have you seen this yet?

i love when dancers mark the choreography with their hands.
but these irish dancers take it to a new level… amazing.
makes me want to break out my tap dancing shoes
and do a little time step.
  1. it's like they're dancing with their hands, no? perhaps that's something we can handle!

  2. Aura

    WOW. That takes some skill. I wonder how many outtakes they did? I love that song, it reminds me of Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley.

  3. that's really great!

    it makes me want to dance too :)

  4. benson

    I wonder what their feet are doing?

  5. {jaclyn}

    that is so awesome! thanks for sharing.

  6. I have never seen that done before!

  7. Yes, I did see this, but it actually made me think of you. (Pretty, clever, and a bit quirky seems to be your thing.) I wonder how they kept their straight faces?

  8. amazing! i am seriously impressed!

  9. Morgan

    so amazing! thanks for sharing!

  10. I hadn't seen that yet! It's incredible that they are able to memorize all those movements and translate them into hand movements!

  11. I hadn't seen that yet, but I love that song :) For anyone wondering who it is, it's by Yolanda Be Cool.


  12. Chloé

    oohhh man. I love this!

  13. I love this! Thanks for making this yucky rainy DC day a bit brighter.

  14. My husband and I watched this together and we loved it! :)

  15. Bridget

    cooooolest. is it weird that i wondered how sore their hands were after all that practice?

  16. Candice

    that is the coolest thing ever!! I love it!

  17. D*mac

    Wow! Impressive.

  18. Diana

    I love this! Made me smile on a rainy, dreary day :)

  19. kelly

    omg..thanks for sharing this!! My daughter is 11 and has been taking irish step since she was 3( and traveling to Ireland in Feb to compete for the first time☺)..she will go nuts for this

  20. Jr. Mint

    I love this! It really did remind me of marking in rehearsals, but on a whole different level. Thanks for sharing! I had to share it on my blog also – credited you, of course. ;)

  21. I love this! It made me want to tap dance too when I saw it on my brothers facebook a few weeks ago.

  22. lrs

    my office mate showed this to me the other day – we couldn't stop laughing and clapping along the whole time :) it's fantastic and brings a smile to my face!


  23. that's seriously cool.
    gosh some people have talent.
    i couldn't do that if you paid me.
    thanks for posting this!
    love the song too :)

  24. I loved it! Dancing, in any form, is always so mesmerizing, thrilling, and this one was ultra-enjoyable too! Thanks for sharing.

  25. ag.

    i can't believe how in sync they are, it's amazing! love love love this!

  26. This was strangely amusing!

  27. Caty

    My friend found this and posted it on her Facebook last week.I absolute love it! It's like you can't stop watching them…

  28. Kelsi

    that is so awesome! feet tap dancing didn't work out so well for me… perhaps hand tap dancing will! ;)

  29. That's funny how you say you love it when dancers mark with their hands because I remember loving it when my teachers did it and then it came habbit for me when the girls and I had to make our own [I danced for eight years and wish I never stopped].

    This really is very cool! I loved watching their faces too!

  30. HA!! i don't "get" it, but i love it!! their expressionless faces make it so comical.

  31. That was so awesome, and I really needed a smile this morning. Thank you for posting!

  32. MJ

    Whoa, coolest thing ever. Seriously!

  33. 2busy

    I wish I had rhythm like that!

  34. wow…amazing! makes me want to put my dancing shoes on too!

  35. Chelsea

    this is super cute!

  36. kylie

    wow that was amazing! thanks for posting! :)

  37. Em & Gar

    Wow. This made me ache and happy all at the same time. Ache because I miss it so much and happy to see what I used to do. I used to get in trouble in school for practicing the steps under my desk (too loud) so I started practicing them with my hands, just like this. My teachers probably thought I had anxiety or something. Haha. oooohhh I need to get back into it!

  38. this is soooo neat.

  39. Em & Gar

    Also, did you watch the one where she irish dancers to poker face? A little silly, but crazy!

  40. Chiara

    I love that video!!!!

    That song is amazing, it comes from an old school italian movie my grandma loves! "Un americano a Roma".



  41. girl

    ahhh i used to irish dance and i'd always dance with my hands in class on my desk like that!!

  42. Oh. My. Gatos. This is amazing!

  43. oh my gosh is that song popular in the US?? it's so popular here (in europe)…i love it!

  44. savy


  45. Whitney


  46. Whitney


  47. i have watched this video SO many times in the last few weeks, and i'm still in awe! amazing. i used to practice/mark choreography with my hands when i was a dancer, but this is just UNREAL. love it!

  48. Paul

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  49. Paul

    oh my! i can't stop watching this! it's really amazing. . . it makes me want to make up a dance with my hands too

  50. I used to Irish Dance and we totally did this! Too funny.

  51. i saw this, i loved it too!

  52. Brie

    oh my goodness i have been obsessed with this video forever! glad someone else has discovered this too :)

  53. Brit

    what do you do to get that soft curl in your hair from your ladies brunch? super cute!

  54. F.Y.I. Its kinda a insult to irish dancers when people say hey I think i'll use my tap shoes to do that! Tap shoes and COMPLETELY differnt then Irish Hard shoes…

    Still think your adorable and lovely! Love your little fam and your blog AND YOUR ADORABLE BABY BUMP

  55. Jay

    That was so cool!! I just had to steal your post onto my blog, with a note telling where I stole it from off course ;)

  56. wow… that actually made me tear up.. How AWESOME!!! ART… and creativity…. OH my gosh makes me so happy I can 1. hear 2. see.

    Thank you for sharing… I'd love to repost if possible… We gotta get this out there!!!!

  57. i love watching dancers mark with their hands too. i auditioning for a piece similar to this once. left with bruises on my chest, thighs and hands. fun though!

  58. That was a joy to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  59. That is amazing! I love how blasé their faces are while they do such intricate hand moves – brilliant!

  60. NAB


  61. Katie

    I love this video! As a former Irish Step Dancer myself, it makes me nostalgic! My teachers would always have us practice with our hands…during class when we were waiting our turn, and then we were encouraged to continue the "hand practice" when we were at home or at school with some free time. Love it!

  62. we liked it so much my little boys made one of there own! it's too cute. we just posted it on our blog via you tube!

  63. heather

    that is so incredible! i love it!

  64. this. is. ridiculous.
    didn't even know people could DO this!

  65. morgan.

    this completely made my day.

  66. Collins

    woah, this is WAY harder than doing it with your feet!