1. I lurve it, too!

  2. ...

    This is pure sweetness. Would look super cute in a nursery!

    Have you seen these belly bump blankets for computer mama's? Thought of you when I first saw them. Congrats on the little bundle!


    I lurve this post!



  3. @…, thanks for the link. cool blankets!


  4. Kristina

    so pretty, the other prints are gorgeous as well. ahh etsy, my love. viele gruesse, kristina

  5. ana


  6. my favorite is "i luff you". it sounds so funny to say!

    today's my 2 year {dating} anniversary, so i think i'll say it all day long!

  7. Becky

    Did you know that this is a direct quote from Annie Hall?
    >>>>>Amazing movie.

  8. Ah, that's a Woody Allen quote! Love.

  9. Bridget

    where did leurve even come from?! i see it all over the place and im sick of not knowing where it came from. or did it not really come from anywhere and im just the loser who doesnt know that? help a girl out.

    very cool print, btw.

  10. Julie...

    Very sweet. I lurve your blog!

  11. ohh i saw this via joanna. geez, annie hall makes me swoon.

  12. Victoria

    Huzz and I always say LUFF !!

  13. Sera Pie

    Such a sweet print!

  14. amylou

    gosh this reminds me of the way my little bro tells me he loves me!
    Now I'm in luff too!

  15. Julie

    My husband would love this. I think I have done every variation of the word love-my favorite being "I dove you".

  16. Leah

    Just got updated on your great news. Congratulations! So happy for your family. I'll be thinking of you as I'm a few weeks behind you. Such a miracle isn't it!

  17. Whitney

    Ahhh! That's adorable!!

  18. Amy

    This is such a cute print!

  19. ah i love annie hall so much. the best! this print is adorable! (:
    x anna

  20. i luff it and le love too :)

  21. Lufff, lufff, lufffffff it!!!!!

  22. ahhh I love this! My favorite movie everrrr.

  23. Niki

    this is so cute!

  24. Merry

    That would make a splendid Valentine's Day or Anniversary gift.

  25. Sonja

    Awww cute!!! and clever! Lurve it!

  26. This is adorable!

  27. Jacob C.

    I like it!

  28. i love woody allen and i love this. i might have to get this for my husband… it's 4 year anniversary on thursday!

  29. my fav. i even call my hub: lurvie. thanks for the share : )

  30. carina

    I lurve it – posted it on my blog too along with his other Annie Hall prints:-)

  31. Chelsea

    this would be SO freakin' cute in a little girls rooom above her crib!

  32. Juultje

    this print is great..I want one to!!