great trip! the pictures are lovely!


  95. Kinsgley is so much bigger now than when he first went to New York! So cute! Your trip looked like a lot of fun! I definitely know what you mean about old chapters and new ones :) Beautiful dress!

  96. Glad your back on the hill! It finally feels like fall is approaching! Such a beautiful & peaceful time of year for our neighborhood!

  97. Kat

    that dress is so great!

  98. what a magnificent blog! I am so happy to have found you on the twitters ;) Beautiful belly… can't wait to follow. ~ Emily