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the 25 week baby bump picture.
we’re back from our little weekend trip up to new york city.
that place really feels like home… still.
and we’ve already been living in d.c. for a year and a half now. how crazy it always feels to drive away from nyc… through the holland tunnel and back towards the district. it always makes me a little sad. i want to say “stop the car, josh! turn around! let’s stay a little longer…” but i love d.c., i do. and the funny thing is, i don’t think i’d choose to live in new york city again if we had the choice. while some of the best years (and worst moments, to be honest) of my life took place while i lived there (those four years at juilliard, literally growing up there and figuring out who i wanted to be and what i wanted from life there, the best friends i made for life there, dating there, meeting my husband there, falling in love and getting married there, and then experiencing those first few years of newly wed life there), i kind of feel like the new york city chapter is done. and if we have the opportunity to move again, i’d prefer to go some place new…different. if that makes sense.
but it still feels like home. and i still miss it every day. and i hope we have opportunities to visit often in the years ahead. it’s a wonderful place. and we had a wonderful time this weekend, back in the city.
  1. Rachel

    i love "the great escape". so rad.

  2. I always get so hungry reading your blog.

  3. I can't wait to go to NYC… maybe in March? I love that dress that you brought to France with you. And it totally works as a maternity dress. I won't say who but someone spilled the beans about the baby while we were in Beynac. ;) Hopefully you're not feeling as sicky.

  4. @vanessa joie, yeah i know a lot of "pregnancy rumors" started going around in beynac that day i got sick on the boat. i was sure i'd still miscarry so i shut them down every time someone asked. mostly because i was tired of the way some were "prying" if that makes sense. but anyway, yeah, you need to go to NYC! it's beautiful too in the spring!


  5. Oh that's scary. :( Well I'm glad you're little baby is on it's way!

  6. Caitlin

    I share the exact same sentiments- I left NYC 5 months ago and miss it every day, but like you feel that chapter is over! I am inspired by how much you've fallen for a new city and am even happier that city happens to be DC because I am likely moving there in a few months
    :) xo