1. oh sweet, in our family we always have streamers and balloons for every birthday. it is most definitely the greatest tradition ever!

  2. @kara lynn, yeah, great tradition of your family! i for sure wanna start having them at every party we have in the future too! they are so fun!

  3. amber

    that cake looks spectacular! i love chocolate frosting…mmmm! and i will agree with you all, streamers and balloons make an occassion so much more fun!

    are you using your phone app for these photos?? they look really cool :)

  4. that cake looks amazing!

    any embellishment at birthday parties is always fun.. but to have a birthday outside looks lovely – I'm a miserable february baby so i'd take out doors over streamers any day.

    ummm I do LOVE those streamers though!

  5. @amber, yes, i used the iphone cross process app for the pics. it's a lot of fun!

  6. hanner

    ohhh, those two. they are the epitome of cute newlywed, i think. that was a fun party! and, uh, thanks for driving us home… that saved us like an hour of cold biking.

  7. @hanner, we'll be your drivers for life if you keep making those rockstar cookies for us! ;)

  8. aww how sweet!!! Suprise birthday parties rule! Streamers are the best! What a great group shot!

  9. Chaucee

    That is definitely one of the most delicious looking cakes ever!! Homemade are the best.

  10. She does have a rad haircut! I'm not brave enough to cut short hair, let alone bangs [which I've been oogling over for the last year and a half!]. Such a cowardly lion I am. The party looked like a hit! I love having streamers at parties! The home made cake looks delicious too!

  11. k. i love streamers and now i really want cake. do i have to have a birthday to hang streamers and bake a cake? I dont think sooooo…

  12. Tiff

    So fun to see people I know in the group picture :)

  13. Chloé

    You cannot even tell you're pregnant in this picture, Naomi!

  14. Kelsi

    Streamers are so old school! I love them.

  15. Is that Hannah T? I used to babysit her in M-Town. Too CUTE!

    Fritzi Marie

  16. Hannah

    aww that cake looks lush, bet you's had a great time



  17. Hannah

    aww that cake looks lush, bet you's had a great time



  18. Whitney

    Streamers are perfect! I want to just hang some in my room now!
    And I do looooove her haircut. If it wasn't for my curly hair, I'd have a cut similar to that!

  19. Jennifer

    That looks like an awesome cake! And woohoo! Parties are always an instant win! :D

  20. Katie

    awww, i'm loving the sweet vibe between julie and her hubs! and the cake looks delish!

  21. Colleen

    I love your beautiful hair! Please don't cut it off. Although, yes, Julie is rocking the short hair.

  22. Renée

    Cake looks delicious! Seems like a lot of fun!!!

  23. Blicious

    that cake look so yummy and pretty! :)


  24. great party!

    oh, and it's ridiculously unfair how tiny you still are at 20 weeks!

  25. looks like an awesome party.. i wouldnt mind some of that cake!

  26. Love that someone out there is sporting there Texas shirt!

  27. Nikki

    that cake looks delish!

  28. ha! you are the sweetest to feature my silly little party. (but wasn't it the best silly little party??) i just want to relive that day every day with the perfect weather, food, streamers, and great friends!

  29. Wahy

    ah, I never get streamers on my birthday party.
    btw I am agree with communikate. your figure still awesome!

  30. Collins

    ah, i love streamers. they are so much fun!